6 Reasons Why Couples Should Take Time Out for Romantic Getaways

All couples need to reconnect with each other from time to time.  It is just so easy to get swept away by the hustle and bustle, children’s schooling and activities, demanding jobs, a busy social calendar and all the things that form part of the fabric of everyday life. Sometimes months go by without having a truly meaningful conversation or spending quality time together.  Most couples would agree that spending some time away from friends, family, work and technology give them the opportunity to find themselves and each other again, to remember the romance, and to spend easy and fun time together.

Advantages of Romantic Getaways

Anticipation and excitement:  After deciding on a weekend away, organising it can be very exciting.  Often, the anticipation is one of the best parts of going away, and finding a place to stay, looking at different locations and planning the logistics around it can be very exhilarating.  It also gives you and your partner something to look forward to together, and it is something you can have fun talking about.  To make it even more exciting, take care of all the arrangements yourself, and keep the details secret.  This gives your partner something to wonder about and adds an air of mystery to the whole escapade.

Reduce stress and improve mental health:  It is good for your mind and body to take some time out to rest.  It has been proven by studies in the USA that people who take regular breaks or vacations that allow them to relax actually have a lower risk of strokes and heart attacks, than those who don’t take time out to enjoy themselves.  Taking care of your own and your partner’s mental and physical health by getting away from it all for a while is beneficial to both of you!  Studies have also proven that women who take frequent breaks are much less likely to suffer from depression, and that regular romantic getaways actually lead to a better quality of life and improved work performance!

Strengthens the structure of a relationship: During a romantic break, couples get to spend quality time together.  This means that they are able to communicate in a relaxed and fun environment where they are removed from the normal mundanity of life.  A new environment gives them a different perspective on their lives, and often communication improves during and after the vacation.

Better relationships with spouse and children:  Women, in particular, spend a lot of time nurturing their children and often their partners take a back seat, especially if both parents work full time.  Taking some time out from the kids allows the parents to slow down, relax and recover, and face the family again with renewed energy after a little vacation.  A stressed and overburdened parent is no fun for anyone to live with!

Increased work performance:  Not being in the office for a few days is always a good thing.  It is important that all technology and contact with work is broken during this time to get the maximum benefit.  Getting a good rest with your partner refreshes you and brings you back to work again with renewed energy, making your time at work more productive.

Renews intimacy:  Spending time with your partner in an intimate setting is just the thing you need to spice up life in the bedroom.  Taking the time to be in a wonderful setting and to be romantic together will bring you closer together and re-ignite feelings of intimacy that sometimes fall by the wayside during ordinary life.  A romantic, intimate getaway is what every relationship needs – it is a gift that will keep on giving, even when you are back home again.

If you are looking for one of the most romantic getaways you will ever have, visit us at Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg.  Here you can gaze at the stars together, have romantic outdoor picnics, enjoy private dinners, and relax in the luxurious bedrooms that are just made for romance!  Give our friendly team a call today to book your getaway.


Accommodation in Cederberg That Is Different and Unique

The December season feels like a long time ago and this time of year, people are starting to feel the inevitable fatigue that sets in once all the New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside and real life has started to become set in a routine for a while again.  This is exactly the time that you need to refresh your mind and your body with a little break, even if it is just to get away for a weekend.

In addition to getting away for a while, you will probably feel the need to unplug from the rest of the world as well, and taking a holiday away from your email and social media accounts may be just what the doctor ordered!  This is why the Cederberg is highly rated amongst professionals that need a true escape from city life from time to time.  In the Cederberg, life slows down, there is no interference from technology, and there are a lot of other, more worthwhile things to do, like reconnecting with nature and gazing dreamily at the stars.

There is great variety of Cederberg accommodation, but if you need something different, you simply have to visit us at Kagga Kamma.  Located only a three-hour drive from the city, our highly sought-after lodge offers an experience that you won’t soon forget.  Here you can go off the grid, and explore, discover and relax to your heart’s content in beautiful surroundings that will truly put you back in touch with the energies of nature again.

