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Home to the San people for centuries, an unspoiled wilderness of cultural treasures.

"The earth has music for those who listen." — George Santayana

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Kagga Kamma is situated in the south-eastern region of the Cederberg, in Swartruggens district. This region was home to the San people for centuries. The red-brown weathered sandstone formations seen here are typical to the Cederberg. Plants are described as drier mountain Fynbos and you can see for miles and miles because the area is largely treeless. A variety of shrubs dominate the area, including Southern Cone Marigold, Klaaslouwbos, Koringbos, Renosterbos, Sneeubos, Wolwedoring, Taaibos and Skilpadbessie. Some Protea species, typical to the Cape, can be found in higher parts.

Kagga Kamma is home to many different wild animals. The Burchell's Zebra and Antelope species including Eland, Gemsbuck, Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Bontebok, Springbok, Grey Rhebok, Duiker, Klipspringer and Steenbuck are most common.

Smaller animals such as the Dassie, Grey Mongoose, Rock Rabbit, Cape Hare and Striped Polecat inhabit the Reserve. The larger animal residents, which generally cause the most excitement amongst our guests, include Aardwolf, Antbear (Aardvark), Black-backed Jackal, Caracal and Cape Porcupine. The only large carnivore found in these parts is the Leopard. These beautiful and illusive creatures generally prefer the safety and quiet of the canyon in the west and although real-time sightings are rare, we are fortunate to enjoy the privilege of regular sightings via our motion sensor cameras and our passionate and qualified guides who keep tabs on them via spoor and kill tracking.

Kagga Kamma is also home to many bird species. On the open plains large birds like Ostrich, and Kori Bustard can be seen. Closer to the Lodge we find the Cape Bulbul, Clapper Lark, Common Sparrow and Cape Wagtail. There are a large variety of bird species to be seen at Kagga Kamma – including Spotted Thick-Knee, Swifts, South African Shelduck, Rock Kestrel and Pale Chanting Goshawk – amongst many others.


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