What Can You Do With the Outdoor Hotel Room?

An outdoor hotel room is a novelty, something you would not experience every day and probably would not want to, considering the dark and dangerous streets of the city. In the Western Cape however, an outdoor room is the perfect vantage point to see game, do a little bird watching and take in the glory of nature from just one place. Not many people even know that these types of rooms exist and they may be wondering if there is an issue with privacy.

Rest assured, outdoor rooms are not completely outdoor. Renting one won’t make you yet another thing to see on the safari drive. An outdoor room has sections that are outdoors, like the shower for example, but are generally detached from a main house. A bungalow for example, that is not connected to another structure, but that only contains a bed and bathroom, could be considered an outdoor room.

What to Do In an Outdoor Hotel Room?

Okay, so you have rented the room and now you are wondering what to do in it. While many tourists don’t spend a lot of time in their rooms, the novelty of renting one that is outdoors may have you spending a lot more time indoors. One of the best attractions of this type of room is the peace and quiet you will get to do just about anything you want to.

You can open up the windows or the patio doors, and you will have access to all of the sounds and smells of nature. Spend some time out on the deck watching the warthogs and jackals rush by or sit in total stillness as you wait for the birdlife to come to you. The best part about it all is that you wouldn’t necessarily pay more for an outdoor room than you would for one that is attached to a house or hotel.

The Real Cost of an Outdoor Hotel Room

The actual costs all depends on the resort you are planning to stay at, so ensure that you get a feel of what kinds of rooms are available at the time you want to stay and then get a feel for price. Most resorts won’t charge you more for this kind privacy and, in fact, the only time you will pay more for an outdoor room is when it is being used for a special occasion and needs to be set up.

If you are staying in the outdoor hotel room for your honeymoon and want champagne in the room and rose petals on the bed, you can probably expect to pay a little more, but it would definitely be worth it in that instance. For most people, an outdoor room is all about getting away from people and even though a holiday is already a way to escape society, an outdoor room provides that in style.

Privacy, Exclusivity and Serenity

If you plan to stay in the room for a few days, you could actually see no one else for that entire time you are there and guests, who have stayed in these rooms, also quote the privacy as one of their favourite elements.  This is only one of the room’s unique selling points. In many hotels, you can sometimes feel as though your nearest neighbour is practically on top of you, but in an outdoor hotel room, there is no one besides the birds and animals to call your neighbours.

Serenity should come standard in any hotel, and yet, in most, trying to get a quiet moment is harder than finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. Not with an outdoor room. When you are booking your next holiday getaway, either in the Western Cape or somewhere else, consider booking an outdoor hotel room.

Not All Resorts Have Such a Luxury

The one place you will have no trouble of finding an outdoor hotel room is the Kagga Kamma resort near the Cederberg Mountains. This is truly one of the last places left in the world that values serenity and if you share that value, it may be the right place for you. You really have not lived until you have tried an outdoor hotel room for yourself, you and your partner, or for the whole family to enjoy. So come on over to Kagga Kamma and let us show you how one should really enjoy the outdoors!