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Guest Reviews 2020

Andrew: – February 2020 (Tripadvisor)

"We spent two nights here in early February and what an unforgettable experience it was! We enjoyed every minute but particularly our night in the sky suite. The spectacular sundowners during the storm that passed over on the Saturday evening were an added bonus. A beautiful setting! Probably the most amazing few days ever!"

Julia: – February 2020 (Tripadvisor)

"Thank you to the staff at the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. You made our holiday unforgettable. Your fast, friendly and professional service is much appreciated. The guided tours were exceptional, interesting and informative. Proudly South African."

Marius Ackermann: – February 2020 (Facebook)

"An opportunity to get in touch with nature with little effort. The fauna, flora, amazing geological surroundings, ancient rock art (2000 odd years old) and stunning setting for star gazing. Takes you back to your basic roots."

Clair: – January 2020 (Google)

"This place feels like it comes out of a fairy-tale, The Staff is incredible beyond works. Does not matter if you are Camping or lodging, everyone gets treated Amazingly. The location is picturesque; the night sky is beyond words."

Leon: – January 2020 (Tripadvisor)

"In the middle of the desert and a fairly arid (and beautiful) landscape, Kagga Kamma offers a lovely respite. The staff are lovely. They go to a lot of trouble to make you feel comfortable. The veld drives are great. Food is good. Beers are cold. The views are stunning. This is a must."

Chantel: – January 2020 (Tripadvisor)

"We booked one of the Open Air Rooms at Kagga Kamma and it was an unforgettable experience. We spent the most romantic evening under the stars, but surrounded by comfort and natural beauty. A definite bucket-list stay for any adventurous and romantic couple."

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