Activities Cederberg

Cederberg’s Unique Action and Leisurely Activities

Some visitors to Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve and Resort, a veritable sanctuary of serenity and age-old natural tranquillity in the heart of the Cederberg, simply prefer to do as little as possible while they are staying with us.

If you are able to resist the allure of the wide variety of action-based activities on offer at Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma, you are most welcome to opt for the most inactive ways of enjoying our facilities.


Your Choice at Your Leisure

No one would blame those who prefer loads of leisure time, focussed on minimal activity. At Kagga Kamma, how you spend your time is up to you. It is all fine and dandy with us if your entire visit consists of:

  • sleep, rest, relaxation,
  • taking refreshing dips in our crystal-clear swimming pool,
  • reading,
  • dining deliciously at Kagga Kamma’s restaurant,
  • or amplifying and enhancing any perceived lack of physical activity with indulgent visits to our spa

The pleasure and enjoyment of your Cederberg experience is what matters most.


Inspired by a Remote Wilderness

Guests at Kagga Kamma are spoiled for choice in the diverse range of appealing activities on offer in the Cederberg, not despite the remoteness of this natural wilderness, but exactly because of it.

Some activities are intended for guests who enjoy a physical challenge, whilst others are well-suited to those who prefer to take it a little easy, pausing as often as they like to absorb the multitude of natural phenomena and wonders of the Cederberg.

  • Mountain biking, hiking, walks, at the pace and activity level with which you are comfortable
  • Quad bike and 4 x 4 excursions; a selection of trails is on offer
  • Star gazing, during every clear night (and that is most nights), and during a tour to a mini-observatory
  • Reptile education sessions, learning more about the reptiles of the area
  • Nature drives that enable guests to find and learn about the fauna and flora of our area
  • Rock art tours to view fascinating, ancient San rock paintings
  • Camping


Many of our resort’s best attractions are inspired by the isolated terrain, enormous landscapes, iconic natural features, ancient history and heritage, plus something undefinable that exists only here. One cannot quite describe it, but you certain find and feel it. The Cederberg is a place of haunting, raw, and natural beauty, romance, and mystery.

Kagga Kamma’s accommodation options are equally unique, ranging from a night in the open, under the canopy of twinkling stars that enfolds the Cederberg once darkness descends to “cave” rooms and San-inspired hut suites, or a chalet (for which certain timeshare terms and conditions apply). No matter which type of accommodation and activity you select, your getaway to our region is filled with unusual delights, the inimitable beauty of nature and an innate sense of romance.