One of the best things about our Cederberg accommodation is the bedrooms.  Carved elaborately into the massive sandstone rocks, these spacious rooms offer you a glimpse of what it is like to sleep in a luxuriously furnished and ornately decorated cave.  Here you can literally dwell surrounded by earth, and the open-top cave bedroom with the sky window brings the sparkling stars of the bright desert night sky right down to your bed.  There is also an opportunity to stay in African rondavel styled luxury huts, and here you will sense the ambience of ancient history and cultures.  At Kagga Kamma, we provide the most unique Cederberg accommodation options, and you will be charmed by the rest of the lodge, the activities and our wonderful culinary abilities.

At Kagga Kamma, we also offer a wide range of activities for our guests to enjoy.  Those with adventurous spirits can get out into the wild and explore and discover ancient cave art in a variety of locations, enjoy guided quad-bike tours, take long hikes to consider the fauna and flora, marvel at the spectacle of the flower season, or go star gazing at night with a wonderful picnic.  Back at the lodge, you can laze around the pristine swimming pool, enjoy a delectable meal under the stars, or just relax in your room.

If you are looking for the ultimate experience that includes unique Cederberg accommodation, adventure, discovery (or rediscovery) of nature, major relaxation, blissful surroundings, starry nights, and outstanding cuisine and wines, please contact our team at Kagga Kamma to book your getaway today!

Choosing the Best Holiday Destination for your Next Vacation

We all love a good holiday, and being able to get away from home and spend some time at a wonderful holiday destination is highly enjoyable.  Many people are tempted to spend their vacation time or school holidays at home, but studies prove that being able to remove oneself from the home environment for a few days or a couple of weeks is indeed highly beneficial.  It allows us time to recover from stress, it gives us a new perspective, and it is good for the soul.

That being said, getting away is not enough – you have to choose a holiday destination that will fit into what you want to spend your time doing.  Choosing badly and not enjoying your time at the destination will be a waste of money and time, and nobody will come back home refreshed and relaxed.  Battling to find enjoyable things to do will just not work, so you will have to spend some time organising your holiday.  Here are some tips on organising your holiday and choosing the holiday destination that works best for you.

  • What do you like:  Decide what you would like to do on your holiday and pick a holiday destination that can cater for what you want.  Are you the type of person who likes to climb around mountains looking for Bushmen drawings?  Are you a keen explorer and want to learn more about nature from the back of quad bike?  Are you perhaps keen to learn more about the stars?  Do you prefer communing with nature in a basic campsite, or would you prefer a little luxury on your vacation?  Also consider the wishes of those accompanying you on the holiday – especially if you have children.  Finding child-friendly establishments is relatively easy and the kids’ wishes and desires can sometimes hijack the decision, but for a truly relaxing and enjoyable holiday, it is best to choose a holiday destination that fulfils the needs of all the parties involved.
  • Do your booking on time:  Book your holiday ahead of time, especially if you are planning to travel during a school holiday period.  Also ensure that you gather lots of information about your holiday destination, its facilities, the activities and the surroundings.  This means that you will know exactly what you would like to do there, and you can rest assured that you will be able to do the activities that you have your heart set on.
  • Consider a digital detox:  Studies have proven that even when a lot of people are on holiday, they still spend an enormous amount of time using technology to connect with work or social networks.  Those who have no or limited internet connection or cellphone signal are more likely to focus on the present and the people around them, and interact with them more.  If you and your family spend most of your time with your noses in a computer or a cellphone, perhaps it is time that you re-establish your personal connection by cutting out the internet connection.  Take a digital detox and spend time talking to the ones you love, and truly spend time with them without worrying about work emails or social media.  Only use your phone to take pictures – and post them when you get home!

