Welcome Once More to Self-Catering/Full-Board Cederberg Accommodation

At Kagga Kamma, in the heart of the Cederberg, we are absolutely delighted to once again reopen our dinner, bed and breakfast, full-board, and self-catering facilities to guests after a long, total Covid-19 closure, in accordance with South Africa’s lockdown regulations.

Although inter-provincial and international travel is not yet permitted (in early August 2020), it is the perfect opportunity to receive and focus on guests who live in the Western Cape Province. They are now allowed to travel intra-provincially – to take a well-deserved break to immerse themselves in a complete change of scenery – in the Cederberg.

Personal and Private Space Aplenty

Even prior to the advent of coronavirus, we have only provided accommodation to limited guest numbers, in accordance with the maximum occupation possibilities at Kagga Kamma. Overcrowding or inadequate social distancing and personal or private space has never presented a problem at our remote Cederberg resort.

Self-catering accommodation is nothing new in the options available at many of this country’s hospitality sector role players. However, Kagga Kamma’s options also include full board or dinner, bed, and breakfast terms, largely determined by the type of accommodation chosen.

Our self-catering timeshare chalets are particularly suitable for larger groups, who stay to discover the Cederberg’s marvels for longer periods, since our unique resort and iconic region offer an enormous range of things to see, do, and explore.

Diverse Preferences

At Kagga Kamma, we offer accommodations to suit diverse preferences:

  • “Cave” rooms
  • Hut suites
  • Outdoor, open-air suites – an additional night’s accommodation, season, and weather dependent, with a semi self-catering option – a braai
  • Self-catering chalets – subject to timeshare terms and conditions and availability
  • Campsites – representing the ultimate in do-it-yourself accommodation, since our campers rely on their own devices, resources, and supplies

Every accommodation option is unique and catering options vary. The first two options are not self-catering. Guests occupying these suites enjoy their meals and snacks at our Kagga Kamma restaurant or in the screened boma.

At open air suites, dinners are pre-ordered, packed in panniers and delivered before dark. Each outdoor room features its own boma braai, where hot dishes may be warmed or freshly braaied, semi self-catering.

Chalets’ kitchens and braais are equipped to function fully for self-catering enthusiasts – one accommodating up to six persons, and the other a maximum of eight. Both feature two bathrooms, one fitted with a shower and the second with a bathtub.

Common Ground

Despite individual preferences, our guests do have a few things in common:

  • A love and appreciation of nature
  • The peace, tranquillity, and serenity of the Cederberg
  • Unique features of a unique region

We will be delighted to receive you at Kagga Kamma, where a warm Cederberg welcome, unique self-catering or partial/full-board accommodation options await your eagerly anticipated arrival.