Why Cederberg Hiking is a Hit

One of the best ways of truly getting the full experience and maximum effect of a wilderness area like the Cederberg has to be on foot – hiking.

Some may profess to prefer wilderness and nature reserve exploration from the comfort of an open, all-terrain vehicle when confronted with the prospect of hiking. However, that may be because they have never hiked or they have unknowingly attempted a long, arduous trek that sorely tested endurance levels and found them wanting.

Nonetheless, we cater for both preferences and many more interests by offering varied excursions, adventures, and activities at our Cederberg nature reserve and resort, both named Kagga Kamma. Kagga Kamma is one of the jewels of the rugged Cederberg region. Our guests are free to choose between the outdoor activities on offer, or better still, book accommodation for long enough to enjoy all:

  • Hiking – a selection of self-guided trails
  • Walks – at your leisure and pleasure or at a more leisurely pace
  • Nature drives on an open all-terrain vehicle, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, who will show and share interesting information with you about the Cederberg’s natural wonders you encounter en route
  • Mountain biking
  • Quad bike safaris
  • Reptile educational sessions
  • Stargazing, with/without the inclusion of tours
  • Rock art tours
  • Romantic sundowner trips
  • An additional night’s accommodation in one of Kagga Kamma’s two outdoor suites, the Star or Sky Suite. Guests dine, bathe, sleep, and awaken the next morning outdoors, on an elevated platform, overlooking their sensational Cederberg surroundings, right in the heart of nature. Optional use of these stunning suites depends on availability, the season, and the weather.

Hiking vs. Walking

Fundamentally, hiking in the superbly scenic Cederberg Mountain paradise or for that matter, elsewhere, involves walking outdoors in a natural environment that is remote, far from towns, cities, and the usual signs of human occupation. Differentiating factors typically include terrain, paths or trails, elevation (or lack thereof), duration, the absence/provision of facilities along the route and the surface upon which one walks.

Hiking/Walking Trail Options

For your convenience, comfort, and ultimate enjoyment, we at Kagga Kamma offer three trail options, enabling you to make an informed decision about which route best suits you, your fitness level, or your fancy.

  • Blue trail – 4 km
  • Red route – 7 km
  • White trail – 9 km

Colours enable guests to follow the route of their choice. Because our hiking trails are self-guided, you set your own pace as you wander through and marvel at the amazing landscape, viewing its creatures, plant life, and iconic sandstone rock formations, which stimulate the imagination, as if stirring an inbuilt, ancient subconscious memory about Mother Earth, mankind, and its rich history – deeply rooted here, on the plains and slopes of the Cederberg.