If you are looking for the perfect holiday destination for you and your family, contact our team at Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg.  Here we offer a wide variety of activities and luxury accommodation, and you will have plenty of opportunities to relax and find yourself again.  Give us a call or make your booking today!

How to Plan the Perfect Getaway at the Perfect Getaway Destination

Getting away from it all is one of the best things a person can do from time to time.  It is relaxing, it makes us forget about our problems and issues at home or at work, and can be hugely beneficial to just pack up and leave all the stress behind for a weekend, or for a few days.  Often, spending time in a beautiful getaway destination allows us to return home with a new perspective, and we are less weighed down by issues that we had before we left.  Routine can stifle us and allow us to fall into a rut, and it is definitely advisable to remove ourselves from our home environments on occasion!

While it is possible to just pack up and leave at a moment’s notice, it could also be stressful to arrive somewhere and find accommodation in a place you don’t know, or trying to find a meal in a village where everything is closed.  So here are some tips on planning the perfect getaway.

  • Choose your getaway destination:  Think about what you like and choose accordingly.  Do you like to stargaze in the Karoo, but you also like a plush bed and scrumptious food?  Or would you prefer 4×4 trails that bring you closer to nature?  Do you like taking long hikes and commune with nature?  Are you an adventurer who would like to discover cave drawings that are thousands of years old? Or would you prefer a plush lodge where you can laze around the pool, enjoy fantastic cocktails and a tech-free time?  In order for you to enjoy yourself, it is essential that the place you choose can provide the things that you need and want during your getaway.
  • Do something different:  Having said the above, getting out of our comfort zones can sometimes bring a whole new energy to the getaway.  If you normally like lazing by the pool, why not do a quad bike trip?  If you love to hike, perhaps this time you can choose to stargaze instead?  Instead of a bedroom, why not sleep in a cave instead? Do something that would not normally draw you in and you will be pleasantly surprised!
  • Book ahead of time:  Yes, spontaneous getaways are all the rage, but consider the inconvenience of arriving at your favourite getaway destination only to find that they are fully booked, or that they are closed for maintenance!  Eliminate the chances of being left homeless on your getaway by booking ahead of time.  Often this makes you better prepared as well – they can send you information on what to expect and you can ensure that you bring everything that you need.  It would be rather irritating arriving at a self-catering destination if you did not know that you had to bring your own towels and bedding!
  • Take a tech timeout:  One of the most relaxing things that you can do is break away from your technology.  Go to a getaway destination that can truly remove you from your life back home by breaking with the trappings of technology.  Put down that cellphone, get off Facebook and leave emails behind!  Just live in the moment and experience everything around you, without being pre-occupied by technology.  Once you have truly dialled down your connections, you will be able to really relax!  Even better, find a getaway destination that has no or little cellphone or internet reception, and you will have no choice but to do a digital detox!

If you want to find the perfect getaway destination for a detoxifying weekend away that will fascinate and relax you, give our team at Kagga Kamma a call!

Your Favourite Relaxation Vacation Destination in Cederberg

With the summer holidays coming up, things can get a little hectic with friends, family, parties, presents, traffic, shopping and everything else.  If you are one of those people who is in dire need of some R&R to recover from the busy holiday period, you will find the perfect place at Kagga Kamma!  Our vacation destination in the Cederberg provides everything that you need to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and serene again after only a few days!

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is a favourite with many guests who cannot wait to come back for a return visit.  Here you will find an opportunity to connect with nature, yourself and others again in the luxurious surroundings of this fabulous lodge.  If technology is driving you mad, you will find it easy to switch off here and enjoy a wonderful digital detox – with no internet or cellphone reception, you will find yourself well and truly away from your technical overload, and enjoy the tranquillity that comes with not engaging with social media and the internet on a regular basis.

