Topping Your Romantic Destinations List

A remote wedding, followed by a honeymoon at one of those romantic destinations is very popular nowadays. This is a complete departure from the former tradition of getting married in one’s familiar local place of worship, holding the wedding reception at a convenient venue nearby or at the bride’s parents’ home, before setting off for that after-wedding break. The decorated car would loudly announce the couple’s “just married” status to all and sundry, accompanied by the sounds of noisily clanging cans, tied to the back bumper of the vehicle. According to this once romantic, but now defunct tradition, these honeymoon destinations would typically be a complete surprise to the bride, while remaining undisclosed to the wedding guests until after the fact, when the newly married couple return.

A Romantic, Indulgent Time

Honeymoons are meant to be an indulgent and intimate time for the newlyweds. The time spent away from their usual environments and responsibilities is intended to give them the time to get to know one another as a committed couple, in an environment that caters for all their needs and wants, allowing the pair ample opportunity to focus on one another. The Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve – and the resort of the same name – are precisely one of these excellent and unique honeymoon destinations, a jewel in the heart of the remote Cederberg in the Western Cape province.

Honeymoon Package

The Cederberg and Kagga Kamma are imbued with a romantic air, enhanced by the area’s distant, ancient history and its historical heritage, notably of the ancient San people, the earliest known inhabitants of our territory. All the modern amenities, facilities, and activities at Kagga Kamma are geared towards maintaining the region’s natural phenomena and features, whilst focusing on the comfort of our guests, particularly newlywed couples. The honeymoon package includes:

  • One night’s accommodation in our honeymoon “cave” suite, which includes extra special romantic touches (accommodation for longer stays may be arranged separately).
  • Air-conditioning and en suite bathroom with bathtub.
  • Tea- and coffee-making station in the room.
  • Outdoor patio overlooking the distant blue mountains and the scenic Cederberg plains.
  • Main meals, plus a romantic picnic.
  • Two excursions.
  • One African Wood back-and-neck massage per person per stay.
  • The opportunity to book a night in an ultra-romantic open-air room (season-dependent and weather permitting).

If you love nature, your partner and life itself, the Cederberg and Kagga Kamma, one of the most unique holiday and honeymoon destinations in South Africa, belongs at the top of your list of desirable destinations.