The Importance of a Holiday

The importance of a holiday and taking some well-deserved time off cannot be understated, especially in such times as South Africa’s current lockdown. The soul yearns for new adventures and time spent in wide-open spaces, rather than being locked indoors; stuck between four walls. While this time has provided for the opportunity to reflect and take stock of the important people and things in our lives, and how our behaviours can impact on others, the unknown and fog-like fear which has touched each soul has cemented the importance of escaping even further.


Thinking back to a holiday memory, plucked from the brow of the subconscious; whole afternoons were spent soaking up the sunshine with family and basking in their laughter. Moments of tenderness shared with a significant other while admiring the view alongside a crackling fire or tucking in the kids after a day hiking, picnicking and enjoying the South African ‘outback’ – these moments are crucial for relationship-building. Every holiday memory forged strengthens our bonds with family, friends and loved ones, particularly when these memories are created in a safe, relaxing environment unencumbered by stress and being busy.

Family Hiking
Photo credits: Jacques Marais

This lends to an emotion many South Africans can relate to during these trying times: stress. Breaking away from the hustle and bustle of city life to escape into the heart of nature and trading a concrete jungle for rolling landscapes and fynbos swaying in the breeze allows us to shake off the worry and reset from everyday stress, whether that be work, finance or pandemic related. Taking time to relax allows us to feed our souls, energise our minds and appreciate one another more; a getaway dispenses perspective on our values and goals, ensuring we return home stronger and well rejuvenated.

Client receiving a full body massage
Photo Credits: Johann Beute and Christina Dobre

Health is another aspect which is supported by taking time off and relishing a change of scenery. Exploring a new region through a holiday takes the strain of stress on our bodies away and breaks routine for our minds to feel refreshed. The average family spends more time enjoying outdoor activities, such as scenic hikes and put away the timepieces which generally control the daily commute back home. This breakaway from city stresses and pressures and willingness for activity is a wondrous welcome for our physical and mental health.

Client enjoying the morning view with coffee
Photo Credits: National Geographic

These benefits, never mind the feel-good-feeling or satiating that sense of adventure for a while longer, all speak volumes to the importance of a holiday: not just for ourselves, but for our families and loved ones, as well. Now is the perfect opportunity to plan and prepare for the day where leisure travel will be permitted and to gift yourself, and your family, a well-deserved holiday to wash away the stress and pain caused by COVID-19 and the lockdown.


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