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Gaste Terugvoer

Lees oor ander gaste se ervaringe by Kagga Kamma.

"We travel not to escape life, but so life doesn't escape us." – Unknown


Kontak ons by Kagga Kamma


Gaste Terugvoer

sandrawatson333: – Maart 2017 (TripAdvisor)

"We arrived at the Reserve at 8.15 pm after a four hour drive from Cape Town. The road is good, and even the last section wasn't too bad. And the sunset! This is an extraordinary place."
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Skye Littlefield: – 20 Februarie 2017

"Kagga Kamma is unlike anywhere I have stayed within South Africa. The landscape and the Lodge are both exceptionally beautiful. The food was delicious, and there were full menus for both vegetarians and vegans. The Game Drives take you to some of the most beautiful spots on the Reserve with incredibly gorgeous views. We were lucky enough to see an abundance of game as well as smaller creatures such as snakes and Armadillo lizards. I'd go back in a heartbeat."

Tyrone James Ping: – 16 Februarie 2017

"An incredible and unique experience. We stayed in the Cave rooms, whilst we spent very little time in our actual rooms with such spectacular facilities and scenery you wouldn't want to..."
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Nedine Otto: – 13 Januarie 2017

"The perfect place to find some peace of mind, amidst beautiful scenery, excellent food, and the friendliest staff in the country "

reyaadg: – 3 Januarie 2017 (TripAdvisor)

"My wife surprised me with a stay at this little gem in the middle of nowhere. It was a birthday gift and what a wonderful place to celebrate. Staff was very friendly and we were allowed an early check-in."
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Flavia Elisa: – 21 Desember 2016

"I would just like to say the BIGGEST thank you to the amazing, amazing staff at Kagga Kamma! My trip was unfortunately cut short when I had a fall and injured my fingers but the staff was absolutely incredible and so, so helpful! Thank you all for being so caring and doing everything you could to make me feel comfortable and looked after! Although my trip was cut short I had an unforgettable time at Kagga Kamma and will definitely be back again soon! Highly recommended!"

leilaniedejager: – Desember 2016 (TripAdvisor)

"You do not often get a place like Kagga Kamma Lodge in the Cederberg. Although it is a bit far to travel on the gravel road, we did it with our Corsa bakkie several times, with no hassle. We notice that a tractor with scraper keep the road in good condition most of the time. 2016 Christmas day was a very special they for us because my son that travels a lot abroad and was working for several years in the USA, France etc came and visit us and took us for the lunch at the Lodge. This time we travel in style with his car. Lol. What an awesome reception greet us! With nicely decorated ice cold glasses filled with a cocktail fit for a king we was led out to the back lawn under umbrellas till they call us in for the buffet. All the staff was friendly as always and very helpful. All the tables were decorated according to the occasion… even with the candles. Pretty pretty awesome. The display off the food, although small, was very elegant and the hunger took over. The starters - all six of them, was awesome, and cater for every taste. You did not wait for anything and as soon as the first starter plate got their way to the kitchen, the main course appeared. And what a variety! Four stunning meats, seven mouth-watering veggie dishes – all made with extra flair. While we were dining the waitresses were very subtle around you to take care of your needs, even management came by several times to make sure we are okay and if we need anything else. The three desserts were out of the world; especially the creamy cheesecake with berries. As we often visit Kagga Kamma, we see the huge effort these people made to improve from the restrooms right through to the kitchen and dining room. When visiting during the winter there is always a welcoming fire in the bar-lounge that makes you feel at home. We experience the whole transformation that the lodge went through the past year or so. From the buildings inside and out, to the menu. All for the benefit to the guest... This is highly recommended if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nature is on your doorstep and you feel very much part of it. Luxury chalets or camping, the choice is yours. But be sure, it is of the best. From arrival to departing you are taken care of by the friendly staff . Kagga Kamma, this family will come back time after time!"

