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Learn more about these fascinating reptiles in a completely safe environment.

“Delight in the beauty that surrounds you”. – Unknown

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Educational Talks about snakes and reptiles are presented every weekend at Kagga Kamma. Our Guides are qualified snake handlers and have a great amount of knowledge about snakes and a passion for sharing interesting facts with guests.

A variety of snakes can also be seen on our Guided Tours. Get to know these fascinating creatures better in a completely safe environment.

Reptiles that are typical to the Cederberg area include:

Common Name Scientific Name
Angulate Tortoise Chersina Angulata
Armidillo Girdled Lizard Ouroborus Cataphractus
Bibron's Thick Toed Gecko Chondractylus Bibronii
Black Spitting Cobra Naja Nigricincta Woodi
Boomslang Dispholidus Typus
Cape Cobra Naja Nivea
Cape Coral Snake Aspidelaps Lubricus
Cape Legless Skink Acontias Meleagris Meleagris
Cape Sand Lizard Pedioplanus Laticeps
Cederberg Dwarf Leaf Toed Gecko Goggio Hexapora
Dwarf Plated Lizard Cordylosaurus Subtessellatus
Graceful Crag Lizard Pseudocordylus Capensis
Horned Adder Bitis Caudalis
Karoo Dwarf Chameleon Bradypodion Karooicum
Karoo Girdled Lizard Cordylus Polyzonus
Karoo Whip Snake Psammophis Notostictus
Montane Grass Snake Psammophis Crucifer
Namaqua Plated Lizard Gerrhosaurus Typicus
Occelated Thick Toed Gecko Pachydactylus Geitjie
Puff Adder Bitis Arietans
Red Adder Bitis Rubida
Rough Thick Toed Gecko Pachydactylus Formosus
Slender Thread Snake Leptotyphlops Gracilior
Southern Rock Agama Agama Atra
Spotted/Rhombic Skaapsteker Psammophylax Rhombeatus
Spotted Rock Snake Lamprophis Guttatus
Sundevall's Shovel Snout Prosymna Sundevallii
Variegated Skink Mabuya Variegata Variegata
Western Rock Skink Mabuya Sulcata
Western Sandveld Lizard Nucrus Tessellata