Social-Distancing-Friendly Getaway

The light of dawn has arrived, and with it, a brand new day. A day to cherish and be thankful for; while COVID-19 has impacted our lives and how we experience life on a daily basis, it no longer has to infringe on our favourite pastime of travelling. Escaping to wide-open spaces in the heart of nature, to a favourite location, makes for the perfect social-distancing-friendly getaway.

After months of feeling trapped in our homes, longing for the moment when we could embrace our beautiful country once more and all it has to offer; the wait is over. These months spent indoors, stuck between four walls, have given us time to reflect, give thanks and appreciate the freedoms we once enjoyed – which are ours to celebrate again. Naturally, anxiousness and nerves permeate the air around us and, while we long for getaways, a pause of thought trickles down to remind us to stay safe and keep social-distancing. This, however, does not mean that one cannot still enjoy an incredible holiday – it just alludes to the decision of selecting a destination which ensures your safety as a priority and provides adequate breathing room so that your holiday remains relaxing and stress-free. Here are the reasons why Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve makes for the perfect social-distancing-friendly getaway:


According to a survey conducted by Expedia Group, leisure travellers are three times more likely to make use of a car rather than travel by plane post-COVID; this is fantastic news. South Africa is such an incredibly diverse and beautiful country, with so much to be seen and experienced – much of this is missed when trips are planned via airports. Instead, we encourage visitors to hit the open road and enjoy the journey through sprawling vineyards and winding mountain passes, from cityscapes to tranquil nature, when en-route to Kagga Kamma. Hiring a car, or making use of the family vehicle, also ensures that you limit shared space or contact with other groups, while affording you the opportunity to travel at your leisure.

Arriving at the Kagga Kamma Gates


Upon arriving at Kagga Kamma, guests are greeted by sweeping fynbos plains, clear skies and a large, natural environment, mostly left undisturbed by human hands. As an eco-lodge dedicated to preserving the landscape, Kagga Kamma offers exclusive accommodation options, which offer peace of mind and an escape from busy crowds. As part of Kagga Kamma’s commitment to providing a safe holiday environment, the Lodge has employed additional health and safety measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. These include sanitisation measures and enforcing social-distancing parameters at all times. Further health and safety protocols, which form part of HygienicHospitality, can be viewed on VRS-Managing Agent’s website.

Health and Safety involves santising all surfaces


Whether you’re returning ‘home’ to your personal slice of heaven at Kagga Kamma Shareblock, or experiencing the Reserve for the first time from the acclaimed Cave Suites, every element of a Kagga Kamma stay aligns with a social-distancing-friendly getaway. The Shareblock Chalets are spaced far apart and offer perfectly-suited amenities to enjoy a self-catered stay so you never have to come into contact with neighbours, while at the Main Lodge, the Cave Suites and Hut Suites are thoughtfully positioned to optimise space and privacy. Each unit at Kagga Kamma also features a personal patio from which to soak up the sunshine, breathe in ample fresh air and admire the breath-taking views.

Guests' personal patio


While the Suites and Chalets are well-equipped for you to enjoy a social-distancing-friendly getaway, the Lodge facilities and activities have also been carefully planned to ensure a safe holiday environment. With summer upon us and favourable weather gracing the valley, guests are invited to dine on the Restaurant Terrace or Boma in a spacious, open-air setting. Kagga Kamma’s Nature Drives, and other guided excursions, also adhere to regulations so that families, couples or friends can relish in these unique experiences while adhering to protocols. School holidays are right around the corner and the creative Kagga Kamma Team have curated a selection of fun games, such as tag, using pool noodles to maintain social-distancing, personal cupcake decorating kits per child and a range of other enjoyable activities!

Sanitising guests hands before the Nature Drive


It’s time to take a social-distancing-friendly getaway and breakaway back into nature’s embrace; back to an unfettered environment where the night sky gleams by the light of millions of stars and the air is pure and scented of fynbos and wild herbs. A place that ensures that your safety is their number one priority: Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.

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