Bianca Lewis: – 21 November 2016

"We had a lovely time at Kagga Kamma! The staff is friendly and very helpful. The bushmen [San] and Sundowner excursions were amazing. The views on the hill were breathtakingly beautiful! There is no cell phone reception and no TV just peace and quiet – pure bliss. The rocks are so beautiful and unique, photographs doesn't do any justice. The night sky is just as beautiful as much more stars can be seen. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Kagga Kamma is definitely a must! Thank you!"

Annie Fluks: – 26 Julie 2016

"Watching the sunset and stargazing, having a big fire under the moon making potjie. What a remembrance."

Chelsea Togo: – 19 Julie 2016

"Heaven on earth."

Carla Love: – 19 Julie 2016


Leilani Kuter: – 4 Julie 2016

"My favorite place!"

Kyle en Louise: – 29 April 2016

"'n Onvergeetlike, ongelooflike, wonderlike ervaring. Verseker een van die mees ‘amazing’ plekke waar ons al was! Die personeel en kos is fantasties! Ons sal definitief weer wil terug kom! Baie, baie dankie vir alles."

Judy Coward: – 28 April 2016

“The scenery is stunning.”

Veronica Wilmott De Beer: – 28 April 2016

“The night sky is enough reason for a visit!”

Karen Carpenter: – 28 April 2016

“Love this place! Beautiful, tranquil, awesome night sky!”

Ursula en Gary: – 26 April 2016

“Vandag is ons huweliksherdenking en my man se verjaardag. Ons is behoorlik bederf deur die personeel. Die chef ‘rock’! Alles is onvergeetlik.”

René Veldhuizen: – 21 April 2016

“Sweet memories.”

Ina Maree: – 14 April 2016

“Dit is darem baie mooi daar. Ek sal enige tyd weer gaan!”

Johanita Niemand: – 6 April 2016

“Remembering GREAT food, GREAT wine and of course GREAT company, shared with the love of my life. Such an amazing place!”

Bridget Hanslo: – 22 Maart 2016

“Had a gorgeous time there with my husband. Unforgettable... Friendly staff, lovely food...”

André Du Preez: – 22 Maart 2016

“Ons het in no.10 gebly. Fantasies gewees – baie lekker en genoeg kos, sal weer gaan.”

Dale Dirks: – 17 Maart 2016

“Absolutely beautiful place…”

Megan Ganga: – 4 Maart 2016

“This is an amazing place. I will go again anytime!”

Chelsea Togo: – 2 Maart 2016

“It was amazing! A South African friend took me from New Zealand. Not enough people know about this place, it's the sort of place you'd go for a honeymoon! The caves were brilliant, the scenery and the outside sleeping area was very romantic! Definitely the best little adventure I have been on! Thank you for making my trip 10 times better!”

Candice Cooper: - 30 Januarie 2016

"After a long 2015, this was the best way to spoil myself! Thank you so much to all the staff for making it an awesome stay. In particular, thanks to Chantal at reception for arranging last minute transport after my car broke down, rangers Paul and Marius for a 'lekker' evening, Sanna at the spa for the best massage I have ever experienced and all the kitchen staff for specially setting a table outside for us every time. Your efforts were all very much appreciated. I cannot wait to return."

MyGeld: - 27 Januarie 2016 (TripAdvisor)

"A place to find your soul. Kagga Kamma is a place where you can go to find your soul - you can sit back and do absolutely nothing while you listen to the peace and quiet of the veld. There are great tours that take you deep into the heart of the reserve or introduce you to the stars. Hats off to our 2 guides who were well informed, very safe drivers, patiently answered questions and especially shared their wealth of knowledge about the animal life, plants, and interesting the historical facts about the lives of the ancient bushman who lived in the rocky caves on the reserve many years ago."

