Stargazing Cederberg

Fascinating Journeys Through the Cederberg Stars

You may not realise how often we are bound to the stars. Famously, in the Cederberg’s clear, pitch black night sky, where these celestial bodies appear to be so bright and close that one can almost reach up and touch and pluck them from the locations they occupy in the heavens above.

Much Admired Stars

Stars, in all their many forms, types, and shapes, are much admired. Athletes, who reach the top of their game, are known as stars, likewise icons of the stage, screen, theatre, and world of music.

However, the stars that we prefer to promote at Kagga Kamma, our holiday destination and nature reserve in the magnificent Cederberg, are those that you cannot help but admire when you are stargazing here. In fact, stargazing is inevitably part and parcel of glorious, romantic nights at Kagga Kamma and in the rest of our region.


More Serious Stargazing

Our stargazing tour to our mini observatory is one of the most popular excursions on offer at Kagga Kamma. The Cederberg Mountains are elevated, as is our location. The immediate region is very sparsely populated, and to a large extent, the residents there have to provide their own creature comforts and essential elements of modern infrastructure, albeit on a limited scale.

Consequently, air and artificial light pollution do not feature in the Cederberg, which accounts for our abundant clean, fresh air and clear skies, the perceived proximity of the stars, as well as the outstanding, frequently occurring opportunities to see these heavenly bodies.

The observatory features a powerful, award-winning, eight-inch Celestron Nexstar 8SE telescope, which brings the moon, stars, planets, and satellites in the sky even closer to you. Even deep sky objects may be viewed from here. You will be accompanied by an expert stargazer, who will assist your visual stargazing journey through the galaxies in the Cederberg night sky.

Please keep in mind that nature always follows her own patterns. This affects the tides and lunar cycles too. If stargazing is a must-do activity on your programme when you visit Kagga Kamma in the Cederberg, you should remember to check the prospective dates for the remainder of this year (2019) and 2020 when booking your stay with us. Remember that weather, which cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy, also plays a part in what may be seen in our skies at any given time.

It stands to reason that stargazing is synonymous with the Cederberg. The Cederberg is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the wonders of nature, restoring the balance in your mind, body, and soul, whilst putting the stars back into your eyes, as you gaze up, down, and around at the wonders of this ancient, untouched region.