Unique Holiday Destination in South Africa

Discover a Most Unique Holiday Destination in South Africa

When the subject of unique holiday destinations in South Africa crops up in conversation, you might respond by saying that the entire country is unique. You would not be wrong either. There are numerous factors that make South Africa so unique. Many such factors also make the country’s holiday destinations equally unique. South Africa is a large country, measuring some 1,22 million km2 in area. Africa is the second largest continent, second only to Asia. South Africa is about five times bigger than the United Kingdom and approximately twice the size of the second largest state in the USA – Texas; in fact, it is the 24th-largest country in the world.
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Cederberg Cave Hotel

Iconic Cederberg’s Unique Cave Hotel

If you have ever visited the Cederberg and taken a walk amongst the sandstone rock formations of this unique region of South Africa’s Western Cape province, you would not be surprised to learn that there are numerous caves and deep rock overhangs in the area. What may surprise – and delight – you, is the knowledge that the Cederberg is home to a unique, lovely cave hotel, offering accommodation in “caves”, created in part by man.

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Cave Hotel Cederberg Mountains

Cederberg Mountain Cave Hotel for Non-Troglodytes

The “cave” rooms at Kagga Kamma, our resort in the Cederberg mountain of the Western Cape, are the most popular and sought-after accommodation quarters that we offer. The mere idea of sleeping and staying amongst the Cederberg mountains in a cave at a cave hotel is one of the most desirable features of Kagga Kamma.

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A Western Cape Honeymoon Destination with a Memorable Difference

The Western Cape province of South Africa is arguably the most unique and diverse province in this country. The cold Atlantic is to the west and the warmer Indian to the south, and magnificent, white sandy beaches abound. There’s also Table Mountain and a host of other famous mountain ranges, country villages and hamlets, vineyards galore, and gorgeous, award-winning wines, seafood of all descriptions, vibrant city life and the ultimate solitude, peace, and tranquillity of untamed nature, all within a single province. Continue reading

Weekend Breakaway Accommodation Western Cape

Ideal Weekend Western Cape Breakaway Accommodation to Rejuvenate You

“Breaking away” for a weekend means one is wrenching oneself away from something, a place, or responsibilities. Busy people sometimes become so set in their ways and routines that they do have to wrench themselves away to book a breakaway weekend or even a mid-week break, if at all possible. Continue reading

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Western Cape

A Most Romantic Western Cape Honeymoon Destination

“If music be the food of love, play on” said Orsino, one of the characters featured in William Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night. This unfortunate soul was impatient and frustrated because his efforts to woo his beloved were not progressing according to plan, try as he may to get things moving in the desired direction. If the troubled, fictional Orsino was a real person, living in the 21st century, we would recommend that he bring his lady love to Kagga Kamma, our unique Western Cape resort and choice honeymoon destination in the heart of the Cederberg. Continue reading

Full Accommodation Packages in Cederberge

Full Accommodation Packages Make the Most of Cederberge’s Charms

Whenever you book accommodation for a full holiday or a weekend breakaway, you are presented with several choices. Where will you go? Most people do not have the luxury of picking up a pin, closing their eyes, and taking a stab at a point on the map to select a destination. The answer to this question usually depends on how much time you can spend away from home and work responsibilities, although modern air travel does allow you more time at your holiday destination, because less time is spent travelling.

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Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in the Cederberge

Cederberge’s Surprise – Bed, Breakfast, Astounding Accommodation, and Much More 

Most first-time visitors to the iconic Cederberg are surprised and delighted to find bed and breakfast accommodation like that on offer at our private resort, Kagga Kamma, deep in the heart of this inimitable natural wilderness area. However, they probably expect to encounter lots of cedar trees, purely because of the name of this region.

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