Weekend Getaways Western Cape

Escape on a Great Western Cape Weekend Getaway

If you live and work in Cape Town or another bustling part of the Western Cape, you undoubtedly feel the occasional need for a weekend getaway – just as your upcountry counterparts do. Modern lifestyles demand periodic breakaways, wherever you are.

Essential Boost in Well-Being

When one is constantly exposed to traffic, noise, pollution, and the hectic pace of city life, a getaway from the routine is essential for the well-being the mind, body, and soul. Peace, quiet, tranquillity, and a return to nature is the perfect recipe with which to regain one’s equilibrium, and to relax, regenerate, and recharge – naturally. A weekend getaway is a relatively brief time off work and other responsibilities to go to a place that is totally different from the norm, a complete change of scenery. The Western Cape offers a host of weekend getaway possibilities, because this southwestern tip of Africa is diverse in its landscapes, features, history, and peoples.

Nature Lovers and New Converts

There is so much to see, do and experience in the Western Cape that it would take a long time or many, many weekend getaways to explore most of this glorious region’s attractions, but then regular breaks are recommended, aren’t they? The Cederberg region, and in particular Kagga Kamma, is one such a select destination, great for nature lovers, romantics, and folks who seek an escape from the routine of their daily lives.

Prepare to be Bowled Over

One cannot help but be bowled over by the sheer magnificence and haunting beauty of the Cederberg. It is older than mankind and its age is evident. This shows most obviously in the weather-worn and wind-eroded, craggy sandstone rock formations that are so typical of the Cederberg, the place that is home to the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve and our resort.

Sufficiently Close but Distant Enough

Additionally, Kagga Kamma is only about 250 km from Cape Town by road. Your getaway actually begins once you leave the city limits, because the drive to our resort is scenic, while your destination is close enough to the city to provide a great weekend getaway opportunity, but distant enough to escape the city hubbub. For those who prefer a quick commute, we also have a private unmanned airfield with gravel landing strip in the reserve for the use of fly-in guests.

Escaping the city and its trappings does not mean that a Kagga Kamma weekend break is in any way devoid of creature comforts, unless you prefer it that way, in which case one of our two camping sites would be perfect for your getaway. We offer a range of unique accommodation options:  Air conditioned “cave” suites and traditionally designed huts.

  • Two open-air suites – Mother Nature supplies the air conditioning.
  • Chalets for longer family or group visits.
  • À la carte restaurant and bar.
  • Indulgent open-air spa.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Unique and varied excursions and activities for adventurous folks and those we prefer something less active and more romantic.

Whatever you would like to do during your next weekend getaway in the Western Cape, do not forget Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg for a truly unusual escape from all the things to which you are duty-bound. You owe it to the well-being of your mind, body, spirit.