Ideal Idea and Recipe for a Romantic Holiday Breakaway

Humans are social beings. People instinctively seek out each other, hoping to connect on a variety of levels, in order to form bonds, one of which is bound to be romantic in nature.

What is Romance?

Romance is sometimes described as the pleasurable and expressive feeling that a person gets from an emotional attraction towards another person. It is a feeling that is intrinsically associated with romantic love. When two people develop mutual romantic feelings for one another, they feel as though they are the only two people in the world, even if they’re surrounded by others and all the trappings of modern civilisation. Such a couple carries their special air of romance with them, wherever they may be.

Beyond Feelings

However, over the course of human the human journey – physically, emotionally, and intellectually, and the ever-changing moral codes, norms, and standards, romance is no longer exclusively confined to the realms of feelings. It extends much further; things like places, events, holidays, and breaks away from home or daily routine, or occasions, thoughts, ideas, gestures, and landscapes can also be described as romantic. They attract and engender romantic feelings and inclinations – typically in the eye, mind, and other senses of the beholders and participants.

Ideal Idea 

At our holiday and breakaway wilderness resort in the sensational Cederberg, our existence owes itself to an idea, one that suited our founders and their friends to a T. The three gents who founded Kagga Kamma began developing the idea of what was to become our resort by building a basic stone cottage to accommodate their friends. These were people who also found weekend breakaways in the remote, romantic, and rugged Cederberg very much to their liking. Here are some of the winning features of our romantic holiday and breakaway resort: 

  • Only 300 km from Cape Town, a scenic and romantic drive in anticipation of an even more romantic breakaway or holiday.
  • Because Kagga Kamma’s location is a world away from city lights, hustle, and bustle, its air of romance is greatly enhanced. It is in splendid isolation without compromising on unique accommodation and amenities that ensure cosy comfort and convenience in the “middle of nowhere”.
  • Elegant, discreet privacy that reinforces the feeling of being in total seclusion with your loved one.
  • Beautifully appointed “cave”, hut, and outdoor suite accommodation options – the highlight of many a romantic holiday breakaway.
  • Other links to the romance of the past – iconic, wind-eroded rock formations, San rock art paintings, and glorious vistas across the Cederberg’s fynbos landscape, interspersed with haunting rock features.
  • A host of activities, designed for lovers of nature, peace, and tranquillity – and romantic souls alike.
  • Stargazing at night – could anything you experience on your holiday breakaway possibly be more romantic? On clear nights, twinkling stars and galaxies seem close enough to touch and pluck from the canopy of the dark African sky overhead. There’s no air or light pollution at Kagga Kamma, so your stargazing is uninterrupted by any signs of civilisation.
  • Divine dining under the stars – supremely romantic. 

Whether you’re a lover of nature, a seeker of solitude, an adventurous explorer who is captured by the romance of our history, heritage and natural features, or a loving couple that desires a holiday breakaway and couple’s romantic “alone time”, coming to Kagga Kamma is bound to be a great idea.