Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaways in the Wondrous Western Cape

Winter is a wonderful time to have a weekend getaway in the Western Cape, which is blessed with such an enormous abundance of natural beauty, leisure activities, varied attractions, and diverse landscapes. In fact, the wondrous Western Cape is not only all about Cape Town itself, the white sandy beaches, Table Mountain, wine and vineyards, and the two great oceans that meet off the Cape Coast, glorious though these features and others may be.

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Cederberg Accommodation

The Changing Faces of Cederberg Accommodation

Unless you’re already privy to this gem of the wild, the wondrous Cederberg, you might not expect to find comfortable accommodation in the heart of this rugged region that seems to stretch out into the distance for ever and a day. Unquestionably, the world of the Cederberg is a vast, craggy place that’s literally as old as the hills.

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Unique Holiday Destination in South Africa

Discover a Most Unique Holiday Destination in South Africa

When the subject of unique holiday destinations in South Africa crops up in conversation, you might respond by saying that the entire country is unique. You would not be wrong either. There are numerous factors that make South Africa so unique. Many such factors also make the country’s holiday destinations equally unique. South Africa is a large country, measuring some 1,22 million km2 in area. Africa is the second largest continent, second only to Asia. South Africa is about five times bigger than the United Kingdom and approximately twice the size of the second largest state in the USA – Texas; in fact, it is the 24th-largest country in the world.
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Cederberg Cave Hotel

Iconic Cederberg’s Unique Cave Hotel

If you have ever visited the Cederberg and taken a walk amongst the sandstone rock formations of this unique region of South Africa’s Western Cape province, you would not be surprised to learn that there are numerous caves and deep rock overhangs in the area. What may surprise – and delight – you, is the knowledge that the Cederberg is home to a unique, lovely cave hotel, offering accommodation in “caves”, created in part by man.

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