Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Western Cape

A Most Romantic Western Cape Honeymoon Destination

“If music be the food of love, play on” said Orsino, one of the characters featured in William Shakespeare’s play, Twelfth Night. This unfortunate soul was impatient and frustrated because his efforts to woo his beloved were not progressing according to plan, try as he may to get things moving in the desired direction. If the troubled, fictional Orsino was a real person, living in the 21st century, we would recommend that he bring his lady love to Kagga Kamma, our unique Western Cape resort and choice honeymoon destination in the heart of the Cederberg.

The Romance of Uncountable Ages

Kagga Kamma and the hauntingly beautiful surrounding Cederberg landscapes are imbued with an incredible sense of the romance of uncountable ages, so much so that the pair would have been celebrating their honeymoon before too long, their troubles, trials, and tribulations far behind them, all but a vague and distant memory. Fortunately for real, modern newlywed couples, the Western Cape’s Cederberg and Kagga Kamma are not fictional, as many a happy, loving twosome will attest.

Because the resort is located in a privately owned nature reserve, its existence has been a bid of a secret. However, since the original owners of the property decided to share their hidden Western Cape gem with others, they developed facilities for guests with an important proviso – preserving the pristine beauty of the area by ensuring that guest accommodation blends in with the landscape and the area’s heritage. Care is taken to minimise any negative impact on the natural environment.

History, Heritage, and Ancient Rock Formations

The romanticism of this iconic honeymoon destination is down to its seclusion, its age-old history and heritage, and the allure of ancient sandstone rock formations, carved out and weathered by the winds and rains of millennia, as they swept across the mountains and the wild landscape. Then, of course, there’s Kagga Kamma’s comfortable, one-of-a-kind accommodation amid this wonderful wilderness – as romantic as could be.

Rarely Seen Romantic Accommodation

 Our two open air rooms, where you fall asleep directly under the stars to the sounds of the African night and awaken in the morning, in your comfortable bed, as the morning sun peeks at you from a fresh, wide African sky, are the two most romantic accommodation options – seldom if ever experienced anywhere else – and perfect for honeymooners:

  • Star Suite open-air room – queen-sized bed, outdoor shower, star bath, private rock pool – all completely private, under the stars.
  • Outcrop outdoor room – double bed, basic bathroom facilities, located on a private lantern-lit rocky outcrop with a blazing fire in the fire pit to welcome the African night.
  • “Cave” Rooms – snug sleeping quarters in a “cave”, set amongst the boulders of a rocky ridge.
  • Hut Suites – reminiscent of the ancient San hut dwellings of yesteryear.

We have created a thoroughly romantic Western Cape honeymoon destination for you, one with all the essential elements and comforts. The romantic backdrop is here, at Kagga Kamma; the rest of the romance is up to you and your beloved.