Cederberg Cave Hotel

Iconic Cederberg’s Unique Cave Hotel

If you have ever visited the Cederberg and taken a walk amongst the sandstone rock formations of this unique region of South Africa’s Western Cape province, you would not be surprised to learn that there are numerous caves and deep rock overhangs in the area. What may surprise – and delight – you, is the knowledge that the Cederberg is home to a unique, lovely cave hotel, offering accommodation in “caves”, created in part by man.

Many of the natural Cederberg rock formations are the subject of iconic photographs, because they are so typical of the features and fascination of the ancient Cederberg. Over the course of millennia, subterranean land formations once beneath the surface, were pushed upwards and/or downwards by intercontinental land movements, creating mountains, hills, plains, and valleys.

As the elements, such as heat, cold, temperature fluctuations, wind, and water gradually and systematically eroded elevations containing sandstone rocks, the exposed rocks weathered and transformed into caves and amazing shapes. Sandstone is a relatively soft, friable rock, but does not wear and erode uniformly through the body of rock. Softer sections degrade more easily, creating the curious shapes and formations that we see today.

Kagga Kamma’s Cave and Hut Hotel 

In the beginning, there was no hotel, resort, or other type of dwelling in the private nature reserve, the property that is an amalgamation of Kagga Kamma and three additional 15 000-ha farms. Although the ancient San people who made the beautiful rock art paintings in Kagga Kamma may have taken temporary shelter beneath rock overhangs or in a cave, they usually built their own traditional dwellings – dome-shaped huts, made of branches, sticks, grasses, and similar resources that were available in the area.

In addition to our ten “cave” suites, Kagga Kamma also offers guest accommodation in five spacious hut suites, complete with modern amenities like air-conditioning and an en-suite bathroom. Hut designs are based on traditional San dwellings, but guests’ comforts within are thoroughly modern.

Our ten “caves” are our most popular type of accommodation, constructed and made comfortable with a little help from man and modern resources. “Cave” suites almost disappear into the sandstone rock faces behind them. It is only when you spot a “cave” room that you realise that it “grows” out of the rock onto which it backs. Inside your “cave”, you will find air-conditioning, a comfortable double bed, en-suite bathroom, complete with complimentary toiletries and bathrobes, a hairdryer, and tea-/coffee-making facilities. The in-cave amenities are designed with you comfort in mind, while you enjoy your accommodation in a uniquely cosy “cave”.

Cave Hotel Cuisine 

As a temporary cave dweller during your stay at Kagga Kamma’s cave hotel, you would not head out into the Cederberg, hide behind one of the quirky rock formations, await a passing antelope, and take out with your handy club to secure the main ingredient of a meal.

Instead, you will dine at our restaurant or its outdoor area, beneath the stars. Either way, you will enjoy delicious South African fare, accompanied by delectable Cape wines, as befits a modern cave dweller at a unique Cederberg cave hotel – Kagga Kamma.