An Alluring Western Cape Holiday Unlike Any Other Resorts

Like many others, you too must be feeling a desperate desire to escape the confines of home and bid COVID-19’s severest restrictions farewell, particularly if you love nature and the romantic tranquillity of wide-open spaces in a wilderness area. In this place, you dream of renewing your mind, body, spirit, and sense of safe, unfettered freedom.

Indulge Freely

We know of just such a place. It is one of the best Western Cape holiday resorts, where you are unlikely to come into close contact with strangers and you are free to indulge in the unparalleled beauty of an unusual nature reserve that is as old as time itself.

This very place is known as Kagga Kamma, the name of our holiday resort as well as the Western Cape nature reserve in which it nestles discretely. At Kagga Kamma, we are ever mindful of preserving nature, the environment, and the area’s ancient history, heritage, and wonders.

We lie in the heart of the wondrous Cederberg region, widely known for incredible, weathered and worn sandstone rock formations, which have withstood the rigours of time, wind, weather extremes, and the erosion that created these naturally sculpted, wonderfully weird shapes.

Some 6 000 Years Ago

The ancient San once dwelt here, leaving their fascinating, wonderfully preserved rock paintings on sheltered rock faces after they moved on or died. The paintings, some of them probably about 6 000 years old, serve as clear evidence of San presence and occupation of this land, once upon a time, very long ago.

Surprisingly Delightful Modern Comforts

Nowadays, thousands of years later, visitors have the opportunity to admire San artworks in peace and in person. Viewing their paintings on a rock art tour is a signature attraction of this sparsely populated part of the Western Cape, as is Kagga Kamma, our resort, which offers modern creature comforts and amenities that surprise and delight our guests who take their breaks with us.

Most Significant Accommodation Options

Although the many facilities at Kagga Kamma even extend to a spa with a private outdoor massage area, our unique guest accommodation options are also significant Western Cape Cederberg holiday resort attractions, worthy of special mention.

  • Star and Sky outdoor suites, where guests spend an additional night to dine, sleep, and awake in comfort under the African sky, away from the main lodge buildings and completely private – season dependent and weather permitting.
  • “Cave” rooms, cosily appointed and private, complete with bathroom facilities and air conditioning.
  • Thatched hut suites, inspired by ancient San shelters but equipped with comfort in mind.

If resorts and a tranquil holiday in a very different part of the Western Cape province’s stunning Cederberg appeal to you, Kagga Kamma is a must in your post-COVID 19 itinerary and should be at the top of your list of resorts to visit. Necessary protocols will always be strictly observed.