253theunis: - 13 Januarie 2016 (TripAdvisor)

"God's Glorious Theatre. What a relief to start your new year in a place where one is overwhelmed with the beauty and splendour of creation! The smell of the veld in the early morning, the scorching sun during the day, the kaleidoscope of colours at sunset, the star-filled heaven in the evenings, the dassies on the rocks, beetles knocking on the soil in calling a mate, the bird-species, the call of the jackal in the early morning hours... I can keep on and on! Fantastic stay in one of the chalets! Clean, daily serviced, well equipped, all made it a pleasant stay! The staff is friendly and helpful and give a personal touch in their conduct. Thank you for this experience."

Kerri R: - 13 Januarie 2016 (TripAdvisor)

"Spectacular! Long drive on a dirt road to get here... but so worth it! The rock formations are amazing. Accommodation is simple but fits within your surroundings. The beautiful dinner under the stars is breath-taking. My kids loved the pool - which was cool on a hot summer's day."

Andries Viljoen: - 28 Desember 2015

"We spent 7 wonderful days at Kagga Kamma. The management, Tania and her personnel made us feel at home. We slept at the outdoor-post (no room just a bed and nature) for one night. What an experience! The ranger that took us there prepared the fire. To Tania and her husband (Piet) and her team thank you for an unforgettable experience in the Koue Bokkeveld."

Lizette Matthee: - 21 Desember 2015

"Fantasties. Lekkerste vakansie ooit. Rus en vrede… Heeltemal afgeskakel van die gejaag."

Jana F: - 18 Desember 2015 (TripAdvisor)

"What a gem. First of all, what a beautiful drive it was! Driving from Cape Town to the Ceres Karoo may seem like a far way to go, but my goodness, the photos you will take and the stunning landscapes you'll admire. Simply put, I would very highly recommend staying at the Kagga Kamma Private Game Reserve if you're looking for a relaxing getaway from the city lights. It's beautiful and it will leave you satisfied that you've experienced raw nature and its untamed animal friends."

Dsmiff: - 17 Desember 2015 (TripAdvisor)

"You can almost pluck the stars. We stayed at one of the chalets for a few days in the middle of winter. With its superb view and strange rock formations; cosy fireplace and lots of wine kept us warm from the inside as well as from outside. The daily freshly baked bread is one of the highlights."

Lerato Pru Rakgolela: - 7 Desember 2015

"Thank you guys, my cousins and I had an awesome time at your lodge. Big up to Olivia Vis and the barman - they should get a promotion for their excellent customer care! Kagga Kamma is not a place to just visit once; I will most certainly be coming back."

Alfred H: - 22 September 2015

"Although we enjoyed our stay with lovely hiking trails, brilliant views and perfect night skies - you need to plan well. This is such a unique place with all its rock art that it needs to be treated as a national monument." (Trip Advisor)

RobKnysna: - 15 September 2015

"A wonderful few days of peace and quiet in a fantastic setting. Flowers a plenty, in amongst the most amazing rock formations." (Trip Advisor)

237Susan123237: - 15 September 2015

"It is a place to get still and away from everything. Very limited cell phone reception, so one really gets away. Don't compare this 4 star with something in a city but rather appreciate what they are achieving in this remote environment. All happens with solar energy. The staff members are friendly and helpful." (Trip Advisor)

Yolanda Grobbelaar Ayscough-Clarke: - 15 September 2015

"Thank You Tania and Kagga Kamma Staff for a fabulous time this past weekend. Will recommend this beautiful resort any day and the food is DELICIOUS. See you soon."

Gina Powell: - 13 September 2015

"Thank you so much Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve; we had such a lovely time this week!"

01CarpeDiem: - 26 Augustus 2015

"A fantastic location well worth staying over at. Well done to all the staff of Kagga Kamma." (Trip Advisor)

Deneil D: - 12 Augustus 2015

"To Tania and her team, the best compliment we can think of is to make simply another booking. See you guys soon and thank you again for making our first trip that little bit extra special." (Trip Advisor)

Marcelle Low: - 11 Augustus 2015

"These products from TheraNaka at Kagga Kamma Spa are absolutely AMAZING!"

