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Kagga Kamma may seem a long way from Cape Town, but enjoying the journey through the beautiful Cape Winelands and out into the Cederberg wilderness is part of what makes the experience so worthwhile. Pack the car with a selection of your favourite ‘padkos’ and music, grab a camera and hit the open road to soak up the scene. Wave goodbye to the City of Cape Town in your rear-view and experience a part of the Cape many do not; rolling hills of vineyards, quaint farmhouses and grazing cattle against the backdrop of mountains, mountain passes you’re sure to catch stunning photos of and a variety of stops along the way to taste fine wine, baked treats or simply to stretch your legs in the shade of age-old trees. Enjoy the journey to a singular, far off location…


A taste of nostalgia

Couple planning a road trip
Most travellers can relate to that family memory of piling up into an old station wagon, suitcases stacked paying homage to Tetris in the boot and the limited foot space resulting from too many extra items shoved into the car last minute. Dad’s favourite tunes humming through the speakers as he taps the steering wheel; mum handing out moreish treats and the sibling rivalry taking over on the back seat as the battle for the most legroom ensues. These memories, and many others, come floating back as we upgrade ourselves to the front seats, pack our own favourite tracks and snacks (tip: always slice and pack your tomato separately – that way you never have soggy sarmies!) and head out to explore the countryside. The scenic views which are abundantly present in the Western Cape make for an incredible road trip, fringed with nostalgia for the past. South Africa is so incredibly beautiful and there is so much to be seen, a lot of which is missed when you’re careening over the wings of an aircraft.

This may ring a familiar bell, in which case, like us, you’re most certainly ready to select your road-trip itinerary. On the off-chance it does not set your soul alight, reminiscing about the ‘good-old-days’, we highly recommend that you consider giving it a try – and where better than through the picturesque Western Cape!


Adventure unfolding

En-route to Kagga Kamma
Road trips are the perfect fulfilment for an adventurous spirit; venture off the beaten track, discover local gems along the road and soak up the experience of changing landscape, kilometre after kilometre. While much can be said for the ease flights offer and the wonderful locations available to South Africans overseas, there is something rooted deep in our heritage about ‘road tripping’ through this beautiful country. A deeper sense of appreciation can be felt when you set out onto the open road to experience a holiday from a new perspective. Travelling to Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve from the hub which is the City of Cape Town provides heaps of appreciation and perspective for the province. Travelling is not just about the destination; the route from Cape Town to Kagga Kamma is incredible in and of itself. The start sees bustling city living against the backdrop of Table Mountain and the ocean crashing into the coastline, and once you’re out of the thicket of cars and a culturally diverse people, the adventure truly unfolds.


Pretty as a Picture

Bird's-eye view of the Kagga Kamma road
An easy drive through the Huguenot Tunnel spits you out between tall mountain-scapes and fynbos blowing in the breeze; depending on the time of year proteas are either in full bloom or stark pods against charred stems, burst open by flame. A little while on, the scene changes and suddenly farming valley befalls you; soon this too disappears and the Cape Winelands open up in rows of ripening grape, with wine farms stretching as far as the eye can see. Eventually, you’ll reach the quaint town of Ceres, a fruit-producing powerhouse, where some of South Africa’s oldest farms are still run by the latest generation of its original owners. A quick stop atop Gydo Pass displays a birds-eye-view over this enchanting valley. From here onwards fewer manmade structures are seen, only neatly planted fruit trees give a hint to human activity here. From fruit trees and rolling fields of wild grass, the journey starts to change and craggy boulders and piles of rock begin to engulf the countryside, before long you’re met by 35km of dirt road as you journey up and over one final pass into ‘the oasis on the edge of time’.


Enjoy the Journey

Entrance to Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve
While we know you’re itching to arrive at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve to explore the incredibly unique biome of the Koue Bokkeveld; it is important to make the most out of your journey to our destination, too. A range of interesting South African experiences awaits en-route; each one offering a memorable moment to cherish for a lifetime. When plotting your route, you can select experiences and stops which speak to your favourite pastimes; wine tasting, bakery or foodie locations, cultural spots or even making the time for an adventurous hike or zip-lining tour. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Paarl Spice Route; this is a must to complete your Cape Town experience. Make a morning out of popping along the well-famed Spice Route for local cheese and wine, chocolate or whiskey tastings or savour a brunch under the shade of towering trees.
  • A number of fantastic wine farms are dotted all along the route from Cape Town to Kagga Kamma, offering tastings or kid-friendly milkshake pairings: Du Toitskloof, Du Preez Estate, Botha Kelder and Mountain Ridge Wines are just a few.
  • A family may want to take a break or two to stretch their legs and what could be more fun for kids than seeing farm animals amble about or choosing their favourite teatime treat from the farm stall at Hillbilly Farm.
  • Ceres Zip Slide Adventures; offers adventurous families and couples an exciting “foefieslide” adventure, traversing the rocky terrain and cascading along eight slides.


These, and a number of other, incredible experiences are available to guests travelling for a well-deserved break-away to Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. Why not book your stay and make an adventure out of your holiday? Step back out into nature and enjoy the diverse activities available to you, on your doorstep.

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