How to Find Holiday Resorts in the Western Cape

Welcome to the world of holiday resorts in the Western Cape where relaxation comes standard and the whole family can enjoy a holiday that is second to none. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it, but for the most part when people look for resorts in the Cape, they end up staying at tiny bed and breakfasts where they get no privacy, no end of noise and no time to relax.

Not only is this unfair to anyone who needs a break from their daily grind, but it is a big waste of money. This being said, how do you find the resort that is right for your needs, and ensure you have a holiday you will remember fondly for years to come?

We All Have Unique Holiday Needs

A holiday resort can be just about anything, from a bunch of bungalows set around a pool to a caravan park to a fancy hotel. Every person, couple and family has unique needs when it comes to finding holiday resorts and this means you need to define what you are looking for before you make a booking. This is more than just determining how many rooms you will need. It is also about deciding on what you want to do, how you want your meals to be structured and what other amenities your family will need when you book your trip in the Western Cape.

Think about it: if you have three young children, you need to have some form of activity available to them. They are not going to sit indoors and read all day, right? Also, will you need three meals a day to be included, or do you plan to self-cater? The latter will save you money but the former ensures you don’t have to worry about planning what you eat.

We Always Look at Our Budgets First

Once you have determined what you are looking for, you are going to need to think about your wallet. While every family would love nothing more than to spend their life savings on a good holiday, they have to be realistic. What can you get for the amount of money you want to pay? In some cases, you may find that you really can only afford a bed and breakfast, while with others you may be able to find a house to rent for a few weeks.

If you have ever done a search online for resorts in this area, you will know just how many there are. Determine how much you have to spend before you make any commitments to spending it. Choosing a resort that will guarantee you a good holiday sometimes comes down to doing a little research and fortunately this is easy enough to do if you have the time to plan.

Finding Holiday Resorts in the Western Cape

The easiest way to rate holiday resorts, is to make a list of five to ten that you would consider staying at and then use the five star system to rate them. This means you would rate amenities they provide out of a possible five. If they have a swimming pool then that’s a three, but a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi would be a four.

How about the beds or the staff and the other amenities? At the end of the task, you should be able to find at least three resorts that you’ve given the highest accumulated rating to and explore them a little further to find the one that is right for you. All of these tasks are not quick, though they may be easy, but finding holiday resorts in the Western Cape is not an easy endeavour.

Take the Holiday Your Family Deserves

Essentially you need to allocate some time to the research, or be happy with whatever choice you made. Know that there are some reserves and other resorts in the area that need no research at all, just like the Kagga Kamma Reserve. It is one of the best establishments that come highly recommended by our guests.

At Kagga Kamma we have plenty of things to see and do for the young and old, for couples, families and even just for individuals. It is truly one of the rare gems in the Western Cape, and if you are planning a holiday, no research is necessary because all you have to do is book your stay with us and come to relax while we take care of the rest!