Unique Holiday Destination in South Africa

Discover a Most Unique Holiday Destination in South Africa

When the subject of unique holiday destinations in South Africa crops up in conversation, you might respond by saying that the entire country is unique. You would not be wrong either. There are numerous factors that make South Africa so unique. Many such factors also make the country’s holiday destinations equally unique. South Africa is a large country, measuring some 1,22 million km2 in area. Africa is the second largest continent, second only to Asia. South Africa is about five times bigger than the United Kingdom and approximately twice the size of the second largest state in the USA – Texas; in fact, it is the 24th-largest country in the world.

Diverse Holiday Choices 

South Africa therefore possesses an enormous diversity, regardless of where you are going, holiday destinations included. It just depends where you choose to take your holiday. Your ideal destination may depend on whether you love being surrounded by people or you prefer to “get away from it all”.

People and Cities

Gauteng, the smallest of the country’s 11 provinces, is the most densely populated and wealthiest of all, while the Northern Cape’s population is the sparsest. According to estimates generated during the 2011 census, the population of the Western Cape, home of our unique holiday destination, was expected to overtake that of the Eastern Cape, placing our home province in the 3rd most populous position. Nonetheless, our inimitable Cederberg holiday destination is remote and removed from the growing population of the busy Western Cape centres and attractions. 

Cape Town Tourism 

There is been a huge influx into the Cape, mainly into Cape Town. People from other South African cities, local rural communities and overseas countries, flock to the city’s entertainment centres, beaches, vineyards and wineries, heritage sites, and historical and natural landmarks. In the city, you will find ethnicities and hear languages from all over this country and the rest of the world.

Sanctuary for Lovers of Nature

Tourism is booming in all parts of the Western Cape, although some destinations, such as Kagga Kamma, our unique resort in the heart of the Cederberg, remains a relatively undiscovered, peaceful jewel, a Cederberg sanctuary for lovers of nature, peace, tranquillity, and natural beauty. Kagga Kamma is also a very romantic destination, whether you are planning to pop the big question, or you are on honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary in a unique manner, or just love to celebrate the peace and tranquillity that one only finds in unspoilt nature.

Our accommodation at Kagga Kamma is unique in the region as well as in South Africa. Ten cleverly concealed, private “cave” suites, five thatched hut suites, designed to emulate the essence of traditional San dwellings, and two outdoor overnight options are on offer. The latter two are season- and weather-dependent, because one sleeps under South Africa’s immense canopy of stars.

While one might write hefty tomes about all the wonderful, diverse, and unique holiday destinations in South Africa, we prefer to stay with the one we know and love best of all – Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg. Book your holiday and stay with us. Discover the magnificence, mystique, and charm of this entirely unique region and resort for yourself.