Unique Holiday Ideas Western Cape

Inspired Ideas Make a Western Cape Holiday Resort Unique

According to some of the residents and business people of the smaller towns and villages of the greater Western Cape, it has taken rather a long time for the discovery of the unique holiday opportunities offered by these once infrequently visited places. By contrast, many holidaymakers, who have been aware of the lesser-known, more unique gems of the Western Cape were not phased at all by their erstwhile “undiscovered” status. To them, this merely meant that there was more of it for them to enjoy, undisturbed and unperturbed by hordes of other holiday visitors.

A Unique Escape

Our founders – three men who recognised the distinctive potential of the Western Cape’s inner Cederberg region – bought Kagga Kamma and three adjoining farms in 1986. It was to be a privately owned, secluded weekend and holiday breakaway location, a unique place to which they could escape and retire to relax when the mood took them.

Ideas and Brainwaves

Soon enough, their friends clamoured to be invited to spend weekends here. This demand resulted in the erection of the very first guest accommodation at Kagga Kamma, a simple stone cottage, built in 1987. Not long thereafter, Willie and Pieter de Waal and Pieter Loubser, the landowners, had another great idea – in fact, several ideas, that turned out to be inspired brainwaves. Firstly, the trio transformed the status of Kagga Kamma’s 15 000 hectares into a nature reserve in 1988, since they were determined to preserve this section of the Western Cape’s unique unspoiled wilderness for posterity, before sharing it with more visitors.

The two Pieters and Willie were now ready to execute their next great idea that involved designing and building additional accommodation and facilities for their future guests. This would enable them to transform Kagga Kamma into a fully fledged holiday resort, ensconced in a nature reserve that contained all of what was unique to this part of the Western Cape. Because of their vision of maintaining the environment in its natural state, the focus of the designs centred on establishing manmade structures that would not interfere aesthetically with the natural appearance of the surrounding area and its features, yet another superb idea.

Inspired Unique Ideas and Features 

Some of our most unique ideas were converted into features that became characteristic of Kagga Kamma and the holidays in which guests delight here:

  • A unique, well-appointed resort that is seemingly in the middle of nowhere, yet still offers guests the creature comforts they want and enjoy while on holiday. Facilities include en-suite bathrooms, sparkling swimming pools, a spa, restaurant serving excellent cuisine, and a bar.
  • Two open-air accommodation options, inspired by the crystal-clear night skies, fresh, unpolluted air, and magnificent ancient landscapes of the Cederberg.
  • “Cave” suites that are tucked away in rough rock formations, almost disappearing into the sandstone rock face.
  • “Hut” suites that mimic the traditional San shelters that provided cover to these intrepid hunters of yore that once lived so intimately close to nature in this part of the Western Cape.
  • Chalets are available for larger family groups who take longer holidays and are RCI members.
  • Numerous excursions and activities, unique to our area.

At Kagga Kamma, we and our founders’ ideas offer most of what is required for a truly unique holiday in the Western Cape Cederberg. Mother Nature and history provide everything else.