Songs to Celebrate Sleeping Under Stars

Visitors to the Cederberg typically include guests who reserve their accommodation at Kagga Kamma, our nature reserve and resort, who usually wish to stay in either our totally unique, cosy “cave” rooms or hut suites, so reminiscent of the rudimentary shelters that the ancient nomadic San constructed of materials that they found in the area.

Additional Romantic Options

Whilst these options remain the most popular types of unique accommodation at Kagga Kamma, there are two additional, even more remarkably romantic, and completely private open air rooms, which may be reserved as an optional one night extra for guests who are booked into a “cave” or hut. Couples who elect to add on a night in the open sleep outdoors, directly under the stars that are twinkling brightly across the inky African night sky, seemingly so close that they are ready to be plucked by hand.

The open-air rooms are appropriately named the Sky Suite and the Star suite. Each is located a few kilometres from the Kagga Kamma main lodge building but are at opposite ends of the nature reserve’s wilderness terrain, ensuring ultimate privacy, despite being right out in the open, under the stars.

Star Suite

  • Elevated, panoramic views all the way to the horizon
  • Outdoor shower plus bath
  • Comfy wooden furniture
  • Natural rock pool
  • Boma braai

In the Sky (Suite)

  • Snugly and safely built backing onto weathered rock formations on one of Kagga Kamma’s highest peaks
  • Open air shower plus wood-fired hot tub
  • Built-in furniture, finished and dressed with comfort in mind
  • Boma braai

Guests occupying either of these two magnificent, remote suites are transported to open suites by 17:00, where they share a romantic meal, sleep under the African night sky, and remain until the next morning – season and weather permitting.

Starry Nights

In the Cederberg, under the wide Karoo skies, one cannot help but be reminded of a popular 1970’s song, penned and performed by Don Mclean. The catchy tune is called “Vincent”, although it is also often referred to by its opening and recurring lyrics: “Starry, starry night”.

Despite being inspired by Mclean’s fascination with Vincent van Gogh’s internal struggles, several other lines in the song might have been written specifically to describe some of the ever-changing colours and tones that play across Kagga Kamma’s terrain and spectacular landscapes – “paint your palette blue and grey”, “violet haze”, “china blue”, and “colours changing hue”.

However, you do not have to be musically inventive to sing your own song of the Cederberg; its clear, crisp air; and in the night, skies that enfold you at all times, night and day. The ancient San were already sleeping under these very stars some 6 000 years ago, after dancing, singing, and chanting about the beauty and mysterious allure of this area.