Reasons to Honeymoon at Kagga Kamma

White lace and lilies, cakes and silverware, party favours and thank you cards – planning your nuptials is never an easy feat and, whether you plan to have a traditional wedding, elope to the far reaches of the globe, or simply tie the knot at home, you and your significant other deserve some quality time together once the “I do’s” have been said. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our reasons to honeymoon at Kagga Kamma.

The Origins of the Honeymoon

Honeymoon destinations

A honeymoon is synonymous with a wedding and, in some cultures, may even be a more important tradition than the ceremony itself. Wedding historians tell the tale of grooms selecting their bride and abducting her from her family. The groom would whisk his bride away to a secret location until the family of the bride accepted the arrangement, willingly or not. This later morphed into a ceremonious “abduction” where the agreement would be reached between families before the couple would disappear, hand-in-hand and newly espoused.

The term “honeymoon” itself, however, is derived from the Old English “hony moone”, wherein “hony” refers to the sweetness of the new marriage, and “moone” refers to how long that butterfly period may last. The custom of days gone by was to gift the newlyweds a month’s supply of mead, made from fermented honey and water. The blessing of mead was offered to improve fertility. While the tradition of offering a month’s supply of mead to the newlyweds and stealing brides is something of the past, the honeymoon has continued to be an integral part of getting married.

Choosing Your Honeymoon Destination

Ideal honeymoon destinations should have an air and atmosphere of eternal romance, which is easy to recognise and feel, but difficult to define, because it is ethereal. Moreover, different couples experience love, beauty, and romance in different ways and this makes choosing the ideal honeymoon destination tricky. So what reasons do we have for you to choose Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve as your ideal honeymoon location?

Picture-Perfect Suites

Set against the backdrop of fascinating rock formations that make the imagination run wild with fantasy, the Honeymoon Suite at Kagga Kamma offers couples a private retreat, to escape the world around them. The Suite itself is partially obscured from view by a large boulder that hides the entrance to the cave-like structure that then opens up into a romantic room, featuring a comfortable double bed, slipper bath and hotel amenities. Couples can take in the views of the fynbos on the patio, with a glass of bubbly in-hand, before withdrawing indoors to a bubble bath surrounded by candlelight.

A Night Under the Stars

While a night in a Cave Suite is highly recommended, there’s nothing that quite lives up to the experience of drifting off to sleep with nothing but the Milky Way overhead. Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve offers two Open Air Suites, namely the Star Suite and the Sky Suite. The Star Suite offers a natural rock pool to refresh in, while the Sky Suite provides couples with a wood-fired hot tub. Both Suites are completely exclusive and private, so honeymooners can enjoy the tranquillity and each other’s company. Couples staying at one of the two Suites can look forward to a deliciously moreish, three-course dinner, sundowners, stargazing and watching the sunrise together, all before returning back to the Main Lodge.

It’s a Foodie Affair

Back at the Main Lodge, couples who enjoy the comforts of indoor dwelling can still opt for a private dining experience at the Private Outdoor Boma. All meals are served in the Restaurant, on the Terrace or in the Boma, but this discreet, cosy Private Boma oozes romance in the evenings. Framed by towering rock formations, couples are led to their table by the glow of lanterns, where a private waiter and a three-course dining experience await. Dessert and coffee or aperitifs can then be enjoyed alongside a flickering fire pit, which casts a warm glow on the evening.

Lunchtime offers a special moment, too. The Executive Chef at Kagga Kamma prepares delectable picnic baskets, overflowing with seasonal eats and delicious sweet treats, which are carefully packed into a pannier. The adventurous-at-heart can collect their picnic basket at Reception and enjoy a lovely stroll through the fragrant fynbos to find their own lunch spot. Our dedicated Team would, however, be more than happy to create a moment of surprise on your honeymoon by selecting a cosy nook and laying out your picnic for you. The choice is yours.

Honeymoon Indulgences

Whether your ideal honeymoon takes the form of exploring nature along winding trails, experiencing an adrenalin rush on a quad bike, and delving into the histories of the Earth, or unwinding poolside with your favourite cocktail, sleeping in and enjoying a cuddle with a view, and lunching lazily on the patio during the heat of the day, our recommendation is to make time for some spa pampering. The Open Air Spa is the ideal activity for a honeymooner’s itinerary. Newlyweds make their way up a winding staircase, carved out of sandstone, and arrive at the top where our spa therapists receive them with refreshments. The experience lasts one and a half hours and includes a couple’s ritual, body massage, sparkling wine and a fruit platter to share.

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is surely one of the Western Cape’s most romantic honeymoon destinations, where couples have almost limitless opportunities to create memories that will help forge the foundations for the rest of their lives. Find out more about our Honeymoon Package, here, and being planning your picture-perfect honeymoon.

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