Sleep Under the Stars

Sleep Under the Cederberg Stars

The mere idea of sleeping under the stars may be off-putting for some, because they love their creature comforts and have visions of really roughing it in the wilderness.

To them, open air accommodation conjures up images of camping without a tent, a restless night with pebbles digging into their backs, creepy crawlies and biting insects, squatting behind a bush when nature calls, and being dirty, dusty, thirsty, and hungry before returning to civilisation and its convenient infrastructure.


A Comfy Night’s Rest in The Open

Sophisticated or simple, people are imperceptibly, almost magically drawn to nature and the “once upon a time” world of old, and that includes the opportunity to rest, relax, and sleep under the stars, even if only for a single night.

At Kagga Kamma, sleeping under the stars does not necessarily imply being uncomfortable in any way. In fact, the contrary is true, although our two campsites, Swartrug and Bobbejaanskraans Camps offer an ideal alternative for those who prefer their sleep under the stars, devoid of creature comforts, other than those they bring with them.


First Known Open Air Sleepers

Across the Cederberg region, there is ample evidence of the erstwhile, first-known occupants of the area, the ancient San people, nomadic hunter-gatherers, who first had the opportunity to sleep under “our” stars. They only built the most rudimentary shelters, because they were always on the move, tracking and hunting game, their main source of sustenance. Unless the weather was particularly inclement, sleeping under the Cederberg stars was the norm.

Kagga Kamma is the name of a nature reserve and resort that is discreetly tucked away in the Cederberg, a rugged, untamed region of the Western Cape, known for the clarity and purity of its unpolluted air, which enables visitors to view the heavens clearly, as seldom seen elsewhere.


Two Heavenly Suites

Consequently, we have added two additional ultra-romantic suites to the unique guest accommodation options at Kagga Kamma – the Sky and the Star Suites. Guests stay in perfect privacy and comfort, directly under the stars, which appear to be close enough to pluck from the sky, whilst reclining resplendently in a cosy, comfy bed.

Visitors should note that open air accommodation is only possible during certain times of the year, when weather permits. When booking accommodation at our “cave” or hut suites, couples who wish to spend a night in a dreamy, open air suite should enquire about the availability of these unique, romantic rooms.

More information and telescopically enhanced celestial views are featured at Kagga Kamma’s recently upgraded mini-observatory. Dozing, awake, lazing about, meditating, celebrating romance, or pursuing an interest in astronomy, and staying in our “cave”, hut, or open air suites, a Kagga Kamma visit is a must.