Choose an Outside Hotel Room for a Haven of Peace and Beauty

The mention of an outside hotel room may conjure up differing visions for those who, as yet, are still unfamiliar with the various living options offered at the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. In practice, when compared to that provided at conventional establishments, most of the accommodation at this location bears little or no resemblance to the norm. It is, in fact, this very difference that is the secret of the irresistible attraction of this unique facility and the reason why its guests so often return to savour this haven of peace in the shadow of the ancient Cederberg Mountains.

Though each visitor to this idyllic retreat is guaranteed luxury and comfort throughout his or her stay, the infrastructure has been skilfully crafted so as to create an experience close to that of the bushman bands that roamed these parts some 6,000 years ago. Should you choose an outside hotel room for your stay at the Kagga Kamma lodge, like those primitive hunter-gatherers before you, you will find your rest at day’s end beneath a blanket of stars that only an African night can weave with such perfection.

Whenever the weather permits, our guests are free to enjoy the unique environment of an outcrop, open-air room.  This is a structure that has no ceiling apart from the sky and whose walls are formed by the natural rock face and vegetation. Don’t be deceived however – this is not some survivalist challenge but a luxury sleep-out experience. You will not be issued with a groundsheet and a sleeping bag but treated to the luxury of a beautifully appointed bed set in an area decked to protect your feet and with cold drinks and a glowing fire to complete your comfort.

When opting for one of these outside hotel rooms, guests may choose to order a picnic basket and dine in the privacy of their al-fresco retreat or, if the prefer, to take dinner at the lodge and to set out for the privacy of their open-air haven a little later. Sated from your meal, what better way to end the day than to relax on your bed, surrender all cares and concerns and allow yourself, in the moments before sleep enfolds you, to become one with the myriad stars of the magnificent Milky Way?

However guests may choose to spend their nights at the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, the resort also provides them with plenty of interesting and exciting ways in which they may spend their waking hours. When breakfast is over and you are ready to depart the Bushman Lodge, outside hotel room or the rest camp facility in search of some action – you are likely to be spoiled for choice. For those who may still need to unwind from the tensions of the city, the office and the daily commute, the Wellness & relax Spa could prove to be the perfect solution. With a choice of relaxing, uplifting or detoxifying massages as well as facials, manicures and pedicures, the opportunities to enjoy some well-deserved pampering should prove to be more than enough to meet the needs of most guests.

Among the available outdoor activities at the reserve are tours to view the bushman rock art for which the area is famed, as well as game and nature drives or quad-bike safaris. For the more active types, there are numerous hiking trails to be explored before sundown and another night in an outside hotel room. Incidentally, any budding astronomers among our guests may also take advantage of the clear air and dark nights that are typical of the region to enjoy some stargazing with the powerful 10 inch telescope at the lodge’s mini-observatory.

Of the many good reasons for visiting this unique destination, it must be the opportunity for peace and to commune with nature that are most appealing. By integrating the accommodation so completely with its surroundings, we believe that we have opened this wholly natural experience, not just to the more adventurous few who may be willing to rough it for a few nights under canvas, but to everyone who enjoys his or her comfort as much as the many wonders of nature.

Just three and a half hours by road from Cape Town, the venue offers a retreat from city life with its noise and pollution, and even has a runway for those with their own light aircraft and who may also enjoy our unique outside hotel room experience.