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Guest Reviews 2016

Flavia Elisa: – December 2016 ()

"I would just like to say the BIGGEST thank you to the amazing, amazing staff at Kagga Kamma! My trip was unfortunately cut short when I had a fall and injured my fingers but the staff was absolutely incredible and so, so helpful! Thank you all for being so caring and doing everything you could to make me feel comfortable and looked after! Although my trip was cut short I had an unforgettable time at Kagga Kamma and will definitely be back again soon! Highly recommended!"

leilaniedejager: – December 2016 (Tripadvisor)

"You do not often get a place like Kagga Kamma Lodge in the Cederberg. Although it is a bit far to travel on the gravel road, we did it with our Corsa bakkie several times, with no hassle. We notice that a tractor with scraper keep the road in good condition most of the time. 2016 Christmas day was a very special they for us because my son that travels a lot abroad and was working for several years in the USA, France etc came and visit us and took us for the lunch at the Lodge. This time we travel in style with his car. Lol. What an awesome reception greet us! With nicely decorated ice cold glasses filled with a cocktail fit for a king we was led out to the back lawn under umbrellas till they call us in for the buffet. All the staff was friendly as always and very helpful. All the tables were decorated according to the occasion… even with the candles. Pretty pretty awesome. The display off the food, although small, was very elegant and the hunger took over. The starters - all six of them, was awesome, and cater for every taste. You did not wait for anything and as soon as the first starter plate got their way to the kitchen, the main course appeared. And what a variety! Four stunning meats, seven mouth-watering veggie dishes – all made with extra flair. While we were dining the waitresses were very subtle around you to take care of your needs, even management came by several times to make sure we are okay and if we need anything else. The three desserts were out of the world; especially the creamy cheesecake with berries. As we often visit Kagga Kamma, we see the huge effort these people made to improve from the restrooms right through to the kitchen and dining room. When visiting during the winter there is always a welcoming fire in the bar-lounge that makes you feel at home. We experience the whole transformation that the lodge went through the past year or so. From the buildings inside and out, to the menu. All for the benefit to the guest... This is highly recommended if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nature is on your doorstep and you feel very much part of it. Luxury chalets or camping, the choice is yours. But be sure, it is of the best. From arrival to departing you are taken care of by the friendly staff . Kagga Kamma, this family will come back time after time!"

Bianca Lewis: – November 2016 ()

"We had a lovely time at Kagga Kamma! The staff is friendly and very helpful. The bushmen [San] and Sundowner excursions were amazing. The views on the hill were breathtakingly beautiful! There is no cell phone reception and no TV just peace and quiet – pure bliss. The rocks are so beautiful and unique, photographs doesn't do any justice. The night sky is just as beautiful as much more stars can be seen. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Kagga Kamma is definitely a must! Thank you!"

Graham L: – September 2016 ()

"The hotel was great and the staff were friendly. The restaurant had a menu with plenty of choice and the prices were very reasonable. I would definitely go back. It is located in the beautiful Klein Cederberg and is set in a breathtakingly beautiful environment."

Alwyn1_12: – July 2016 (Tripadvisor)

"We stayed in Cave 13, beautiful surroundings, excellent view with a lot of privacy and comfort. The staff were excellent, plenty of hiking trails to choose from. The Bushman drawings are some of the best I have ever seen."

Annie Fluks: – July 2016 ()

"Watching the sunset and stargazing, having a big fire under the moon making potjie. What a remembrance."

Chelsea Togo: – July 2016 ()

"Heaven on earth."

Carla Love: – July 2016 ()


Leilani Kuter: – July 2016 ()

"My favorite place!"

Kyle en Louise: – April 2016 ()

"'n Onvergeetlike, ongelooflike, wonderlike ervaring. Verseker een van die mees ‘amazing’ plekke waar ons al was! Die personeel en kos is fantasties! Ons sal definitief weer wil terug kom! Baie, baie dankie vir alles."

Judy Coward: – April 2016 ()

"The scenery is stunning."

Veronica Wilmott De Beer: – April 2016 ()

"The night sky is enough reason for a visit!"

Karen Carpenter: – April 2016 ()

"Love this place! Beautiful, tranquil, awesome night sky!"

Ursula en Gary: – April 2016 ()

"Vandag is ons huweliksherdenking en my man se verjaardag. Ons is behoorlik bederf deur die personeel. Die chef ‘rock’! Alles is onvergeetlik."

René Veldhuizen: – April 2016 ()

"Sweet memories."

Ina Maree: – April 2016 ()

"Dit is darem baie mooi daar. Ek sal enige tyd weer gaan!"

Johanita Niemand: – April 2016 ()

"Remembering GREAT food, GREAT wine and of course GREAT company, shared with the love of my life. Such an amazing place!"

Bridget Hanslo: – March 2016 ()

"Had a gorgeous time there with my husband. Unforgettable... Friendly staff, lovely food..."

André Du Preez: – March 2016 ()

"Ons het in no.10 gebly. Fantasies gewees – baie lekker en genoeg kos, sal weer gaan."

Dale Dirks: – March 2016 ()

"Absolutely beautiful place…"

Megan Ganga: – March 2016 ()

"This is an amazing place. I will go again anytime!"

Chelsea Togo: – March 2016 ()

"It was amazing! A South African friend took me from New Zealand. Not enough people know about this place, it's the sort of place you'd go for a honeymoon! The caves were brilliant, the scenery and the outside sleeping area was very romantic! Definitely the best little adventure I have been on! Thank you for making my trip 10 times better!"

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