Cederberg Getaways

Get Away to the Cederberg

Do you have the habit of packing up a few essentials and travelling light to simply get away from it all every now and again for a normal or long weekend, completely removed from your familiar, usual surroundings, and responsibilities? If so, you’re wise. You’re an aficionado of the getaway. Researchers of the less-than-desirable effects that a hectic, modern lifestyle has on human beings have found that shorter, more frequent getaways are more beneficial to people than taking one or two longer, infrequent ones. This is hardly surprising, because the stresses created by constantly rushing against the clock, the daily traffic, and the rat race may cause one to crash and burn out. The human body and brain can only take so much, before they call time.

The sensational Cederberg is an ideal getaway destination. There’s a multitude of things to see and do for people of all ages. In fact, anyone who values nature, solitude, tranquillity, peace and quiet, beauty, and an air of the romance is bound to treasure a Cederberg getaway experience – and not just once. Unless your getaway lasts for a good while, there’s far too much to take in during a weekend, so you just may choose to stay longer in the Cederberg or return sooner than you might have anticipated.


Accommodation in the Cederberg

Needless to say, you’ll need accommodation during your Cederberg break. Ceres is the main town of the district, while Citrusdal is another vibrant village in the area. Accommodation is available in both these town, but if you really wish to immerse yourself in the essence and spirit of the Cederberg, you should consider Kagga Kamma, our resort in the very heart of this rugged, unsullied, and ancient natural area. Sandstone rock formations, weathered, worn, and eroded into wonderful shapes by the effects of millennia’s rain and wind are typical of the Cederberg, which was once the home of the ancient San people.

San-Inspired Huts

There’s ample evidence of the San’s presence right across Kagga Kamma’s 15 000-hectare terrain, where wonderfully preserved rock-art paintings may be observed in situ at close quarters. The design of our thatched hut suites was inspired by San dwellings, although the interiors are quite different and exceptionally comfortable, even featuring air-conditioning and well-appointed en-suite bathrooms.


“Cave” Rooms

Helped along by modern man’s inventiveness, our cosy, comfy “caves” also include en-suite bathroom facilities, air-conditioning, and other amenities for your pleasure and convenience. The “caves” blend seamlessly into the sandstone surroundings.


Outdoors, Beneath the Stars and Skies

Spend a night beneath the glitter and twinkle of the stars in the black African sky, listening to the animal sounds as the Cederberg goes to sleep. All your creature comforts are catered for in our Outcrop Outdoor Room, as well as the aptly named latest addition, the brand-new Sky Suite.

Use of all three outdoor options are season- and weather-dependent for obvious reasons, since they’re all completely open to nature, although completely private and removed from our other resort facilities. If you want a getaway that truly gets you away, you’ll do no better than selecting the Cederberg and booking your accommodation at Kagga Kamma.