A Unique Option Amongst the Cederberg Holiday Destinations

A few generations ago, instant communication via mobile phone wasn’t even a dream in the minds of ordinary people, none of whom could ever have imagined obtaining up-to-date information from a piece of technology that fits in the palm of your hand.

Left to your Own Devices

People had to devise their own – mostly paper-based – methods of finding unique holiday destinations, the exact location of each, features in the immediate vicinity and nearby, what made each establishment unique and unusual, and what the amenities, facilities, and attractions each offered. How did people go about finding such destinations when modern technology didn’t exist? One probably narrowed the search down to a region first, and then proceeded to ask friends and acquaintances whether they knew of any such place.

Alternatively, one could contact a tourism or visitor’s information centre for recommendations or book an appointment with a travel agent for suggestions and a reservation at one of these recommended holiday destinations. If all else failed to produce the desired result, one might consult an up-to-date travellers’ guide or magazine to find places to stay in a holiday resort that was off the beaten track.

Few Destinations Are Like the Cederberg

Modern computers and mobile technology have transformed old, slow searches for one-of-a-kind holiday destinations into a breeze. The sensational Cederberg region gets our vote because this sparsely populated, remote area features a host of unique natural attractions. The area is as ancient as time itself and boasts ancient San rock paintings, incredible rock formations, plant species found nowhere else on earth, and pure, pristine nature, perfect for lovers of nature and those who appreciate the air of romance that’s exclusive to the Cederberg’s starry night skies and spirit of peace and solitude.

Distinctive Accommodation

Now that you’ve established the region, finding equally unique accommodation is easy. Searching for “unique holiday destinations” is an option but you’re already here, on our website. Our distinctive holiday resort, Kagga Kamma, offers:

  • Ten private, intimate, air-conditioned “cave” suites with en suite bathrooms and stunning views of the Cederberg;
  • Five spacious, thatched hut suites, inspired by the ancient San inhabitants of our nature reserve and region; and
  • Two open-air outdoor suites, the Sky and the Star suites, for a singular, comfy night beneath the Cederberg stars – only available from September to April, weather permitting.

Guests’ comfort and enjoyment are paramount at Kagga Kamma, a multi-award winning, unique option amongst the Western Cape holiday destinations that will welcome you time and again – because one visit is never enough.