Cederberg Mountains

Sing a Song of The Cederberg Mountains

If you were to compose a song of the Cederberg Mountains, what would you choose as your signature theme?

Would it be these magnificent, unique craggy mountains and the range’s three noteworthy peaks, the Sneeuberg, Tafelberg, and Sneeukop, or would you highlight some of the region’s iconic features like the Stadsaal Caves, the Maltese Cross, and the mighty Wolfberg Arch?


Singing, Dancing, and Chanting

Perhaps you would add in a few rhythmic clicking sounds, in honour of the click-peppered language of the Cederberg’s ancient hunters, the San, as well as the pastoral Khoi tribes, who were the original inhabitants of this remote region.

They lived here thousands of years ago, when the mountains and the weirdly shaped, worn, and weathered sandstone rock formations were already old, but these hardy ancient people were knowledgeable enough to sustain themselves in this rugged, wild environment, eons before man’s evolutionary developments brought foreigners to Africa.

Many of their remaining but now scattered descendants are actively involved in preserving San customs, sticking to some of their ancient traditions – tracking game, hunting with handmade bows and arrows, and dancing and chanting songs that pay tribute to San ancestral spiritual beliefs. Your song might be inspired by your sense of awe at seeing the beauty of the San’s rock paintings that have endured to this very day.


Haunting Refrain

It is to be expected that one will encounter various nuances and permutations of love in a totally wild, pristine location, far removed from the trappings of modern man and urban lifestyles.

In their melodies, lovers of nature could include snatches of a haunting refrain that may drift down from the mountain breezes, paying homage to the haunting magic and special allure of the Cederberg Mountains, home of our Cederberg nature reserve and holiday resort, Kagga Kamma.

Romantic, loving couples would certainly like to sing the praises of our immense, clear starry night skies. They are enchanted by Kagga Kamma’s unique accommodation options that fit in and blend with the scenic Cederberg’s eternal atmosphere of love, romance, peace, and tranquillity, restoring one’s body, spirit, mind, and a sense of place and perspective about the age-old natural order of things.

We have an open air massage area attached to the Kagga Kamma spa. You will wax lyrical about the variety of African-inspired massage techniques and additional relaxing, rejuvenating treatments on offer, whilst you take in sensational views of the Cederberg Mountains and landscapes in secluded privacy.

There is a bar; restaurant; open air boma; cosy “cave” rooms; San-like comfy hut suites; two open air, “sleep beneath the stars” rooms; and a range of activities, sights, and places of interest to tickle your fancy at Kagga Kamma. You are welcome to sing a song of the Cederberg, its ancient mountain mysteries, and unobtrusive modern comforts.