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Guest Reviews 2018

Connector48917488633: – December 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"We came to this place on a word of mouth recommendation and were pleasantly surprised. It is a peaceful, well maintained place where you can relax. My wife and I do a lot of travel and camping and this was one of the best sites in a long time."

Leilaniedejager: – December 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Last year for the Christmas Holidays we could not make our regular trip to one of my best relaxing places. Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. Early 2018 I made sure that the dates all fall into place for us to take the long road. If you are in a hurry to get there. Go somewhere else, because part of a trip is to take it easy all the way. Again the gravel road make it a little bit longer. But what the heck, we are on holiday. Must mention we drove with our Chevy Spark. Not a 4x4, because it's not a rock road, but mostly hard gravel and nearer the lodge some sand. But all went well. It was so hot, but the welcome drinks was refreshing. Our Chalet was neat with the smell of nature right inside. We saw a lot of Hyraxes, common known as a Rock Dassie, big fluffy tailed mice, they are really not scared and will come near you, but please, do not harm them. After all, you are sort of in the wild. And some Antelope. Like always, Tanya, the manager of the lodge and all of her staff was beyond excellent. When we need something, nothing was too small or too big with no trouble to sort us out. From breakfast with the wide variety of fresh food and juice, right through lunch and supper no effort was too much for them all. Every year I think now I saw the best of them. But every time they exceeded our expectations. If you want to go to Kagga Kamma to give your soul and mind some rest. It is the place to be. Walking. Relax at the pool, do what you like, with the staff at your service. For a place so remote. You must enjoy the feeling of everything before you can compare the best with the rest. There are always activities going on. I do not want to brag about the Christmas lunch. No words for that. Compliments to the chef and kitchen staff. Tania. You and your team will see us for sure next year for Easter. You did earn your Lilizella Award with pride."

Tinus le Roux: – December 2018 (Google)

"Stayed in one of the caves for 3 nights. This is one of the most mesmerising places I have been to when referring to the beauty of nature itself. In the Cederberg you are surrounded by extremely unique rock formations. These rock formations are like clusters on a map. There are a wide variety of activities to do. Upon arrival the staff was very hospitable and they went out of their way to make sure that we were very comfortable. The cave where we stayed is supreme with a view that would make you sing every time you observe. The food is also top notch and when the weather conditions play along, there is a beautiful fireplace outside where dinner can be enjoyed."

Trip61861402454: – November 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Our experience at Kagga Kamma was out of this world and exceeded all expectations. Congratulations to all the staff at Kagga Kamma. We can recommend a visit to Kagga Kamma and explore the beauty of the "Koue Bokkeveld"."

Clarissa: – November 2018 (Booking.com)

"We thoroughly enjoyed every single aspect of this trip. The staff were so friendly, the cave rooms exceeded our expectations, and the breath-taking surroundings made for a perfect holiday!"

Yolanda Curtis : – November 2018 (Google)

"Just had a weekend at Kagga Kamma, what a phenomenal experience, it was tranquil just what one needs. It comes highly recommended as scenic view is amazing, safari drives & good food & accommodation that suits your needs. Staff excellent & facilities lovely."

Martin N: – October 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"If you are looking for peace and quiet in a unique picturesque setting, then Kagga Kamma is the ideal place for you. Plenty of amenities and activities are available such as quad biking, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, 4x4, sightseeing, safari, etc. Meals are great and try dinner under the stars. Really a unique experience. This was my third trip to Kagga Kamma and will not be my last. This is truly a place of memories and friendship."

Wilhan Jobse: – October 2018 (Google)

"Lovely place where we totally switch of from technology!"

Oloff Burger: – October 2018 (Google)

"Takes a while to get there, but worth it. The silence is deafening and you can switch off from technology."

Steve M: – December 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Go there! Kagga Kamma gets a 5 only because a 6 rating isn't available. This really is a must visit if are in the Western Cape."

Cruiser19441242181: – November 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Absolutely Surreal. The Kagga Kamma experience is one which cannot be easily compared. It is such a uniquely beautiful experience for the whole family! You make of your time at Kagga Kamma what you need - Let it be peace and quiet or Jam packed days!"

Martin N: – October 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Perfect getaway. If you are looking for peace and quiet in a unique picturesque setting, then Kagga Kamma is the ideal place for you. Plenty of amenities and activities are available such as quad biking, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, 4x4, sightseeing, safari, etc. Meals are great and try dinner under the stars. Really a unique experience. This was my third trip to Kagga Kamma and will not be my last. This is truly a place of memories and friendship."

Megan_Parsley: – October 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"One of a kind experience. Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve provides the perfect short escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, while the Mars-like landscape immediately transports you into an otherworldly experience. Nestled amid natural sandstone formations, our cave room was clean, comfortable and more than a little unique. The friendly, hospitable staff were always on hand to guide us through the array of facilities and activities on offer, from an evening game drive, to a star gazing experience and a pampering visit to the spa. The extensive à la carte restaurant menu didn't disappoint in completing our wonderful experience at Kagga Kamma."

Michael Y: – October 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Star gazing. A remarkable place far out in the wilderness but what an incredible surprise. Great accommodation and food and all round friendliness and service. The night drive was quick and very informative. Will go back for more star gazing for longer."

Acelin Meth: – September 2018 (Facebook)

"My wife and I spent our 5 year anniversary in the outdoor suite. We definitely going back. The people are lovely, the place is lovely. Memory for life. Thanks Kagga Kamma."

