Camping in the Cederberg

Camping and Other Adventures in the Cederberg

Virtually everyone who loves a physical and mental challenge, combined with a deep love of nature and the outdoors, is very much taken with frequent or occasional camping. The wilder and more rugged the campsite and conditions are, the better and more enjoyable the camping experience and sense of adventure are for them. For these adventure-minded folks, the heart of the Cederberg is ideal camping terrain. Finding a more peaceful, ancient, and rugged wilderness environment is rare.

Although our private nature reserve in the Cederberg is undoubtedly best-known for our well-equipped resort and exceptionally comfortable accommodation options that bear the same name as the reserve, Kagga Kamma, those in the know about camping and outdoor adventures in the raw, rugged Cederberg, seek out one of our two somewhat less widely known, solitary campsites: Swartrug and Bobbejaanskraans.


Kagga Kamma’s Swartrug campsite consists of five stands, three of which accommodate two adults, while the remaining two are suitable for four (maximum number of adult campers). This campsite offers a few basic facilities – a communal ablution facility, equipped with warm water, and access to a large, refreshing swimming pool.

Swartrug is situated about 1.5 km from the resort’s curio shop, bar, and restaurant, conveniently close for campers who fancy a treat. Timely restaurant booking is essential. There is no cell phone reception or electricity at either of these Cederberg campsites.


Bobbejaanskraans is intended for truly adventurous spirits who enjoy camping devoid of any creature comforts, other than those which they provide for themselves. The remote campsite is only accessible by 4 x 4 vehicles. There are no amenities at Bobbejaanskraans, not even water, ablution facilities, or designated, individual camp stands. You are totally independent, and can create your own adventures in typical, untouched, natural rocky Cederberg terrain.

Adventurous Activities

• Hiking
• Mountain biking
• Rock climbing/bouldering
• 4 x 4 trails
• Quad bike safaris
• Nature drives/walks/hikes
• Stargazing
• Seeking (and finding) San rock paintings
• Incredible photography opportunities

Comforts in the Cederberg

Kagga Kamma’s best-known and most popular resort facilities and guest amenities focus on comfort, such as our comfortably furnished, unique “cave” and outdoor rooms, a spa with an open-air massage area, and our San-inspired thatched hut accommodation. “Caves” and huts have en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, cosy, comfy beds, and in-room tea/coffee making stations. Meals are served in the Kagga Kamma restaurant or outdoor boma, adjacent to the cosy Kagga Kamma bar.

Whether you are a dyed-in-the-wool, dedicated explorer, camping aficionado, or an adventure seeker that prefers creature comforts wherever you are. Kagga Kamma’s resort, camping sites, and eternal, unique natural beauty will call you to return to your inner adventurer again and again.