Not all of South Africa’s Romantic Honeymoon Destinations are Equal

When choosing romantic honeymoon destinations, nobody would deny that South Africans have an exceptionally wide selection from which to choose. Each of the provinces offers, both newlyweds and holidaymakers in general, something exclusively its own in terms of its appeal. It could be a magnificent mountain range, the sea shore or the riverside, or the fact that it offers visitors an opportunity to experience some of the country’s unique wildlife and plant species. For other visitors, the attraction may lay in the chance to be thoroughly pampered or even to share the experience of a life lived closer to nature than their suburban lifestyles can offer.

That said, among the nation’s growing array of romantic honeymoon destinations, could there be one that offers the happy couples all of these possibilities?  Maybe, maybe not! There is, however, one resort that can provide its visitors with all of the attractions mentioned above, apart from the sea air. Despite this, in place of the sea shells and ozone, the resort offers its guests access to some of the finest examples of ancient Bushman rock art, and even the chance to experience a small taste of what life was like in those long-gone days when the San still roamed the region in their hundreds.

The rugged beauty of its mountainous landscape is often the first thing to capture the attention of newcomers to the Swartruggens region. However, this is only one of many reasons why the owners chose to establish one of South Africa’s most romantic honeymoon destinations in this haven of peace in the Northern Cape. Known as Kagga Kamma, it is located in the heart of the Cederberg, far from the city lights, its traffic and the daily hustle and bustle of our modern lifestyle. Energy for this luxury resort comes, not from pylons and power stations, but from an eco-friendly hybrid solar energy system, which generates all of the electricity needed to maintain the luxury living conditions typical of this stunning wilderness retreat.

Far from the city it may be, but Kagga Kamma offers its guests everything one would expect of a luxury hotel, as well as a few things that neither a 5-star hotel nor any alternative romantic honeymoon destination could hope to equal. How about enjoying a dish of mussels, shrimp and calamari in an onion and garlic cream sauce with shaved parmesan topping from the lodge patio, while enjoying a view of the timeless rocky terrain under the light of a trillion stars?

There is no high-rise accommodation at this location. You can choose from a rondavel with an en-suite bath and its own private patio, or perhaps one of the unique cave-dwellings carved from the red sandstone rock itself, yet replete with every convenience to ensure that the newlyweds will enjoy all of the comfort and the privacy that one would expect from this foremost of South African romantic honeymoon destinations. For the ultimate experience, the outcrop open air room offers the chance for a couple to become one with the land in all of its splendour.

Daytime is for relaxing. Game drives, 4×4 trails, mountain biking and hiking are for the energetic, while a Bushman art tour or makeover at the Relax Spa are also yours at this romantic honeymoon destination.