Cederberg Getaways

The Call of a Cederberg Getaway

If you truly want to get away from it all, literally and figuratively, and you are a lover of nature, there’s place for you to visit – for a long weekend, a mid-week getaway, or even longer, if you have the time.

In fact, you’re likely to return to the Cederberg and Kagga Kamma, as many of our former guests do, repeatedly. Although the Cederberg is isolated, it’s a perfect getaway destination – only about 250 km from Cape Town by road, a trip which typically takes getaway guests approximately three hours to complete.


Call of the Cederberg

The call of the Cederberg is as unique as this rugged region itself. The craggy, weather-worn sandstone rock formations found here are an inimitable feature of the remote Cederberg region, once home to the Clanwilliam cedar trees that proliferated on the slopes of the Cederberg Mountains and after which the mountains were named.

Sadly, the potential rarity of the cedars wasn’t recognised in the past, before the trees were chopped down and used as telegraph poles and in carpentry, never to be replenished again by nature. Today, only relatively few Clanwilliam cedars still grow in the upper, more remote reaches and regions of the Cederberg Mountains.

The power of Cederberg’s call was irresistible to an esteemed South African educator, poet, and writer named Professor Stephen Watson. The Cederberg, in particular, inspired him to write one of his early poems, aptly entitled “Cederberg” and probably encapsulating some of his feelings about the Cederberg and the formation of its rugged, weathered landscapes.

Prof. Watson wrote:

“…here as nowhere else we find again what we’ve been climbing for:

a world cored by sun, the rasp of wind, sand-blasted and rain-scarred,

a landscape smoothed out each evening by the hand of distance…”

Nonetheless, the Cederberg and its iconic landscapes remain and continue to charm, fascinate, and call to nature lovers and romantic souls in search of solitude, peace, tranquillity, and the opportunity to reflect and just be. The Cederberg provides these getaway qualities and opportunities in spades, whilst Kagga Kamma, in the heart of the Cederberg, sees to your accommodation and other creature comforts, including an open-air spa, while you get away from modern lifestyle demands and responsibilities.


Getaway Accommodation

At Kagga Kamma, we offer various getaway accommodation options, all of which provide sweeping views over the Cederberg, and are designed and put together to ensure that you are comfortably accommodated during your getaway. We urge our guests to keep in mind that open-air accommodation options are season and weather dependent. Our accommodation offering includes:

  • 10 “cave” rooms – air conditioning, double bed, en-suite bathroom, and other facilities.
  • 5 thatched hut suites – built in the style of San huts, but air conditioned, and furnished with twin or king sized bed/s, and featuring en-suite bathrooms and more.
  • Star suite – this open-air suite allows you to drift to sleep while counting stars. This extraordinary suite is remotely situated and completely private. All your overnight needs are catered for extensively and comfortably.
  • Outcrop – another outdoor room option that is beautifully equipped and laid out.
  • Timeshare chalets – for specific timeshare members/family groups who wish to stay longer.

Contact Kagga Kamma for a memorable Cederberg getaway that may well have you writing poetry in response to your own call to the magnificent Cederberg.