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Sustainable Tourism Practices

Kagga Kamma cares for the environment with a state of the art Solar Photovoltaic hybrid energy system.

"The decisions that you make and the actions that you take upon the earth are the means by which you evolve." – Gary Zukav

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Going Green - Our Green Initiative

In 2013 Kagga Kamma was awarded the RCI Green Award at the RCI OSCAS for installing a Solar Photovoltaic hybrid energy system. The RCI OSCAS is one of the most prestigious events in the Industry, recognising the most outstanding resorts in the country.

The hybrid energy system provides around-the-clock environmentally-friendly power to the entire resort, reducing hazardous emissions, and therefore, the resort's carbon footprint.

Supporting the Local Community

Kagga Kamma believes in enriching the lives of the community and therefore employs local people as staff at the resort.

Eco Tourism – Preserving our Unique Environment and Cultural Heritage

Kagga Kamma provides a combination of experiences that focus on the unique natural environment and rich cultural history that are at the heart of the Kagga Kamma story. Our aim is to provide opportunities for guests to experience the natural treasures and fascinating fauna and flora that make Kagga Kamma so special, first-hand.