NatashaR0411: – August 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Enriching and tranquil getaway. What a rejuvenating and enriching trip in an unmatched location. Tranquil and serene. Perfect getaway from city life and online life, to tune into nature. Impeccable service and warmth at every point, throughout the entire trip, coupled with excellent food and wonderful "cave" suite accommodation all made for an unforgettable time."

Taboo021: – September 2018 (Booking.com)

"We liked everything about Kagga Kamma. The guides were excellent with so much knowledge about the animals and plants. Stargazing, Rock Art Painting and Sundowner tour is excellent. Thank you for our little surprises: romantic turn down and setting our table with beautiful arrangements."

Hein Engelbrecht: – August 2018 (Google)

"It's a great place where you feel close to God's creation. The reserve has good accommodation and breath-taking scenery."

Wanda: – July 2018 (Booking.com)

"Loved everything. Especially the friendly staff and service! Amazing experience!"

Cynthia Morton: – June 2018 (Facebook)

"In early May my hubby and I spend our 40th Wedding Anniversary there ... a lifelong dream for both of us to visit Kagga Kamma! Unbelievable, excellent food and staff, brilliant views, just the very best."

Romanda G: – May 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Amazingly quiet and inspiring space. The restaurant food was excellent, great vegan and vegetarian options. The fireplace in the lounge was cosy and inviting. The rock art tour was very interesting. The guides and staff were professional and friendly."

wouterk411: – May 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Friendly service. Well priced and quality restaurant. Great location and absolute quiet. Pack your hiking shoes to enjoy the routes, and remember binoculars. The gravel road is in good condition."

Jessica Romans: – May 2018 (Facebook)

"This past weekend, my hubby and I were able to spend an incredible honeymoon evening at Kagga Kamma. We were transported to another world and it was such an incredibly pleasant and magical time. The staff went out of their way to ensure we had a beautiful experience and we are so thankful for that. I was able to witness a few bird friends chatting away on our doorstep and enjoyed a blissful rose petal candlelight bath while Drew was able to enjoy a trail run and full body massage he will never forget! We both snuggled up next to the bonfire for our boma dinner, where the spirit under the starry night's sky was nothing short of romantic. I was so excited to see a vegetarian lasagne on the menu, and after eating it I don't think I'll rest until I am able to make anything near as delicious! Drew and I are currently planning our next adventure your way and can't wait to return!"

Markseandecantual: – April 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Have been to a number of places in South Africa and countries further afield for nature based experiences. At Kagga Kamma, authenticity, care and hospitality was second to none. The staff are just lovely and when one engages with the staff, it is like watching a flower opening. Amazing people and equally sensitive to both the needs of those who sojourn and repast there and to the beauty, heritage and surrounding environment. I arrived at Kagga Kamma feeling a little unwell and as if by magic, the staff were on it with amazing hospitality and care. It was a care which was just like being at home. Thank you for offering a very special experience as a nature reserve, for the insights and expertise, and for a most authentic experience. Take the Rock Art field trip (Jason was brilliant) and stargazing (Connor was amazing), try as many different dishes as possible (Danni's table is excellent) each one of the rest of the staff are just lovely. As we say where I come from (which happens to be Ireland) "Beir bua agus beannachtaí" = "Much success and many blessings" to you Kagga Kamma and to your excellent staff. When my path permits, I will gladly return to stay longer. Thank you once again."

Dieter S: – March 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"After 4+ Years this was our second visit to Kagga Kamma. The offerings for guests have been increased. Service and food offered remains of very good standard and so are the rooms. The whole reserve is very well maintained and it was an enjoyable stay again. This time we visited with friends who didn't know the place and enjoyed it as well."

DiveDeeperBelow: – February 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"My boyfriend and I visited Kagga Kamma for two nights on a Breakfast and Dinner basis. One word to summarise the trip? Wow! It's about a 3-4 hour drive from Cape Town, and although the last 35km is on a gravel road (I was concerned about my tiny Kia Picanto), it's very well-maintained, and so aside from having to drive slower than the 4x4 cars we didn't have any issues. It is a stunning drive too! Once we arrived, we were greeted with smiles and very efficient service, being quickly checked in and show to our room. We were staying in one of the Cave Suites, which was surprisingly spacious, and had one of the most comfortable beds I've ever staying in! We quickly checked out the pool (as it's super-hot there!), which was nice and refreshing, and then spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the nearby rock formations. Dinner was served outside on tables around a campfire, which provided stunning views of the stars, and delicious meals. My boyfriend and I got different dishes and shared, and I cannot fault any of the food! "

Mundhir Sooful: – February 2018 (Facebook)

"From the friendly staff to the amazing views and surroundings, we enjoyed every minute of being there. Thanks for your splendid hospitality, welcomes and goodbyes. We were left with memories to last a lifetime..."

ElmaLovesTravel: – January 2018 (Tripadvisor)

"Unique accommodation in the most breathtakingly beautiful landscape! Staff were excellent / helpful to the T. Rangers are very knowledgeable. Peace & quiet, nature, mountains, tranquillity... everything was wonderful. Rangers exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful and flexible. Good food and wine. Nature drives and trips were in small groups, inexpensive and informative. Well marked walking trails. Fabulous rock formations and cave paintings. Nice pools to cool down. The road to the camp tests your patience for the last bit if the drive only - be prepared."

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