Louis R: - 5 Julie 2015

“We booked a 3 night special "pensioners breakaway" in the caves at Kagga Kamma. The Rock Art excursion with an extremely knowledgeable Nicholas was a very enjoyable outing. The 4km trail walk is a must do event - the trail takes you past some amazing rock art, through a very scenic river gorge, with some delightful trail diversions. As we had arrived in a 4x4 vehicle, we were able to go on our own game drives - the scenery, the rock formations and the whole environment is spectacular. The "sundowner" spot has amazing views over the dry and dusty Tankwa Karoo on the one side and the magnificence of the Cederberg on the other side”. (Trip Advisor)

Nelzbelz33: – 10 July 2015

“The clean facilities, well-organised activities and team effort made a huge impact on me. Great value for money and delicious meals with the willing smiles of the staff at this remote location made this a very memorable trip for me. I felt like a queen all the time and I know that my hubby is glad he got to take me to this wonderful getaway in the shadow of the Cedarburg Mountains”. (Trip Advisor)

NicoGrundlingh: – 17 July 2015

“We had a wonderfully informative star gazing experience with Pieterjan (one of the guides) as he was very knowledgeable on all the stars and planets. He also greeted us on arrival and was very friendly. There are some really amazing hikes in the vicinity (we did the 4km hike) with incredible bushman paintings. Overall our stay was relaxing and enjoyable. The resort staff members were excellent and accommodating”. (Trip Advisor)

Liezel Foster: – 26 July 2015

“Stunning place, I want to stay forever!”

Hennie & Nellie van Tonder: - 5 Julie 2015

"Liewe Kagga Kamma mensies,
Julle is almal so groot deel van die herinneringe wat ons die week, op ons wittebrood, gemaak het. BAIE dankie vir die warm glimlag, die vinnige hand-by-sit en die vriendelike manier wat ons by elke een van julle ontvang het. Ons het dit baie geniet om 'n tweede "klipspringer" roete te ontwerp 'n hele 2 dae voor ons eintlik die regte een geloop het. Die roetes en paaie is baie goed gemerk so dit is moeilik om te verdwaal. Vandat ons hier aangekom het, voel ons baie spesiaal en welkom. Die vlak van dienslewering is baie hoër as enige iets wat ons al ervaar het. Die personeel kom so goed oor die weg met mekaar en is vining om in te spring waar daar nood is. Ons sal altyd ons wittebrood in 'n oulike, gemaklike grot onthou. Bo alles sal ons onthou hoe ons lekker geëet enbordspeletjies gespeel het met julle naby om na ons om te sien.
Mooi bly."

Janine VdRiet Neethling: - 26 Junie 2015

"I was there many, many moons ago and absolutely LOVED it. Would love to return and show my hubby!"

Carmen Goddard: - 26 Junie 2015


Xenia Romanenko: - 22 Junie 2015

"Kagga Kamma is awesome!"

Barnesy Barnes: - 19 Junie 2015


Lisa Welff Petersen: - 18 Junie 2015

"Best experience ever..."

Patricia van der Burgh: - 18 Junie 2015

"Kagga Kamma is amazing! Want to go back!"

Kea Thavhana: - 18 Junie 2015

"We had a superb time, definitely going back soon."

Elroy Slinger: - 7 Junie 2015

"Had a wonderful time at Kagga Kamma with my sister, her husband Raheema, and Donny."

Helen Louw: - 26 Mei 2015

"We stayed in one [cave suite] a few years back - it was lovely! Really must do that again."

Rene Barnard Marais: - 25 Mei 2015

"Ticked it off our bucket list! [It] was awesome."

Katrina Hagemeijer-Zewald: - 19 Mei 2015

"Thank you to all of you at Kagga Kamma for making our stay a very special memory."

Melissa Schoeman: - 9 Mei 2015

"Best day of my life; I got engaged at Kagga Kamma!"

Loéne Kilpert Lambrechts: - 8 Mei 2015

"Unforgettable memories for me... [We] got married at Kagga Kamma!"