Only 2 hours from Cape Town, our vacation destination in the Cederberg is situated amongst the rugged peaks of the south eastern part of the Cederberg Mountains.  Here you can choose from a variety of accommodation options – an open-air room where you can sleep under the stars, a honeymoon cave decoratively carved into the large sandstone boulders, deluxe caves and traditional African huts, which make our lodge truly unique. All our rooms boast their own private terraces where you can enjoy a coffee or breakfast in peace and tranquillity.  The décor and furnishings are lavish and tasteful, and the ambience is truly luxurious.

Delicious meals dreamed up by our chef are made with seasonal fare and come mostly from local suppliers.  Here you can enjoy an elaborate meal or simple traditional dishes, and if it is privacy that you crave, there is nothing better than an intimate dinner under the night sky.  We also have a boma where guests can enjoy meals.

If you are looking for a more adventurous experience, there is plenty to do here!  You can hike, take nature drives, explore by mountain bike, go on a guided quad bike tour of the reserve, learn more about the local reptile species, go star gazing with an expert or take a guided rock art trip to admire the ancient art and learn more about the history of man in the area.  The list of fauna and flora is endless, and here you will encounter many rare species.  There is also a challenging 4×4 route for those who prefer to have their adventure on wheels.

Our vacation destination in the Cederberg is truly exceptional, as the surrounding nature still remains largely untouched, and people come from near and far to admire the annual spectacle of the flowers bursting into life every year from August to November.  If you are looking for the perfect place to find peace and sanity again, just book your stay with us and we will take care of the rest!

Why You Should Lose Your Selfie and Go Off-Grid at Our Luxury Resort in the Cederberg

One of the things that have recently surfaced on social media more often is the need for individuals to cut themselves off from the ever-invasive technology that surrounds them on a constant basis.  Interacting with technology via cellphones, tablets and computers is proving to take up great chunks of time in people’s lives, while around 50% of that time is not always productive or necessary.  Emotions run high when newsfeeds are read, stress builds around issues displayed on social media and personal communication and relaxation are compromised.

In an age where technology dominates large portions of the normal person’s life, it has become necessary to be removed from these invasive influences.  While most people are working on doing this voluntarily by taking a break from technology for a little while at certain times, it takes real dedication to completely go off-grid, where the temptation of technological interaction will not be present to ruin your detox.

At Kagga Kamma, our luxury resort in the Cederberg, we have perfected the art of getting away from technology to enjoy a complete technical detox.

6 Top Benefits of a Digital Detox

  1. Better creativity:  While constantly engaging with issues and being bombarded with information and demands, we have little time to sit back and let the brain do its creative thing.  Even problem solving requires a creative brain. While being overwhelmed, it is impossible to find the serenity needed to constructively find creative solutions or stimulate creativity for other purposes.
  2. Relaxation:  It is impossible to relax next to a cellphone that is constantly buzzing.  It is like living with an alarm clock that goes off at unexpected times.  It jars the mind and invades relaxing moments.  Cutting off interaction with technology takes away that shock factor and allows for better quality relaxation.
  3. Connecting with others: While using technology, people have a tendency to dismiss or disregard people who share their physical space at that time.  Friends, family and children are ignored while a Facebook post is typed or an email response is needed.  A digital detox promotes better communication and interaction with others.
  4. Less multitasking:  A cellphone in the hand often requires high levels of multitasking.  While multitasking in itself is not a bad thing, doing it on a constant basis is exhausting and prevents us from focusing on one thing at a time.  This means that important matters don’t always enjoy the attention that they deserve.  Focusing on one thing at a time often translates into better problem solving and more satisfactory outcomes.
  5. Setting the schedule:  When answering an email or text at midnight, we effectively teach the sender of the message that you are available at this time, and this means that we are working according to someone else’s schedule. If you go off-grid during certain times of the day or week, others will learn to fit in with your communication schedule, which gives you the freedom to enjoy time on your own terms.
  6. Think more:  Being bombarded with bleeps and feeds all day allows very little time for thinking.  Taking time off from the noise is essential for thought processes to flow and for the brain to relax, which results in more and better thinking.

