Cave Hotel Cederberg Mountains

Cederberg Mountain Cave Hotel for Non-Troglodytes

The “cave” rooms at Kagga Kamma, our resort in the Cederberg mountain of the Western Cape, are the most popular and sought-after accommodation quarters that we offer. The mere idea of sleeping and staying amongst the Cederberg mountains in a cave at a cave hotel is one of the most desirable features of Kagga Kamma.

It is entirely possible that you may not yet have heard about a cave hotel, since hotels usually consist of buildings of bricks and mortar, stone, and cement, or perhaps timber. There are rare exceptions, such as the famed ice hotels in the Arctic Circle, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Lapland. So, what are cave hotels? In the case of Kagga Kamma, “cave hotel” refers to one of our unique accommodation options in the Cederberg mountains.

Caves and Questions

You do not have to be a historian, a speleologist, palaeontologist, or an archaeologist who searches for and studies historic and prehistoric artefacts, relics, structures, bones, and tools, to be fascinated by caves. Many people find caves interesting and enticing, perhaps because humans in general possess enquiring, questioning minds and vivid imaginations. What is inside the cave? What force or element created this natural cavity? How deep and old might it be? Who or what once lived or sought shelter in this chamber, surrounded and protected from the elements and predators by the cave’s surrounding natural rock?

Was the cave the place to which a caveman would retire, club in hand, as caricatures of prehistoric man seem to suggest? Did the cave really play any significant role in the lives of the forefathers of Homo sapiens? The stereotypically depicted “cavemen” might not even have existed at all. Although some evidence of the presence of troglodytes (cave dwellers) has been found, this practice seems to have been the exception. Prehistoric man was probably primarily a nomadic hunter-gatherer and later a pastoralist, who moved to wherever his source of food was plentiful and/or the weather was more suitable. He appears to have occasionally sought temporary shelter in caves, rather than living there.

Kagga Kamma’s “Caves” 

Our cave suites at Kagga Kamma are partially natural and partially manmade. Each one of our ten cave rooms backs onto natural Cederberg mountain sandstone rock, but a part of the interior and exterior façade has been artistically fabricated from artificial rock, which has enabled us to add modern comforts and amenities. Visually, there is little to distinguish between what nature has provided and what we have added. One must look carefully to spot the glass sliding doors and private patios that front each cave. Inside, our cave suites are cosily furnished, large enough for relaxation without feeling hemmed in or restricted. Ample natural light flows in during the daytime and the expansive views of the Cederberg landscapes and mountains are superb.

Every cave suite at our hotel offers lovely hotel comforts – air-conditioning, en-suite bathroom, complete with complimentary toiletries and bathrobes, comfortable double bed, hairdryers, and tea- coffee-making facilities. Although you will love being a cave dweller at Kagga Kamma, you do not have to be a troglodyte to appreciate the unique experience and comforts of the Cederberg mountain caves at our hotel.