Pieter Du Toit Oosthuizen: - 4 Mei 2015


Pieter Venter: - April 2015

"We spent a delightful week roaming the Western Cape, driving passes and 4x4 routes and doing a bit of photography. Most of the time was spent at Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve - a wonderful place. So restful and quiet, excellent service, friendly staff, knowledgeable guides and super cuisine."

Jean Elizabeth Ridge: - April 2015

"Lovely place; had a great time."

Mabontle Pitso: - April 2015

"Oh, I love this place."

Johannes Kruger: - April 2015

"Waarlik ongerepte natuurskoon!"

Pieter Du Toit Oosthuizen: - April 2015

"[We] have thoroughly enjoyed our stay... See you soon again."

Carrin Petersen: - April 2015


Michelle Jansen van Rensburg: - Maart 2015

"Thank you to the management and staff for making our 25th wedding anniversary celebration stay the most memorable ever. We viewed the most amazing sunset the first night and the stay just got better."

Elmie Venter: - Maart 2015

"Nature at its best!"

Ina Maree: - Maart 2015

"Die rotsformasies by die grotte is absoluut asemrowend."

Riana Korine Mostert: - Maart 2015

"We fully enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the walking trails."

Mildred Valencia De Wee: - Maart 2015

"Realised I lost my heart to Kagga Kamma...."

Alan Jones: - Maart 2015

"There are arches, steeples and caves with Bushman paintings... A painter's and artist's heaven..."

Shana Jacobs: - Februarie 2015

"Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve… Experience nature at its best! Safari drives, star gazing, breathing in fresh air, lazing in the rock pool, sunbathing with a cocktail & enjoying the fabulous African cuisine... Pure heaven on earth!"

Janet Lindup Longman: - Februarie 2015

"Piece of heaven on earth!"

Caylynne Weise: - Februarie 2015

"Full body massage was amazing!"

Berni Le Clus: - Februarie 2015

"Kagga Kamma is my favourite place in all of SA!‬"

Lynn Kuyk Strydom: - Februarie 2015

"All the meals I had there were great!"

Stia Steenkamp: - Januarie 2015

"Asemrowend, wonderlik naby die natuur daar in Kagga Kamma.‬"

Ronel Von Mollendorf: - Januarie 2015

"Ongelooflike mooi formasies. Was daar en nie geweet watter een om af te neem en watter een om te los nie. Kamera het oortyd gewerk‬"

Sandra Oelofse Canosa: - Januarie 2015

"We were there now over New Year and the place is amazing. A place to relax and unwind."

Andrea Talbot: - Januarie 2015

"Oh, I'd love to be back there for the amazing beef fillet!"

Lindie Heidi Hennings: - Januarie 2015

"Baie dankie aan die Kagga Kamma span vir die manier waarop ons ontvang is in Grot 10 met bubbly, chocolates, kerse wat brand en potpourri in die vorm van n hartjie."

Charlene Upton: - Januarie 2015

"Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for all the arrangements and wonderful stay at Kagga Kamma. What a stunning property! I was amazed at the attention to detail, evident throughout your product. The room boasted all the necessary facilities, adequate space and high quality furnishings. Unmistakeably a lot of effort was done to ensure a memorable experience. I really have to compliment you on your hospitality, facilities, location and overall establishment. Lastly, thank you for the tasty meals and great service received! We commend your team and applaud them for striving for service excellence. Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will definitely be back! I've already recommended your property to a few people. "

TripAdvisor resensie Januarie 2015 - "Landscape of rocks"

"Short distance from Cape Town, only short well maintained gravel road. The location of Kagga Kamma is unbelievable picturesque. The rock formations out of this world and when you thought you saw it all you get to your accommodation. Rock cave chalets in the mountain. Very beautiful and privately located. The best in the world. The food excellent and the staff very professional and frendly. The Boma in the rocks a perfect setting for a romantic supper and evening. This is a must visit. * Room Tip: Rooms 14 and15 for a Birdseye view of the surroundings."