If you would like to benefit from a digital detox, book an off-grid holiday or weekend at our luxury resort in the Cederberg.  While only 2 hours from Cape Town, Kagga Kamma gives you the ideal opportunity to find yourself again in stunning natural surroundings in plush comfort.  Give us a call today and book your digital detox with us!

The Ultimate in Cederberg Self-catering Destinations

Tired of the city and looking for a wonderful place to rest and relax?  Do you want to get away from technology and hit the “off” switch for a while?  Are you looking for a spectacular getaway where you can reconnect with nature again?  Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is one of the most recommended Cederberg self-catering locations. Here you can fall off the map and enjoy luxurious accommodation in natural surroundings, as well as a lot of fun activities that will make your sojourn unforgettable.

Situated only three hours’ drive from Cape Town in the south-eastern region of the Cederberg, Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is the perfect place to get away from it all, to go off-grid and to commune with nature.  A variety of accommodation types is offered here. You can choose between an open-air room, the Honeymoon Cave, Premium Deluxe Caves and traditional African huts. All the cave rooms are elaborately carved from the sandstone rocks and have private terraces where our guests can relax.  The high-quality furnishings are beautiful and luxurious, and the tastefully decorated bedrooms are peaceful and tranquil, just perfect for the ultimate getaway.

In the open-air bedrooms, guests enjoy sleeping under the bejewelled night sky with stars almost close enough to touch. It is the perfect setting for honeymooners or couples looking for a romantic escape. While there are many other Cederberg self-catering spots, at Kagga Kamma we provide you with a totally unique experience that will be unforgettable for all the right reasons!

Hungry guests can look forward to scrumptious meals and a vast selection of wines from the Cape Winelands at our restaurant.  For those who crave more privacy or romance, there is nothing better than a private picnic dinner under the stars.  Our outdoor boma also provides the perfect setting for a dinner under the night sky.

For the more adventurous guests and those who like to commune with nature, we have a variety of activities on offer.  Nature drives and hikes, guided quad bike trips, a reptile educational trip, star gazing tour and fascinating rock art tours can be organised, and our knowledgeable guides are on hand to tell guests more about the surroundings, the plants, animals and reptiles.  We also have a very popular 4×4 route for those who like their adventure on wheels.

Wildlife and Nature

The Cederberg area is exceptional because the Karoo wilderness here remains largely untouched, and rare fauna and flora can be found exclusively in this area.  The annual flower season is spectacular – suddenly the rugged valleys and mountain slopes burst into vivid carpets of colour.  This phenomenon is a display of natural wonder that is enjoyed by visitors from far and wide, and it is one of the best attractions during the period between August and November.  A wide variety of rare shrubs and fynbos is also found here, and botanists regularly visit to discover more species.  The fauna here include zebra, wildebeest, duiker, steenbok, eland and a host of other species. We recommend that you take a hike with our trained guides to marvel at the interesting environment and to discover some ancient Bushmen drawings in the caves.

If you are looking for the ideal Cederberg self-catering getaway, give our friendly and hospitable team a call at Kagga Kamma today to book your stay!

The Very Best in Cederberg Honeymoon Destinations

As if planning a wedding is not stressful enough, you still have to reserve some of your decision-making savvy and direct it to the one thing that will be just as important (but more enjoyable!) than the wedding day: the honeymoon location.  Before you spend many hours and days drowning in tour brochures, pamphlets and unsolicited advice from just-married friends, read this first!

If you are the kind of person who likes nature, the outdoors, luscious luxury, unbelievable night skies, romance, adventure and delectable food, you are in for a treat.  While a lot of places can fulfil some of these requirements, there are very few that can do all of them at once.  Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is tucked away in the majestic mountains of the Cederberg and offers everything that you need for a perfect honeymoon.  It is secluded and private, and here you can spend intimate time together in the lap of luxury, while still being very close to nature. At Kagga Kamma, we offer honeymooners a completely unique experience, and our guests often leave here with the belief that a Cederberg honeymoon is the best type of honeymoon that there is!

