Kagga Kamma | Sky Suite Open Air Room

Sky Suite - Open Air Room

Sleep under the stars and wake up with the rising sun.

“Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons: It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.” — Walt Whitman

  • Kagga Kamma Open Air Room
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Sky Suite Open Air Room

One of the most incredible features that nature has to offer at the Sky Suite is the changing of the sky. From the deep reds, oranges and yellows of the sunset over the Skurweberge, highlighted by swirling clouds, to the tranquil night sky sprinkled with over 200 billion known stars. If you spend enough time looking up at this unique 'ceiling' you are almost guaranteed to get a wish out of it as shooting stars flash across the calm night sky.

Nestled in a rocky outcrop on one of the highest peaks of Kagga Kamma - approximately 950m above sea level - the beautiful Sky Suite offers a truly unique experience.

This amazing vantage point allows for an incredible view of the surrounding mountain ranges and beautiful Fynbos valleys.
The silence of the early afternoon creates an astonishing comparison to the full-of-life soundtrack the evening brings. If you listen closely, you may just hear the hooves of antelope on the ground as they feed in the cooler summer evenings, the black-backed jackals calling for their mates and cubs, and even the faint rustling of feathers and the wonderful hoots of the Barn and Spotted Eagle owls out on the prowl.

As the early morning rolls over the Tankwa Karoo, the sunrise will light up the sky with soft pinks and purples bouncing off the surrounding mountain ranges and bringing with it the happy birds’ chirps and the beautiful fragrances of the Fynbos as the early morning dew brings everything back to life once more.

What makes the Sky Suite Special
- Open Air Shower
- Wood-Fired Hot Tub
- Rock Solid Furniture
- A View from the Top
- Boma Braai

Please Note:

The Sky Suite is only available during the warmer months (September- April) and always weather permitting.

Guests who stay at the Sky Suite have to be booked in at the Lodge in either a Hut or Cave Suite and can then add on to their stay by choosing the Sky Suite at an additional cost.

One of our nature guides will transport you to the Open Air Room at 17:00; transport later than this is not possible.

There is no cell phone reception or Wi-Fi at the Open Air Rooms.

Please place your food order before 14:00 at Reception.

Take warm clothing – it can get very chilly at night.

Quads are strictly for driving to and from the Open Air Rooms.

No night drives or any other use of the quads are allowed.

Please be advised that if you are booked in at the Sky or Star Suite –Sundowner Trips, Late Night Nature Drives or Stargazing Tours will not be possible.
No children allowed.
Cancellation policy applies.