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Bouldering and Rock Climbing at Kagga Kamma

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve offers a unique bouldering and rock climbing experience. The Cederberg area with its beautiful fynbos and wilderness has magnificent rock formations to climb. Climbing options at Kagga Kamma include single pitch sport climbing, single pitch traditional climbing and bouldering.

Sport and Traditional Climbing
Sport climbing and traditional climbing is available for Kagga Kamma guests who are on the more adventurous side. Sport climbing and traditional climbing is available at the Kagga Kamma Crag and on the Four Kilometre Hiking Trail. There are currently seven bolted routes at Kagga Kamma. Climbers can enjoy a challenging climb on the short but quality crags, with the unadulterated Kagga Kamma valleys and brush in the background. The current sport climbing grades range from grade 20 – 24. The Kagga Kamma Crag also offers some traditional climbing. Please note: Rock climbing is not a guided activity at Kagga Kamma and guests must bring their own gear. Climbing permits are available upon enquiry.

Bouldering is an exceptional experience at Kagga Kamma. Bouldering offers climbers the freedom of movement without the use of metal gear, ropes and harnesses. To enjoy the beautiful surroundings, climbers can climb and traverse boulders of all shapes and sizes. The boulders at Kagga Kamma are mainly sandstone and quartzite, which are fairly skin-friendly and climbers can expect to be challenged by a choice of 80 "problems" while enjoying the unassuming wilderness. Current boulder problems range from grade 3 to 7c.

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