In addition to the obvious comforts, there is also the magic and romance of the location and the history of the area.  The origins of this location are mysterious and age-old, and there are many treasures to discover in the ancient rocks of the Cederberg.  Here you can follow the trail of the old Bushmen and find out more about their lives in the early rock drawings.  This history-rich area situated amongst the caves, valleys and ragged mountain peaks is breathtaking, and at night the stars in the crystal clear skies feel almost close enough to touch.

There are also other reasons that Kagga Kamma is the perfect place for a Cederberg honeymoon.  For those who choose to be more active, there are plenty of opportunities and activities that can burn off that extra energy, while revelling in the beautiful surrounds.  For quad bike enthusiasts, there are spectacular quad bike safaris and mountain bike lovers can take advantage of the wonderful mountain bike trails through the reserve.  Our guests also like to appreciate nature on foot on one of our scenic hiking trails.  After a day filled with activities, appetites can be quenched by delectable food from our à la carte menu, and our stylish ladies’ bar provides the perfect place to chat over a drink.  If privacy is required, a private picnic under the stars can also be arranged.

Our accommodation is something unique – with a choice between rooms carved into the sandstone rocks, an open-air love nest underneath the bejewelled sky, and rustic yet luxurious African rondavels, there is something unforgettable for even the most discerning guests to love.  Here our honeymooners can spend their days relaxing far from any distractions.  If serious pampering is on the menu, our Relax Spa is the perfect place to get a massage or beauty treatment.

At Kagga Kamma, you will experience what true luxury feels like, and our high service standards and stunning lodge with quality furnishings will make you reluctant to leave!  If you are looking for the perfect Cederberg honeymoon destination, call our team today to make your booking!

Why a Digital Detox at Kagga Kamma is Exactly What You Need

 Seven good Reasons to disconnect and Unplug:
Why a Digital Detox at Kagga Kamma is Exactly What You Need

 Il Dolce Far Niente – a phrase popularised from Eat, Pray, Love film or book if you please. “The sweetness of doing nothing” or “delicious idleness” – a fairly foreign phrase to most people but it is a concept with ever-increasing importance in the fast-paced digital age we find ourselves in. Multi-tasking has moved beyond a useful skill to a vice that has caused much stress in people’s lives and that smartphone, laptop or computer in front of you can actually get in the way of your relaxing getaway.

Kagga Kamma Sunset

Digital Detox at Kagga Kamma

Studies involving neuroscientists, psychologists and behaviourists have noticed quite a few improvements within days of people going on digital detoxes. What is a digital detox? It is saying ta-ta, farewell and goodbye to technology for days or even weeks at a time.

Here are seven reasons you can’t afford not to do a digital detox:
1)   You Sit and Look Better
With phones, tablets and laptops packed away people have a posture makeover. Instead of looking like a hunched over ball of stress, wave goodbye to your gadgets and you’ll sit up, make eye contact, lift your shoulders and realign your spine.  Studies show this will make you look more open and approachable; combine this with a smile and you’ll look and feel great.

2)   You Become More Creative
Search Engines are the silent conversation killers. Someone asks a question and without even discussing, thinking and chatting someone Googles the answer and it kills the conversation.  Studies show when there is no search engine people use their imaginations, come up with creative stories and form inside jokes. So say toodle-oo to web searches and write your own story with your family and friends…

Kagga Kamma Hut

Kagga Kamma Hut

3)   You Remember More
Hopefully this means you won’t misplace your keys again! All jokes aside – you will actually remember more details. Research shows that people who go on a digital detox have improved memory and recall details of what other people say more accurately. Recalling details allows people to have more meaningful conversations with each other. Can everyone say DMC (deep meaningful conversation) time?

