Kagga Kamma | How Kagga Kamma Started

Once Upon A Time

Not so long ago, three individuals saw the potential of this beautiful terrain.

“Every great love starts with a great story...” — Nicholas Sparks

  • Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve
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How Kagga Kamma Started

In 1986 Willie de Waal, Pieter de Waal and Pieter Loubser bought Kagga Kamma as well as three adjacent farms. The owners immediately saw the potential of the beautiful and secluded 15 000 hectare properties.

In 1987 a small stone cottage was built to allow the owners to entertain friends at Kagga Kamma. It was love at first sight for the visitors. The owners soon realised that people wanted to share and preserve the area on a wider basis and decided to turn Kagga Kamma into a Nature Reserve in 1988. To provide the best quality water to the Reserve the owners bought Grootvlei Farm in 1989.

They built the first chalets and introduced some antelope species to the Reserve. From there Kagga Kamma grew into what it is today: a welcoming Resort in a unique environment that is continuously striving to offer guests memorable experiences while preserving the natural environment.