Eloping on the Edge of the World

Eloping on the edge of the world sounds like a fantasy, the type of fairy-tale pressed between the pages of an old book. Stepping up onto the brim with your heart thudding in your ears and butterflies swirling in your stomach; feeling like you aren’t only on the edge, but also on top of the world. Shouldn’t this kind of nerve-wracking excitement be what you experience on your wedding day in the first place? Like your heart is thundering to a tune so loud you can’t hear anything else, but it’s comfortable, a sort of familiarity, and it feels serene and peaceful; a space that makes you giddy and feel quiet all-at-once. Eloping at Kagga Kamma is exactly that, defined by a location so unique, it does indeed feel like you’ve passed through a distortion filter and arrived at the edge of the world.


An exciting way to get married, elopements have crept out of the shadows from the times of Kings and Queens and their kingdoms, when couples not meant to be betrothed to one another would flee in secrecy to be married. While making an impact on the wedding industry, they still seem to be given the cold-shoulder by many who firmly believe in traditional weddings and the customs surrounding them. Here’s how you can determine if eloping to Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is the right fit for you:


An Experience

A unique wedding experience

Take some time to think about yourself and your significant other; the types of people you are, what you enjoy and the lives you lead. Eloping is an experience in and of itself, the focus of the day is not only on you but all about you. It frees you up to become truly creative in what you envision for your special day and you have the opportunity to focus on each other, uninterrupted and in an uninhibited way, which can speak to your values as a couple. Imagine a unique space, serene and devoid of any stress or concern, with you in the centre of it all; enveloped in love on your special day.


Life’s an Adventure

Adventurous couple eloping

Naturally, spontaneous and adventure-seeking souls gravitate towards elopements; simply because it is something unique and exciting and far from tradition and formalities. The types of couples whose eyes light up at the thought of exploring a new scene, of chasing the sunset and laughing through rainy weather or a flat tire; they are exactly the sort to create an incredible wedding ceremony, made for them, and them alone. Escaping to an oasis in the middle of nowhere and finding each other amongst rock formations and under never-ending skies; if you met each other on an adventure, you’ll most likely want to come together on one, as well.


Friends and Family

Mother of the bride with the bride

Just as some have strong familial ties, so there are those who do not, and while there are many who are close to their family members and groups of friends, not everyone wants to have a large crowd gathered on their special day. The anxiety of planning a large wedding, the personality clashes to be hosted in the same space and the budget required to stage the ceremony {which most people will have an opinion on anyway}, simply not worth the hassle? Then eloping and spending your ceremony the exact way you want it, is probably the way to go.


The Planning Phase

A simple elopement

Speaking of the hassle: some couples are super laid-back and easy-going, they prefer little fuss, minimal planning and none of the drama; enter the elopement. Elopements are typically very easy-going and can be as simple or specific as you want to make it. Some couples have gotten married in smart-casual attire, appearing in court and making a splashy statement to friends and family after-the-fact, while others wore traditional garb, but disappeared to a unique location, staging photos and eating wedding cake. At the end of the day, your wedding should speak to your relationship and what you choose to do; and how you choose to do it, should be as basic or as complicated as you see fit.



Intimacy between newly weds


Wedding ceremonies are a whirlwind of butterflies, white and lace fabric, good food, a sea of smiling faces and music. And it’s over relatively quickly; especially for the bridal couple, who hardly have a chance to spend time together on the eve of. Many couples who elope choose to do so for this reason, for wanting to forge a memory together that will last their lifetime; creating a picture-perfect day spent together, uninterrupted. These couples forgo all tradition in favour of spending quality time with one another and capturing these moments to a backdrop as unique as they are.


At the end of the day, when all that’s left of the wedding cake is crumbs, and the bubbly has lost its fizz, the memories you have made and the experience of that special day is what matters most. Whether the perfect fit for you is a traditional affair or something just for the two of you – make it special and make it count.


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