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Please insert Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, Breede River DC when using Google maps to navigate to Kagga Kamma. Alternatively please use our GPS coordinates or directions on the website.

250km from Cape Town

  • Kagga Kamma Nature Drive
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Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve Location:

Address: R303, Koue Bokkeveld, Cederberg, 6836
GPS Co-ordinates: Latitude: 32°44'49.68"S Longtitude: 19°33'46.94"E

Map and Directions

From Cape Town travel north on the N1, towards Worcester. Just before Worcester, take the R301 Ceres off-ramp on the left. Continue straight towards Ceres until you cross the Breede Rivier Bridge and turn right at the T-junction onto the R46 towards Ceres. Continue along Mitchell’s Pass until you enter Ceres. In Ceres, follow the directions to Prince Alfred Hamlet. After passing through Prince Alfred Hamlet and Gydo pass; continue straight towards the small town of Op-die-Berg. Turn right at the Ceres Karoo/Cederberg sign. After 25 km, turn right onto the gravel road at the Kagga Kamma sign. Travel straight for another 20 km on the gravel road. Turn left at the Kagga Kamma sign and travel for another 15 km, after which you will arrive at the entrance gate of Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve.


Gravel Road to Kagga Kamma

Please note that the last 35km to Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is a scenic gravel road. Although the gravel road is traversable in a normal sedan vehicle all year round, the condition of the last 10km of road does change and may deteriorate somewhat from time-to-time, due to prevailing weather conditions and / or lack of municipal maintenance, which events are, unfortunately, outside of our control. Please drive carefully and slowly and make the most of the opportunity this affords for you to slow things down and enjoy the splendour of nature that surrounds you on the way to Kagga Kamma.

Entrance Gate Times

Monday to Thursday
07:30 - 18:30

07:30 - 21:00

Saturday to Sunday
08:00 - 18.30