Cederberg Hiking

Hiking in the Kingdom of the Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma

South Africans love the outdoors, which is hardly surprising, since the overall climate, seasons, and weather patterns in each region are so conducive to being outside in open spaces, where the air is clean, clear, and fresh – the way nature intended.

Whether you simply sit outside or you engage in something somewhat more active and a tad more strenuous, like hiking, our climate beckons one and all to step outdoors somewhere in our lovely country, throughout the year.

The Western Cape’s Cederberg region, (only referred to here as a kingdom because of its unusual natural beauty, rich, ancient history, and precious heritage), so happens to be one of this country’s premier areas that visitors find irresistibly alluring because of its untamed, natural characteristics and ample opportunities to indulge in any number of outdoor activities.


Irresistible Allure of the Outdoors

There is the warmth of African sunshine on one’s skin, or a blanket of dark night sky enveloping all who linger outside beneath an enormous dome of darkness overhead, interspersed with twinkling starlight and brighter light from the big, round African moon, when she is heavy and full. Who could possibly resist being outdoors?


Outdoor Pursuits

Many outdoor activities that are popular in South Africa revolve around sport. However, the unique Cederberg landscape in and around our nature reserve and resort lends itself particularly well to other outdoor pursuits, such as quad bike safaris, nature drives, 4×4 excursions, rock art tours, star gazing, walking, and hiking.


Hiking in Kagga Kamma

One of the very best ways of experiencing the rare and unique beauty and unusual features of the Cederberg is on foot, at your own individual pace with which you are comfortable and according to your fitness level. Hiking is the optimal, “up close and personal” way of experiencing our inimitable region, its fauna, flora, and features that are found nowhere else.

Because we would like you to be free to adopt your own pace, we offer three self-guided hiking trails at Kagga Kamma. No one should feel as though they are pushing on beyond the comfort level of leisurely walkers in their group, while those who love to meander casually, with frequent pauses during a walk, need not fear that they are holding back brisk-paced hikers on any of our three hiking trail routes.

  • 4 km Blue Trail
  • 7 km Red Trail
  • 9 km White Trail


It is often said that the sensational Cederberg is made for hiking. Nonetheless, whether you are indeed a serious hiker, a casual walker, and/or a lover of nature’s tranquillity and romantic splendour, our area – the Cederberg, and our nature reserve and resort – Kagga Kamma, offers you a really unique perspective of our region, with or without exerting yourself.