Unique Holiday Destinations South Africa

Holiday Treats Aplenty at a Unique South African Destination

South Africa is a unique country, populated by a great diversity of people (the rainbow nation), each with their own distinctive cultures, languages and dialects, history, and heritage, each of which has its own origin.

Likewise, fascinating and equally unique places and destinations of interest feature throughout this splendid sunny country, which occupies the southernmost part of the great African Continent.

In today’s so-called global village, where all manner of information is instantly available and places are connected with one another via the tap of a finger on a keyboard or touchscreen, unique places invariably become unique holiday destinations, wherever they may be – right across the length and breadth of South Africa, which is rich with unusual people and places.


Remote Reaches of South Africa

Because the demand for comfortable holiday accommodation with guest facilities exist at destinations that are remote, yet endowed with natural beauty and unique features, South Africa’s tourism and hospitality sector responds by establishing such amenities, irrespective of the logistics required to accomplish such a considerable feat.


Rugged and Romantic Cederberg

Our holiday resort, Kagga Kamma, deep in the heart of the rugged, raw, and romantic Cederberg wilderness, has also become a leisure destination of choice – for those who love unspoiled nature, peace and tranquillity, and truly unique attractions.


Destination’s Diverse Drawcards

Some of these diverse Cederberg and Kagga Kamma drawcards were man-madea long time ago, and others more recently, such as our very comfy, completely unique accommodation options, seemingly situated in the middle of nowhere, plus our ancient environment, made exclusively by nature, and older than time itself.

  • Breathtaking rock formations, unlike any other, sculpted by eons of natural erosion
  • Pure nature at its best, completely devoid of pollution and outside influences
  • Plants and vegetation that are indigenous to this region
  • Some of the clearest views of the stars in the African night sky to be found anywhere on this continent
  • Home of the ancient San people, who left us with wonderfully preserved rock paintings, testament to their beautifully simple, nomadic hunters’ way of life and deep spiritual beliefs and rituals
  • Air of peace and romance of the here and now, as well as the past that one can only imagine
  • A variety of opportunities to explore and experience this divine destination, the beautiful Cederberg
  • Modern creature comforts, including restaurant, swimming pools, spa, and accommodation


Our Kagga Kamma holiday resort’s accommodation options deserve special mention, because they are unique to our area, as well as South Africa. Choose a cosy “cave” room, comfy hut suite, an unforgettable night in our iconic open-air Star or Sky Suite, a campsite, or a time-share chalet, in a destination that has no equal.