Looking For Unique Holiday Spots in South Africa?

One of South Africa’s Most Exceptional Holiday Spots

There is almost no end to the number of things that one might describe as being unique – from fingerprints and natural features to holiday spots and much more. The list of what may be described as unique is infinite, but what does unique really mean? Synonyms include singular, exclusive, and irreplaceable, any of which describe our unique holiday spot and resort in the heart of South Africa’s exceptional Cederberg region.

What Makes our Holiday Spot the Cederberg Special 

The spectacularly scenic Cederberg mountains and craggy sandstone formations are amongst the most noteworthy features that are characteristic of the Cederberg area, which is completely unspoilt by human activity. Other features which give distinction to South Africa’s Cederberg include:

  • Rare, endangered Clanwilliam cedar trees, now only found in the higher regions of the Cederberg mountains. The species was once plentiful in the area, before being over-exploited by mankind.
  • The Snow Protea, which also only grows in the higher mountainous regions where it is colder.
  • Cederberg’s highest peak, Sneeuberg.
  • The Maltese Cross, a cross-shaped rock formation that stands guard alone over the hiking path that leads towards the slopes of Sneeuberg.
  • Wolfberg Arch, another singular sandstone formation, eroded by centuries of wind and weather.
  • Wolfberg Cracks, incredible gaps, passage ways, cracks, and fissures in the sandstone rock formations.
  • Well-preserved San rock art paintings, each one a unique work of ancient art.
  • Caves, caverns, and overhangs, many of which feature more fine examples of San rock art.
  • Unpolluted, fresh clean air.
  • Clear, inky-black night skies, perfect for stargazing.

Unique Features at Our Holiday Spot 

Our resort, Kagga Kamma, offers our guests wonderfully comfortable accommodation, facilities, and amenities, despite being remotely located in a wilderness and nature reserve in the South African Cederberg. Our accommodation options include:

  • Ten “cave” suites that peek out from the surrounding rugged rock formations. Although manmade, our unique “caves” blend into the natural rock outcrops. Inside, the accent is on air conditioned, cosy comfort that includes a double bed, en-suite bathroom, fluffy bathrobes, tea/coffee facilities, a hairdryer and complimentary toiletries.
  • Five thatched hut suites, inspired by the San people’s temporary dwellings, are similarly equipped, but include a king size or pair of twin bed arrangement, and a double sleeper couch.
  • Star suite – an exceptional open-air sleeping experience, and the only one of its kind. Here, guests enjoy absolute privacy under the stars, on a platform overlooking the wilderness, about 3 km from the main lodge. The Star suite is romantic and very comfortable, featuring a queen-sized bed, open-air star bath and shower, and a private natural rock pool in which to cool off.
  • Our Outcrop outdoor room has tall rock formations as its backdrop and includes a cosy double bed, basic bathroom facilities, a welcoming fire, and lanterns to add to the romance and tranquillity of a night under the stars.
  • Guests should note that use of our unique outdoor options is weather-dependent.

If a unique experience at a South African holiday spot that is the only one of its kind and a singular part of South Africa is on your bucket list, Kagga Kamma is the ideal choice.