How A Kagga Kamma Stay Reinvigorated My Marriage

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve’s mission is to provide an enthralling holiday environment where guests can appreciate South Africa’s history, digitally disconnect for a well-deserved relaxation and to reconnect with their loved ones. Without fail our hearts are warmed each time we receive compliments. Leilani Kuter, who you may know as the face behind Date Night Ideas in South Africa, journeyed to Kagga Kamma back in 2017 with her husband. She shared this wonderful recount with us on how her stay reinvigorated her marriage – and now, we would love to share it with you!

Visiting Kagga Kamma had always been on my bucket list. As a proud South African, I am fascinated with the heritage of our San forebears, and I wanted to go walk in the footsteps of these intriguing people. So, it was with great excitement that I planned a getaway to this sought-after location at the end of July, back in 2017. Little did I know that the entire experience would not only rekindle my love for South Africa and its indigenous heritage, but also reinvigorate my marriage.

Before Jacques and I headed on our getaway to Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, he had been away for work for six long weeks. During this time, I kept the home fires burning and took care of our 2-year-old daughter while still writing around the clock. This is the life of a freelancing couple. Jacques works in the film industry, so he often has to grab his ‘go bag’ at the drop of a hat to manage a film location somewhere in the tropics. This leaves me to steer the ship until he gets back from beyond the pond. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – we love the freedom this line of works affords us both, but it can get a little hectic sometimes.

This time around, while Jacques was away, I decided to plan a getaway for when he got back. A little something for us both to look forward to as we ticked off those 45 long days apart. I chose Kagga Kamma, because I knew that there were plenty of outdoorsy activities that Jacques would enjoy, and I would finally get to see the amazing centuries-old rock art I had heard so much about. I could also squeeze in a back massage at the on-site spa to get rid of the writer’s knots in my shoulders.

So, a week after Jacques got back, we dropped our daughter off at my parents for two days, and made our way to the Cederberg. It’s a three-hour trip from where we live in the Swartland, but it was such a gorgeous drive that we didn’t even notice. The landscape changed around us, and before we knew it we were on the final 35km dirt road that leads to the Lodge. Our reception was warm, efficient and we were settled in our Cave Suite with ease. That evening we had a lovely dinner and went to bed early, extremely excited about all the activities we had booked for the next day.

Our second day started off with breakfast, after which we both enjoyed a back massage at the Spa. Then we went on the Rock Art Tour, and this is when I fell in-love with my husband all over again. Our guide, Jason, was extremely knowledgeable about not only the rock art, but the entire region and its history. He provided interesting historical context to illustrate the importance of the San, their rock art and the preservation thereof. Along the way, Jacques started chatting to him about a variety of topics, ranging from track reading, genetic variance management within a closed eco-system (I know, right?), and the lineage of ancient man.

It was like I was meeting my husband all over again. When you spend most of your time working your butt off or negotiating with a demanding (albeit exceptionally cute) toddler/terrorist, you forget that there is a whole actual person in there. He’s not just the guy who brings home the bacon and fixes the Netflix, he is a complex individual with a whole bunch of knowledge and interests that I am yet to discover. This was eye-opening.

As much as I enjoyed our stay at Kagga Kamma (we also went on self-guided hikes, took a Quad Bike Adventure and dined like kings), the thing I loved best about this getaway was running into that quick-thinking, bull-by-the-horns-grabbing bloke I fell in-love with when we first met. Away from the slog of the daily grind, we had a chance to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. I mean, when last did we spend an hour in a hot tub, making foam beards and laughing like idiots?

So yes, Kagga Kamma comes highly recommended. Just go, it’s incredible. You will also be able to take enough awesome profile pictures to last you a lifetime. We almost broke Instagram when we got back. But most of all, the thing I’ve learned is that a couple’s getaway is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s creates a brief pocket of time in which you can love your partner the way they deserve to be, with all your focus and attention. I, for one, will be making a point of doing so MUCH more often.

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