4)   Peaceful Sleep and More Peace of Mind
Studies show that people need significantly less sleep when they are without technology. So not only will you need less sleep research shows you will have a higher quality sleep; and detoxing will make you more peaceful and less agitated. No more buzzing and beeping

Spectacular Scenery

Ceres Mountains

interrupting your quiet time or forty winks.

5)   New Points of View
Have you ever felt like you’re sick of the same routine or feel like life is passing by? Then you and technology should temporarily separate. Significant life changes and new perspectives are formed during digital detox periods. Studies show that people decide on career changes, make weighty relationship decisions and recommit to health programmes. “Detoxers” also feel they get the necessary will power to achieve their goals. Sometimes you just need to leap and build your wings on the way down…

6)   Catching the Thankfulness Bug
The thing about being more grateful is that you see how many treasures you already have. Research shows “detoxers” become extremely grateful during the experience and truly enjoy the getaway, unplugging and rekindling of relationships. Doesn’t that sound like just what you need?

7)   Unplug for a Deeper Connection
“Beep”, “ping’, “ring”, “buzz”, “flash” – Technology constantly interrupts conversations and you don’t even have time to process your own thoughts and feelings before a WhatsApp, email, Facebook notification or message is begging for your attention . Switch-off!  A shutdown from the virtual world means a deeper connection with yourself and your loved ones.

Boma braai

Open Air Boma Lunch

We all crave a digital detox – to switch-off and be present; to unplug from the noisy world. To truly relax under the stars, take in fresh air and quietly soak in the sights and sounds (or silence) of nature. Maybe even plant yourself in a quiet spot overlooking fynbos strewn landscapes while watching the morning sun creep over the horizon. Or just enjoy the company of your fellow “detoxers” and turn moments into magnificent memories.

Ready for your digital detox?  Click here to book your digital detox at Kagga Kamma today.

Interested in Star Gazing? Come to the Cederberg!

One of the best times to do star gazing is on holiday – and not only during the summer.  In fact, clearer skies are often seen in the winter, but in the summer the weather is more ambient. If you like to be outdoors, exploring the night sky can be a very entertaining activity.  There is so much to see – so many jewels and mysteries in the sky, and it is easy to spot constellations even with the naked eye.  Of course, a good telescope does help, but if you don’t have one, it should not be a problem.

Before heading out to search the night sky, ensure that you have everything you require to be comfortable.  Keep in mind that once the sun sets, the temperature can fall quite quickly.  If you are out during winter, take warm clothing, a blanket and something to lie back on while you enjoy the spectacle of the stars and planets.  If you prefer to take a chair, get a lawn chair that can recline comfortably, and if you are out during the summer, insect repellent is a must.  A flask of coffee and a few snacks can also help to improve the experience.

Also remember to take a flashlight to avoid falling over objects out in the dark, and binoculars to get a closer look at the sky.  A star chart is always handy as this helps to pinpoint the constellations, and if possible, take a star gazing expert with you to show you all the wonderful mysteries of the sky and to tell you more about the stars.  Learning more about the constellations beforehand is also a good idea, and plenty of information is available on the internet.  There are also a variety of smartphone apps that can help to point out the constellations.

It helps to choose a spot where the night sky is very clear and where there is no pollution.  There are few places in the country better than the Cederberg, and the planets, satellites and a wide variety of galaxies are clearly visible from here.  At Kagga Kamma, we offer our guests the ultimate star gazing trip.  With our wonderful Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope, the sky looks close enough to touch, and you will be amazed at how much you can see through the lens of this superb piece of equipment.  Our star gazing tours are conducted by experts in the field who will guide you towards the stars, and provide interesting information and fascinating facts about the starry skies above.

Whether you are a keen star gazer or just interested in doing something different, a star gazing trip at Kagga Kamma is one of the best things that you can do at night.  And when the star gazing is over, you can settle back into the luxury of your plush bedroom or relax in front of the fire at our beautiful lodge.  Come to Kagga Kamma and enjoy a relaxing stay with us!