Andrea Talbot-Owen: - Desember 2014

"Had a lovely pre-Christmas break there, thank you! Merry Christmas."

Alicia Michelle Dippenaar: - Desember 2014

"Verloof by Kagga Kamma! Wat 'n droom… Beste venue en beste verloofde ooit! Dankie Kagga Kamma‬."

Annusca Salzwedel: - Desember 2014

"Sundowner drive was absolutely beautiful."

Stia Steenkamp: - Desember 2014

"Pragtig en baie, baie lekker daar."

Lydia Nel: - Desember 2014

"Ons was daar… Luuks, rustig en ongelooflik mooi!"

Tricia Brown: - Desember 2014

"Kagga Kamma is where we had a lovely holiday last time we were in South Africa (2 years ago) and we look forward to going again."

TripAdvisor resensie Desember 2014 - "Our Cave Moment"

"We've stayed in one of the luxury caves in December. What an experience. The cave was furnished with a comfortable double bed & soft bedding. The bathroom spacious and the aircon in the unit a blessing. The nature around us was breathtaking. Words can't explain how beautiful it was. The food was from the best quality and the hospitality right from reception, management, waiters, game rangers, the ladies who serviced the rooms were outstanding. Thank you for a special time. We will see you again."

Charmaine Carstens: - November 2014

"Honeymoon 2010, best holiday I ever had! I need that silence and tranquillity again."

Nazeema Davids Salie: - November 2014


Charnelle Boonzaier Van Zyl: - November 2014

"My compliments to the chef and his team. Our food was always delicious during our stay. Thank you, and not forgetting the wonderful waitresses."

Martha du Toit: - November 2014

"Dis pragtig daar!"

Joan Brand: - November 2014

"Was there in October… Fantastic stay"

Salome Thonnard: - November 2014

"The past weekend at Kagga Kamma was a fantastic experience in a truly beautiful setting. We felt that we received fantastic service from the moment that we arrived until we left this morning with our breakfast boxes. The adventure trail was well planned and JP was a great host. The lunch after the adventure trail was fantastic, although way too much food and we were hardly able to finish half of it. We enjoyed the day very much. Again, we would like to mention how much we enjoyed staying at your venue and it truly was a team-building session of note."

Tania Bentley: - Oktober 2014

"Thank you to the staff at Kagga Kamma for a wonderful weekend. We took part in the bushman painting excursion and opted to do our own 4x4 drive around the property and view the magnificent rock formations from different angles. We saw plenty of different species of bird and some zebra and buck and were lucky enough to come across a Cape Cobra!"

Pamela Buckle: - September 2014

"Thank you for accommodating my family and I at your extraordinary and beautiful venue. It was an amazing experience and for sure one of my favourite destinations!"

Rachel Allison Hampshire: - September 2014

"An absolutely beautiful place. We very much enjoyed our stay there."

Henny Smalberger: - September 2014

"Most beautiful place! We had an amazing holiday."

Herbert & Berenice Williams: - September 2014

"Thank you very much for a wonderful stay this past week. Please pass on our gratitude to JP and PJ for their very knowledgeable information they gave us on the various game drives - especially the drives when we were the only 2 to take, we really appreciated that. Thank you to the chef and kitchen staff for the lovely meals we had. Last but not least to Crystal for the great way she handled our various bookings and her friendliness."

Bret G: - Augustus 2014

"My daughter and I spent one lovely night in a thatched hut. We enjoyed both the Sundowner tour and Bushman paintings tour with our excellent guide PJ. We were lucky enough to see wildebeest and gemsbok. Food was very good and the staff members were friendly and helpful. It is a very secluded place where you can get away from it all. You'll enjoy it if, like us, you enjoy nature and wild places."

Salome Zietsman: - Augustus 2014

"Wil net sê dat ek 'amazed' is met die fantastiese diens by Kagga Kamma. Julle is 'n awesome span en ek sal definitief mense verwys na julle toe!"

