This Luxury Cederberg Accommodation Could Be Perfect for Your Honeymoon

There are many reasons why Cederberg accommodation has become so popular. The mountain range takes its name from the now endangered tree species, known as the Clanwilliam cedar, and its widely adopted spelling derives from an amalgam of the English word “cedar” and its Afrikaans equivalent “seder”. More significantly, many now see the area as a welcome escape from the city, perhaps for a honeymoon or a relaxing holiday, while others flock to the region to revel in its wildlife, to experience its diverse and beautiful flora, or to gaze in wonder at the ancient rock art – a legacy of the nomadic Bushmen who once roamed the area and stalked its game.

Although they may well prefer to spend their nights in tented accommodation, the Cederberg also offers much to interest the amateur archaeologist, following the recent discovery of fish fossils thought to be around 450 million years old.  Older by far and infinitely more numerous, of course, are the distant stars of our Milky Way and the many billions of more distant galaxies beyond them. Renowned for its crystal clear nights and far away from any possible interference from city lights, this region is also a favoured destination for amateur astronomers and actually has its own functioning observatory for their use.

In the case of honeymoon couples, however, the stars are likely to be present as much in their eyes, as in the skies, and accordingly, their choice of Cederberg accommodation will normally be based more upon its romantic setting and the prospect of a little privacy tempered by a liberal dose of spoiling, rather than upon any facilities for sky-watching. Interestingly, the Kagga Kamma Lodge, as one of the foremost venues in the region, is actually able to offer its guests not just all of the above, but a great deal more besides.

Situated in the wild and beautiful heart of this truly magnificent terrain, the lodge offers the ultimate retreat from the rat race, in which so many South Africans and overseas visitors are required to compete in, for all but a week or two each year. The venue provides every facility to help its honeymoon and holiday guests relax, plus some options that are totally unique to this stunning Cederberg accommodation.

Whether newlyweds, long-established married couples or just good buddies, the Kagga Kamma Lodge is a venue that has that rare ability to appeal to everyone. Who, after all, does not like to be spoiled? Wherever you may choose to rest your head while staying at this prime location, you can rely on comfort, luxury and, if you so choose, all of the peace and quiet that you could possibly want. You can enjoy some pampering at the Relax Spa or, if you are up for a little more action, there are opportunities for game drives, mountain biking and quad bike safaris, as well as plenty of hiking trails, a star gazing tour and a chance to view the Famed Bushman rock art.

For dining, guests have the choice of an à la carte meal, pub grub or haute cuisine, depending upon how the mood takes them. Honeymoon in a rondavel, in a cave or under the stars. Nights at this luxurious Cederberg accommodation are always amazing.