Bucket-list Destination {on a Budget}

The start of 2021 has seen the travel industry bloom and begin to return to its former glory, albeit slowly. After a year of uncertainty and a general feeling of being trapped indoors, we can finally step back out to experience all this beautiful country has to offer. The Kagga Kamma Team has curated a list of their favourite budget-friendly experiences for your enjoyment so you can plan a quick breakaway to this bucket-list destination (on a budget):


Road Trip

Road Trip to Kagga Kamma
While Kagga Kamma may seem a long way from Cape Town, the road trip through the beautiful Cape Winelands and out into the Cederberg wilderness is part of what makes the experience so worthwhile. Pack the car with a selection of your favourite snacks and music, grab a camera and hit the open road to soak up the scenic drive. Wave goodbye to the City of Cape Town in your rear-view and experience a part of the Cape many do not; rolling hills of vineyards, quaint farmhouses and grazing cattle against the backdrop of mountains, mountain passes you’re sure to catch stunning photos of and a variety of stops along the way to taste fine wine, baked treats or simply to stretch your legs in the shade of age-old trees.


Khari Khari Mini Golf

Khari Khari Mini Golf Course
A relatively new addition to the Lodge, and a firm family favourite, Khari Khari Mini Golf offers a fun-filled morning or afternoon at Kagga Kamma. Guests collect their putters, golf balls and scorecards from Reception and traverse the nine-hole course in a friendly competition. The course was designed to integrate with the surroundings and the thatch and rocks used to construct the lane were found on the property. With a smear of sunscreen, a sun hat and a refreshing beverage in hand, time spent on the Khari Khari course is sure to evoke laughter.


Afternoon by the Pool

Lodge Swimming Pool
Unwind, relax and soak up the sunshine at the Lodge swimming pool. Pack a good book to read poolside, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet as you dip into the pool to refresh or nap on a lounger. Intriguing rock formations frame the swimming pool and tower high into the sky, while the crystal clear waters provide necessary refreshment on balmy summer days. Speaking of refreshments, guests are welcome to inform the Bar of their plans to lounge by the pool and can enjoy an array of refreshing beverages or light snacks, while catching a golden tan.


Lover’s Lane Cocktail Sundowners

The Terrace at Sunset
‘Romance’ is the word of the day, every day at the Nature Reserve and there is just something undeniably romantic about pale sunlight filtering through the nooks and crannies of the rock formations from the terrace outside the Restaurant and Bar. Take a stroll, hand-in-hand, from the comfort of your Suite into the lap of comfort on the terrace and sip on our Barman’s lovingly crafted cocktails for lovebirds. The sun slowly sets in the distance as you wind down after a glorious day spent in these incredible surroundings with a cocktail in hand – a moment woven into the caressing fabric of your love story.



Starry Skies at Kagga Kamma
Classified as a ‘Guided Excursion’ at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, the Stargazing Tour is a crowd-favourite and, at R90 per adult, a budget-friendly treat! Guests are escorted after a delectable dinner, by a Nature Guide, wine-glass or fresh coffee in tow, to a clearing near the Lodge. Here a telescope and educational experience await. Learn all about the awe-inspiring Milky Way and take a peek at constellations up-close, as our knowledgeable Guide explains how the San and Khoi used the stars to navigate. Located a mere 55 nautical miles from Sutherland, these clear night skies, untainted by the light pollution of Cape Town City open up the heavens above and give us a glimpse at the universe. View the stargazing calendar here to find the optimal times to visit.


An Early Morning Hike

Walking Shoes for a Hike
Waking with the rising of the sun at Kagga Kamma is something which has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime (and many more times after that!). Dress warmly and step into your comfortable walking shoes so you can experience this tranquil time of day on one of our hiking trails. As the sun breaks over the boundary of the horizon, sunlight is poured across the cool blue sky. The colours meld and soon the early morning sky comes alive in pastel pinks and pale purples. This scene is best experienced while strolling through the fynbos fields on the 4km or 9km hiking routes and guests can expect to come across intriguing rock formations.


Cuppa with a View

Enjoy Coffee with a Sweeping View
On returning from your early morning hike, take a moment to breathe in the aromas of fynbos and listen to sweet birdsong. Brew a cup of coffee, or select your favourite soothing tea from the complimentary selection, and sit on the patio for a quick chat. The Cederberg mountain range in the distance makes for a stark contrast against the sprawling plains and red sand. It is important to enjoy moments like these: living life in the moment, unplugged and disconnected from a busy city life. Appreciate the peace, even if only for a short while, before heading up to a scrumptious breakfast.


Naturally, there are a range of activities and facilities to enjoy at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve; this selection is a mere glimpse of the opportunities within reach to explore this incredible landscape. Breath-taking views, nature-centric outings and facilities crafted for ultimate pampering and relaxation are at your fingertips. We hope you enjoy your Kagga Kamma bucket-list destination (on a budget)!


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