Attractions in the Cederberg Mountains

Suggested Attractions in the Cederberg Mountains

What is the buzz about the Cederberg Mountains? Why are increasing numbers of people who have already discovered this remote, isolated area talking about it and are simply dying to get back there for another stay?

After all, this region of South Africa’s Western Cape Province is virtually in the middle of nowhere. What are its attractions? Are there any at all?

Breathtaking Surprise

If you are not yet familiar with the iconic Cederberg Mountain region and its myriad of attractions, you are surely in for a breathtaking surprise, no matter how many times you visit, because this totally unique area just keeps giving off and delivering its delights – for the mind, body, and spirit.

Romantic Souls and Lovers of Nature

There is nowhere like the Cederberg to find your true self, refresh your being and body, and restore your equilibrium and human spirit – in the heart of rugged, raw, unspoiled nature. Our region is a must on the bucket list of romantic souls, lovers of fundamental nature and singular fauna and flora, found nowhere else on earth.

Rock Art of the San

The Cederberg Mountains were once the home of the nomadic San people, who lived completely in tune with Mother Nature, her creatures, and her plant life. Generally small of stature, these simple San folk lived off the land, taking from it nothing more than what was needed to survive and wasting nothing.

This, the mountains, and plateaux of the Cederberg, offered plenty for people who were unaware of property ownership of anything so generously supplied by nature. The San are long gone, but viewing their original ancient rock paintings is a major attraction in the Cederberg.

More Drawcards and Attractions

  • Serene tranquillity
  • Stargazing
  • Real rugged camping
  • Mountain biking, hiking, quad bike, and 4×4 trails
  • Visits to the area’s mountains and peaks – Sneeuberg and Tafelberg
  • See strangely wonderful rock formations, such as the Maltese Cross, Wolfberg Arch and Wolfberg Cracks, and Stadsaal Cave, created by the weathering and wearing effect of the elements over many millennia
  • Rock art tours
  • Nature drives
  • Private picnics,
  • Explore Clanwilliam
  • Take a rooibos tea tasting tour and sample the healthy brew, grown and harvested here and nowhere else in the world
  • Lose yourself in the spectacular wildflower display that nature provides as far as the eye can see during August

We must mention guest accommodation that is an attraction in itself – Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve and Resort, a jewel in the heart of this region. Accommodation options include “cave” rooms, San-inspired hut suites, the opportunity to spend a night sleeping beneath the stars in an open-air suite, and an on-site spa to spoil you after a day discovering our area’s other attractions.