Cederberg Nature Reserve

Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve Belongs on Your Bucket List

The natural features of the Cederberg are truly captivating, and at the end of a stay at our Cederberg resort in our privately owned nature reserve, which is in turn a part of the greater Cederberg Wilderness area, awe and enchantment are the enduring impressions you’ll fondly remember.


Weathered Rock Formations


Unusual rock formations are seen in this region and these rock outcrops consist mainly of sandstone, which is porous and may be very hard and durable, with softer sections or layers that are more prone to weathering and erosion over a period of millennia. When weaker sections of this type of rock is eroded by water and weather, the irregularly shaped harder rock is left behind in strange and surprising formations, as displayed by nature and natural erosion processes, mainly caused by wind, in the Cederberg. The Maltese Cross and the Wolfberg Arch are two famous examples of natural weathering forces at work in the Cederberg region.


Nature Reserve and Resort

Our unique resort and our private 15 000-hectare nature reserve are both known as Kagga Kamma. When you first view Kagga Kamma, it becomes abundantly clear that establishing this distinctive resort was a labour of love, commitment, and dedication, since the surrounding nature reserve terrain is so remote, raw, and wild. Although our buildings and structures blend into the Cederberg wilderness, almost disappearing into the surrounding nature reserve, one can only imagine what it must have taken to bring in the modern amenities with which we spoil our guests to ensure their comfort and contentment at Kagga Kamma. Nevertheless, locally sourced materials were used wherever possible to keep Kagga Kamma authentic.  

Our resort had exceptionally humble beginnings, starting with a basic weekend guest cottage made of stone for friends of the three original owners of what was to become a nature reserve. Kagga Kamma, the nature reserve, was established as such in 1988, some two years after the original purchase of the land. Even earlier, in 1973, the entire Cederberg area officially became a wilderness area. Later, in 1987, during the year in which the owners built that first stone cottage, a smaller nature reserve was proclaimed within the Cederberg Wilderness Area to protect and re-establish the Clanwilliam cedar trees after which the Cederberg was named.


Today, a number of beautifully appointed, comfortable accommodation options are available at Kagga Kamma, which is now renowned for its nature, peaceful tranquillity, air of everlasting romance, ancient San history, freely roaming Cederberg wildlife, and a host of activities which are unique to the Cederberg.


Our guests may choose to stay in our iconic, air-conditioned “cave” rooms, San-inspired huts, with the option to spend a night sleeping under the Cederberg stars (season and weather permitting) in the outdoor Outcrop Room, Star Suite, or Sky Suite – in complete, snug comfort. Three main meals and a selection of activities are included in our tariff, whilst visits to the Kagga Kamma Spa and Outdoor Massage Area and other activities are optional extras. A stay at our beguiling resort belongs on your bucket list.