Bianca & Jerran Louw: - Augustus 2014

Thank you for the amazing weekend and the absolutely great service we received this past weekend! We will definitely return…

Lauren Austin: - Augustus 2014

Kagga Kamma is truly a unique place, every bit as enchanting as it looks in the photos. Staying in the cave was a fantastic experience - I certainly feel like I've ticked something off my bucket list! The staff were knowledgeable and so friendly, we felt welcome from the moment we arrived.

Susan Lawrenson: - Julie 2014

We have just had the most amazing weekend with the best service ever. Thanks for spoiling us.

Alan Perring, Alans Airport – Hotel – Conference Transfers,Julie 2014

I really enjoyed my visit to the magical, mystical Kagga Kamma!Thank you to all the wonderfully friendly staff who made my visit such aspecial occasion.

TripAdvisor resensie Julie 2014 - "Wonderful break for 3 nights"

"We have just returned after 3 wonderful days in the Cederberg. It was absolutely outstanding. We were warmly welcomed when we arrived. Taken to our Cave No.14 which I must say is definitely the best cave. Wonderful view. It was very cold this weekend so we left our air conditioner on the whole time that we were there to keep our cave very warm. We went on the Sun downer drive and JP our ranger was so helpful and interesting. The food is excellent from breakfasts through to dinners. All the staff were extremely friendly and helpful throughout our stay. We did the Rock Art tour which once again JP showed so much interest and enthusiasm and we learnt so much. We also went on the late night drive which was very cold but we had warm blankets and saw plenty of game at night . This time it was PJ who drove and he also showed so much enthusiasm. All in all a wonderful weekend and can highly recommend this to anybody wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. No cell phone reception at all but there is Wi-Fi in the main area. The spa is also very good and there prices are extremely reasonable. We thought the wine prices were very good as well. Enjoy....... "

Tisell Lars: - Junie 2014

“One of the best places to discover in southern Africa. A great game reserve which gives your heart a lovely feeling.”

Laetia Webb: - Junie 2014

“You guys rock! Just came back and on our way again. Our cave was awesome! Our welcoming by friendly staff and attention to extra special treats made us book to come back. Thank you so much. This was a warm, loving, romantic, spoiled break away; at a reduced cost. The scenery and everything to do will make you realize two days are simply just not enough.”

Annelie Heydenrych: - Junie 2014

“Ons bly altyd in die tyddeelhuise. Ons gaan gereeld soontoe, een van ons gunsteling plekke ooit!”

Natasha Prime - Junie 2014

"Thank you for such an amazingweekend. The rooms to food was absolutely amazing! I will definitely be backwith friends and will recommend it as the perfect cozy winter getaway and Iwill be back in summer. You guys run a little piece of heaven!"

Andrea Louwrens - Junie 2014

"Baie dankie vir 'nabsolute fantastiese naweek! Ons wou glad nie huis toe gaan gister nie envolgende keer (daar sal DEFNITIEF 'n volgende keer wees) sal ons beslislanger bly. Die staff se vriendelikheid en hulpvaardigheid is iets wat mensdeesdae nie meer oral teekom nie en daar was absoluut niks waaroor ons kon klanie. Dit was een van die beste experiences wat ons in 'n lang tyd gehadhet by 'n oord."

Melany Perry - Junie 2014

"We had a wonderful stay at Kagga Kamma, in spite of snow and rain. I wish to compliment you on your staff. They are amazing - from cleaners, barmen to receptionist (so helpful and pleasant)."

Reiner Leipold: - Mei 2014

"A stunning place with the best service."

De Ville Wickens - Mei 2014

"Ek wil graag baie dankie sê vir laasweek se lekker verblyf op Kagga Kamma. Die BP groep het deurentyd gepraat van die rustige atmosfeer, gehalte kos en wyn (ook veld middagetes) en uitstekende diens. Geraldeneen haar span het werklik uit hul pad gegaan om dit vir ons lekker te maak. Willemen sy twee helpers in die kombuis verdien spesiale lof!!! Nicolaas vanZyl was natuurlik ook‚ n pluspunt met sy kitaar en slange. Julle het tans‚ nuitstekende span op Kagga Kamma."

