Outdoor Hotel Rooms Beneath the Ancient African Skies

Right now, in mid-June, it is mid-winter in the Cederberg. Staying in an outdoor hotel room is on hold, but we, at Kagga Kamma, offer other accommodations that delight visitors throughout the year, irrespective of season and temperatures.

At present, an outdoor hotel room is not on the cards – not for you, nor for us at Kagga Kamma, our unique resort in our equally unique nature reserve of the same name. We are located in the Cederberg, amidst all the marvels and ancient natural wonders of this mystical region.

Time Immemorial

Occupation of our open-air suites is season dependent. Cold winter conditions overnight keep our outdoor hotel rooms “closed” – unoccupied – until the arrival of the warm and hot seasons. Arrive they will, as surely as spring and summer have always followed one another since the beginning of time.

First Inhabitants, the San

Whilst 6 000 odd years is certainly is a very distant era in earth’s bigger historical picture, it hardly qualifies as “time immemorial”. It was during and following this period that an ancient group of people, the San, were the first known human inhabitants to live in the Cederberg. Well-preserved rock paintings bear evidence of their presence and way of life.

Gazing at the Same Cederberg Stars

The San did not have the home comforts that are standard in our open-air suites. Instead, they constructed very basic huts from whatever materials they found, sheltered beneath rock overhangs or in caves, or simply slept outside, on the ground, under the same galaxy of stars that our guests at Kagga Kamma still marvel at today, particularly when stargazing in comfort.

Two Outdoor Hotel Rooms

Kagga Kamma boasts not one, but two comfy outdoor hotel rooms, the Star Suite and the Sky Suite, which are available to our “cave” and hut occupants as an optional extra. Guests who select this option indulge in a night spent completely in the open, beneath the very same canopy of stars that the San once observed. It is a heavenly experience of these heavenly bodies and nature’s tranquillity like no other, anywhere.

That is when a night under the stars, reclining in a comfortable bed, alongside the glowing embers from a boma blaze, imparts intimate cosiness to a setting that overlooks the surrounding Cederberg’s breathtaking landscapes.

Additional comforts include your own private outdoor shower, boma braai, and your room-dependent choice of wood-fired hot tub, star bath, and natural rock pool. Treat yourself to an optional extra night’s romantic accommodation in an outdoor hotel room, which would have astonished the ancient San. Book your accommodation now! Expect the warmest Cederberg welcome and an imitable stay.