Full Accommodation Packages in Cederberge

Full Accommodation Packages Make the Most of Cederberge’s Charms

Whenever you book accommodation for a full holiday or a weekend breakaway, you are presented with several choices. Where will you go? Most people do not have the luxury of picking up a pin, closing their eyes, and taking a stab at a point on the map to select a destination. The answer to this question usually depends on how much time you can spend away from home and work responsibilities, although modern air travel does allow you more time at your holiday destination, because less time is spent travelling.

Consider the Cederberge

The other alternative is a resort that is conveniently located, not too far from the infrastructure of a major centre. We would like to suggest that you consider the Cederberge, irrespective of where you live. Depending on your point of departure, the sensational Cederberge may be reached via a flight, when applicable, and/or a scenic road trip from Cape Town. Our unique resort, discreetly nestled in a private Cederberg nature reserve, offers drive-in transfers to and from Cape Town to those who request this optional service, available upon request, for a minimum of two persons.

Type of Accommodation

What type of accommodation do you require? Is it to be full board or bed and breakfast only, or would you prefer to make use of an accommodation package deal? Kagga Kamma offers these options. Before you make your final decision about which accommodation type you prefer, keep in mind that Kagga Kamma is off the beaten track.

Really “Away from It All”

We are known and appreciated for a number of reasons – peace, tranquillity, beautiful landscapes, iconic natural sandstone rock formations that are typical of the Cederberge, and the romance of really being “away from it all”, in a place where time seems to have stood still for years and you feel like the only person on the continent. Yes, Kagga Kamma is relatively remote; there are no shops just around the corner, outlets from which you can top up your supplies and fresh foodstuffs, as you might need to if you intend catering for yourself for more than a few days. Unless you bring supplies with you, full-board accommodation is your best option.

Full Accommodation Packages

Our full-board accommodation packages include most of the modern conveniences that ensure your stay with us at Kagga Kamma is relaxing, comfortable, tranquil, and supremely memorable. Packages with a specific focus are also on offer – conference, special occasion, seasonal, fly-in, and pensioners. Full accommodation includes a unique, air-conditioned room with en-suite bathroom, three delectable, freshly prepared meals, and two complimentary excursions daily (choose from Rock Art Tour, morning or late-night Nature Drive, or the romantic Sundowner Drive).

When you have booked a full-accommodation package, all that you are left to do involves whatever you want to do – nothing at all but sleep, dine, swim, read, rest, and regenerate your mind, body and soul – made even more indulgent with the pleasure of sublime on-site spa treatments. Explore, and/or participate in optional, fascinating activities and excursions, whatever takes your pleasure and fancy. Your enjoyment provides us at Kagga Kamma with our own purpose and pleasure.