Places to Stay in the Cederberg

A Special Place in the Cederberg for You to Stay

When you first look at the wild Cederberg with its rugged, weather-worn rock formations, it will be difficult to imagine that there are any places in it for the traveller to stay in comfort.

Add a resort to the picture, one that features comfy air-conditioned accommodation, en-suite bathrooms, modern facilities, an excellent restaurant, a cosy, well-stocked bar, and two sparkling swimming pools, and you will be delighted at the prospect of finding such a place in these seemingly isolated rocky surroundings. There is such a special place to stay in the Cederberg – in the privately owned Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, which is also the name of our unique resort – where you will find all these amenities and a great deal more.


Romantics and Lovers of Nature

Kagga Kamma is a destination sought out by lovers of nature who are enchanted by the sense of peace, tranquillity, and unspoilt beauty that can only be experienced by immersing oneself in nature. Needless to say, the Cederberg and Kagga Kamma are imbued with an air of romance; perhaps because the Cederberg rocks bear ample evidence of its ancient inhabitants, the mystic, rock-painting San people, and probably because our accommodation options are unique and offer exceptional privacy.


The Cedars of the Cederberg

The Cederberg was named as such because of the erstwhile presence of once-prolific Clanwilliam Cedar trees that grew in great numbers these mountains of the inland Western Cape region. Sadly, only a few of these slow-growing trees survive today in the upper reaches and slopes of the Cederberg mountains. During the early 20th century, mankind irresponsible harvested and over-exploited this fragrant and now-rare tree, and they were mainly used as telegraph and telephone poles at the time.

Because cedar wood has such a pleasant, distinctive fragrance, and the cedar oil that occurs naturally in the timber repels insects and bugs that damage fabrics, cedar chests, known locally as “kists”, were popular with women of the era. Ladies stored their linens and precious, delicate garments in chests made of cedar wood. The scent of cedar wood is enduring, imparting a light fragrance to the chest’s contents. Even when one opens the lid of an antique cedar wood kist today, a fresh whiff of cedar-scented wood emerges.


Kagga Kamma’s Accommodation Options for the Discerning Guest:

  • Ten air-conditioned “Cave” rooms with a comfortable double bed and en-suite bathroom.
  • Five spacious thatched hut suites, designed to resemble the dwellings of the ancient San, equipped with air-conditioning, and with an en suite bathroom, option of twin or king-sized beds, plus a sleeper couch.
  • Weather and season permitting, Outcrop, Star or Sky outdoor rooms, a treat for romantic couples and nature lovers alike.

Because the natural features of the Cederberg are integral to the region and our nature reserve and resort, our Kagga Kamma founders were determined to incorporate guest accommodations into the Cederberg’s natural features as seamlessly as possible. This they have done to perfection and to your delight, whenever you are seeking a lovely, unique place to stay in the sensational Cederberg.