Glenda & Mell - 26 Mei 2014

"Thank you so much to your awesome team for taking such good care of us during our visit. We had such a great time being amongst such wonderful people. Your staff members are all so friendly. We enjoyed sleeping in the cave rooms; not something one does every day. They are so well equipped and comfortable - highly recommendable!"

Mark van der Sandt – 19 Mei 2014

"I would like to thank the staff of Kagga Kamma for the enjoyable weekend we experienced. They were all very helpful. We had a fantastic drive through the Reserve; including some of the areas that were deemed 'too bad 'to be undertaken. This was our first visit to Kagga Kamma, although we've been going to the Cederberg and Northern Cape for about 20 years, we will return – especially for the vast unspoilt wilderness areas on the property."

Sonia Sidiropoulos - April 2014

"We had an absolutely amazing time at Kagga Kamma. Your setting and surrounds are truly breathtaking - something one doesn't get to experience in the city.
Your staff are incredibly friendly, helpful, and very passionate about the area and all that is found within it.
We were truly impressed with everything and have raved constantly to everyone who is willing to listen to our babble! Ha ha… We shall certainly visit again as the rest and "shut off" from the rest of the world did us wonders."

Ilze Fox - Mei 2014

"Overall a good stay at Kagga Kamma. We enjoyed the tranquilityand the wide open spaces, it really is invigorating."

Trevor Harris – 21 Mei 2014

"We had a great visit… The staff were excellent. We found the location and setting to be stunning, and we're sorry that we did not spend more time at Kagga Kamma. The Bushman rock art tour was an experience! Thank you once again; it was a real treat."

Last year this lovely couple became Mr & Mrs Lambrechts at Kagga Kamma. This year we were delighted to welcome them back for their first anniversary. Here is what Johan and Lulu Lambrechts had to say about their Kagga Kamma anniversary experience: "Aan almal wat hierdie GREAT experience moontlik gemaak het; baie, baie dankie. Julle is awesome. Dankie Kagga Kamma, vir 'n onvergeetlike experience."

- 11 Mei 2014.

Lilly Van Sly – 24 April 2014

"The best ever!"

Pat Allum – 22 April 2014

"It is soul refreshing to be there."

Yvonne Ashford – 10 Februarie 2014

“Ek en my man wil net vir julle vreeslik dankie sê vir die ongelooflike tyd by julle. Dankie aan die vriendelike personeel naamlik Wessel Fourie, Ryno en die twee dames (skies maar ek het hulle name vergeet). Dit was ‘n onvergeetlike week!”

Jacques Marais – 27 Februarie 2014

“What a pleasure to have discovered your special reserve. Please pass on our thanks once again to Nicolas, Geraldine and all the other friendly members of staff.”

Charmaine Carstens – 6 Februarie 2014

“Most amazing place!”

Gerard en Lindie Buitendag - 3 Februarie 2014

“‘n GROOOT dankie aan die hele Kagga Kammaspan. Ons het heerlik in julle asemrowende natuur gekuier. Die kos was puik en die diens uitstekend. Die kelners altyd vriendelik. Vyfsterdiens. Vergewe my asseblief dat ek een mens uitsonder - Wessel… Op ‘n spitsvondige manier het hy ‘n klomp feite en geskiedenis aan ons bekendgestel sonder dat dit soos ‘n preek gevoel het. Sy kennis en passie het ons telkens verstom. Dit was lekker om na hom te luister. Ons bring beslis volgende keer al die kinders saam.”

Leilani le Roux – 17 Januarie 2014

“One of nature's awesome treasures!”

Trish Heywood – 17 Januarie 2014

“As close as you can get to nature - with luxury.”