Cederberg Accommodation

The Changing Faces of Cederberg Accommodation

Unless you’re already privy to this gem of the wild, the wondrous Cederberg, you might not expect to find comfortable accommodation in the heart of this rugged region that seems to stretch out into the distance for ever and a day. Unquestionably, the world of the Cederberg is a vast, craggy place that’s literally as old as the hills.

The Place of the San

The Cederberg is seemingly isolated from all the trappings of modern civilisation. The region, its heritage, and history also stretches back through the eons to the time and place of the ancient San people, who once occupied this hauntingly beautiful land. Here, they hunted, and painted scenes depicting their lives and beliefs on the walls of massive boulders, living as close to nature as possible.


Earliest Cederberg Conservationists

The San only took what they needed from nature, nothing more. Even if the resource was particularly scarce and precious, the San people always left some of the resource for the “use” of the earth itself. Consequently, these people could be seen today as the earliest conservationists of the Cederberg.

Their lifestyle was basic and their needs were few and simple, never depleting what Mother Nature gave them, nor despoiling the land. In keeping with their unique beliefs, the San accepted that they were part of the Cederberg and its nature, rather than superior beings, owners of territory and whatever it contained.


San Dwellings

When the San needed sheltered accommodation, they constructed simple dwellings made of whichever resources the area provided, typically branches of trees and shrubs, scrub, and leaves. They built rudimentary thatched huts that blended into the weathered Cederberg environment, virtually becoming an additional, if temporary, natural Cederberg feature.


The Recent Addition to Cederberg Accommodation

Our resort, Kagga Kamma, is a relatively recent addition to the Cederberg landscape. The first guest accommodation consisted of a small sandstone cottage, built in 1987 to accommodate friends of the owners of Kagga Kamma who’d also fallen in love with the Cederberg.

Kagga Kamma was extended by the addition of neighbouring farms. the entire enlarged area’s status was changed to that of a nature reserve the following year, in order to conserve and preserve its fauna, flora, and natural features for future generations. Chalet guest accommodation and additional indigenous antelope species were also added.

Gradually, as more guests discovered Kagga Kamma, ten “cave” and five hut guest accommodation suites were also added, the latter based and styled on the thatch type San dwellings of old – a fitting, yet functional tribute to the Cederberg’s erstwhile residents of a long gone era. These suites blend seamlessly into the surrounding rough and rocky terrain.


Creature Comforts

Unlike the San, guests who book their accommodation at Kagga Kamma enjoy modern creature comforts. Huts and “caves” are equipped with air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, bathrobes, a hairdryer, complimentary toiletries, tea/coffee making facilities, and comfy double, king, or twin beds.

Our establishment also has a gorgeous open-air spa, two open-air rooms, a restaurant, a bar and outdoor dining area, swimming pools, and a host of excursions and activities, including the opportunity to view San rock art.