Cederberg Hiking

Hiking in the Kingdom of the Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma

South Africans love the outdoors, which is hardly surprising, since the overall climate, seasons, and weather patterns in each region are so conducive to being outside in open spaces, where the air is clean, clear, and fresh – the way nature intended.

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Activities Cederberg

Cederberg’s Unique Action and Leisurely Activities

Some visitors to Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve and Resort, a veritable sanctuary of serenity and age-old natural tranquillity in the heart of the Cederberg, simply prefer to do as little as possible while they are staying with us.

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Wilderness Weddings

Wilderness Weddings That Exude Romance

Bridal couples, and brides in particular, are always on the lookout for unusual wedding venues. The more unique and different from the norm, the better. Understandably, she wants a lovely venue that is breathtaking to behold. Typically, grooms focus somewhat more on the selection of their honeymoon destination and venue, paying particular attention to comforts, privacy, and intimate settings, as well as other really romantic features.

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Stargazing Cederberg

Fascinating Journeys Through the Cederberg Stars

You may not realise how often we are bound to the stars. Famously, in the Cederberg’s clear, pitch black night sky, where these celestial bodies appear to be so bright and close that one can almost reach up and touch and pluck them from the locations they occupy in the heavens above.

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Day Trips Cederberg

Unique Base for Delightful Day Trips in the Cederberg

When spending leisure time – a holiday or slightly shorter getaway – in an area of remarkable or exceptional scenic beauty, there is only really one way to experience all or most of what the region has to offer, and that means taking several day trips from a conveniently located base.

This is certainly the best and most enjoyable way to get to know and see the iconic sights of and in the marvellous Cederberg region of South Africa’s Western Cape Province.


More Days, More Trips

The Cederberg has so much to offer the day tripper and visitors who opt for a holiday in this pristine wilderness. It is impossible to take in the regions’ astonishing natural wonders in one or two trips. One needs more time, and therefore, several day trips.

In fact, more than one visit to the Cederberg would be even better, such is the mysterious allure of this natural wonderland and its remarkable natural features – truly unique and not found anywhere else on earth.


A Few Fantastic Cederberg Features

Depending on your destination in the Cederberg, this remote wilderness area is about 250 km from Cape Town. Our resort, Kagga Kamma, lies in the heart of the region, but a world apart in its amazing scenic features.

  • The region is wild, remote, and otherworldly, the home of Cape fynbos and the only place in the entire world that features the renowned rooibos
  • A rooibos factory in Clanwilliam
  • Cederberg Cellar, producer of similarly named wines from vineyards located at a higher altitude than any others in South Africa
  • Incredible rock formations, including the Maltese Cross, Wolfberg Arch, and the enormous, breath-taking Stadsaal Cave
  • Hiking – Three different trails on offer at Kagga Kamma
  • 4 x 4 route, extending some 100 km in total across our nature reserve
  • Superb 10 km and 30 km mountain biking routes
  • Fascinating San rock art tours. We are proud to share outstanding examples of this ancient indigenous art form
  • Expertly guided nature drives during early mornings and late nights to see the diverse fauna and flora species of the region
  • Weekend reptile educational sessions, conducted in safety by a Kagga Kamma snake handler
  • Quad bike excursions, by arrangement
  • Stargazing tours to a mini observatory in the nature reserve, season and weather dependent, or simply marvel at the canopy of clear, bright stars in the inky night sky at Kagga Kamma


It is obvious that you will need several day trips to experience the delights of the area, and there are many more than those we have mentioned. You will also require a home base for several days from which to undertake your trips, and that is where Kagga Kamma’s unique accommodation options are ideal – a haven for nature lovers in the sanctuary of our tranquil nature reserve in the Cederberg.

Lodges with Open Sky Facilities

Where a Lodge and its Facilities Meet an Open Sky

There are several similarities and differences about today’s broader Cederberg wilderness area, that of a few decades ago, and the region’s ancient past, some of which date back some 6 000 years – rock paintings, made by the first known inhabitants here.

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